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32 weeks pregnant - Placenta Calcification

Hi there

I went for scan this morning, I am now 32 weeks and 3 days along... Dr mentioned that he could see a start of calcification on the placenta so he said that it is most likely baby will be born sooner then expected. He didn't seem too concerned, baby is over 2 kgs and her size and growth is spot on for her age. He also picked up sugar in my urine which I am having double checked for gestational diabetes, should know in a few days. I just wanted to know is it normal for the placenta to start calcifying at 32 weeks? Seems a bit soon doesn't it???  

Thanks a stack!
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mine OB saw calcification at 35 weeks. I had preeclampsia. I had a c-section at 36 weeks, partly because my BP was high and my liver and kidneys were affected, but also because he felt the baby was not getting what she needed. She was born much smaller than she was supposed to be- 4 lbs 13 oz at 36 weeks. His u/s estimated her to be 5 1/2 pounds a week prior. It was most likely due to the placenta calcifying.
I wouldn't worry too much as long as they monitor you carefully and follow up with other ultrasounds. But be prepared to have her earlier than her due date if the placenta continues to deteriorate.
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Thank you for your comment. How is your little girl now? Shame must have been a rough time for you. We were also a bit worried about the blood pressure in the umbilical cord a few scans back but the last 2 scans shows blood pressure is fine and mine is spot on, so I am so grateful for that. Although anything can happen in the next few weeks. Yup, think you are right, she's gonna be here sooner then we thought. Been reading up a bit about calcification of the placenta and it is a pretty normal process of aging of the placenta within the 3rd trimester. Obviously everyone of us is different so some start calcifying early in 3rd trimester and others later. The key is, like you said, is to monitor baby's growth from now on to make sure that the calcifying isn't happening too quickly and baby starts losing weight and nourishment. A few people have told me to count her kicks, if they get dramatically less then to contact doc immediately. At the moment she is moving heaps, and giving me some strong punches! So that always makes me feel better. My next scan is on the 10th Feb, I would prefer a scan a bit sooner cause its almost a full month from the last scan, but not going to stress about it. Just gonna keep track of baby's movement and chill out. My tummy seems to be growing dramatically every day so think that's also a good sign. Thanks again for sharing your experience with me. All the best! X
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My friends going through the exact same thing, except she has a more sever case, she goes in for scans ever week and sees the doctor every week. I would ask your doctor about maybe doing scans more frequently just so they can keep a closer eye one it, maybe just telling your doctor that you are very worried would be enough, to make them do scans more frequently. Also I did know one other lady that had the same thing, baby was on the small side even for 36weeks but now that little boy is just fine, happy healthy and 18months old. You seem like your doing everything right, the only other thing that the doctors have said to the people I know, is really be cautious of your nutrition, because every little bit counts especially if little one is to be born early! But take care of your self, and I wish you and your little one to be the best! I'm sure things will be fine!
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Hi I am going through the same thing I went for my 32+4 day and they said I have spots of calcification  on my placenta and they have ask me to go in
In 4 weeks but I'm really worried to wait 4 weeks I'm so scared
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