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38 + 2 5 1/2cm dilated I have tried EVERYTHING

I am so done. I am beyond stressed. My boyfriend had to use two of his vacation days because of the.massive amount of snow we have gotten.
Meaning, today is my LAST CHANCE to go into labor. Otherwise he will only have enough vacation days left to stay in the hospital. Leaving me home alone with a new baby and our two year old. God forbid I end up with a csection.

We have tried sex. Nothing.
I've tried masturbating. Nothing. Nipple stimulation, nothing. Walking, squatting, bouncing, nothing. I am terrified to be home alone tomorrow. Everyone will be hours away at work. I will have no one to watch my daughter if I have to call an ambulance. No one to ride in it with me. No one to be in the hospital with me.

My contractions are too sporadic to go in. I am so scared. I can't stop bawling.
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Sorry baby is not cooperating.  Try to comfort yourself by knowing that your baby just is so comfy and still working on 'being ready'.  I would ask your boyfriend to talk to his employer.  He's about to be a father.  Does he qualify for family medical leave?  Depending on where he works, it can be his right to take that.  Or if he took a couple of days unpaid even which stinks!  I hope he doesn't have to do that---  but at least then he would be with you for a couple of more days.  They make him use vacation for snow emergency days?  I'd also check to see if that is ethical/legal.  Anyone else you can call to help you??  I know this is hard.  I have sons that are 15 months apart so my older son was 1 when I brought my younger son home from the hospital.  My husband was off a week though. But that was all and then it was me manning the ship on my own. The good news?  A second baby is SO much easier than the first because you know what you are doing.  :>)  I just carried my infant around with me, I could cradle that baby in one arm while I used my other to handle my Wildman 1 year old.  I also had a moses basket (or a bassinet would work) and I put the baby down if I needed to.  I learned that it IS okay for a baby to cry for a second. This was something I had to learn to be okay with.  The other thing my pediatrician told me to do which seemed like it really helped was to say to the baby very loudly so my other son could hear--  when he was laying comfortably in his crib/bassinet/moses basket/etc. "okay baby.  You are going to have to wait for just a minute.  It's brother's turn right now and I'm taking care of him!"  Baby didn't care (baby didn't know what I was saying).  But big brother heard it.  So when HE was told to wait a second because I was taking care of baby, it was just part of the routine.  I started that the day I got home from the hospital with my newborn.  

Anyway, that's about all I have to offer. I'm sorry.  It's a tricky time and I hope you get some help hon.  hugs
He has leave for those days, but they will be completely unpaid. We wanted to use his vacation days when we brought baby home so we didn't have to worry about anything. It's just added stress.
I'm hoping everything will work out okay.
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How many weeks are you ?
38 weeks and 2 days.
First was born at 39.
Naww girl they're all didifferent I've had four babies three were earlier , earliest being two weeks then one day to the due date then I've had my second boy (I have three boys one girl) two weeks late you just can't plan these things how you feeling at the moment ? Do we have a baby now ? Keep in mind you won't be alone as scary as it is you'll be sweet as God will Have you in good hands
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roflbecca,  this needs to be solved.

It sounds like you may have very recently moved away from family/friends,  since "everyone" will be hours away at work.  You need to call someone - a cousin,  best friend,  mom,  mother in law,  sister in law you never liked,  and find someone who is willing to take one day out of work to help you.

Now that you will have two children,  you need friends who are giving enough to help in a crisis,  and that you will help out in their crises too.  

Have you asked extended family and made it this clear you need help?  

We did move a couple months ago, and it's a lot farther from my moms than I would have liked. Most of my extended family lives far away. (45mins - few hours)

I am just sos tressed and scared.
The family members that do live closer have all refused to help me out. The two times I went to the hospital I frantically called everyone, even adding everyone to group chats on Facebook. Everyone rejected my calls. And everyone who read the group chat left me on seen.
When I could get ahold of some of my family members, they said they couldn't because they had to work in the morning or "I would if we would have planned ahead"
One of my aunts even had the audacity to ask how long it would take because she didn't feel good.
I sat there bawling. I had to call someone I barely knew to watch her just so my boyfriend could come to the hospital with me.

I'm just so scared. I'm terrified being home alone.

My best friend who we've counted on for each other (we watch each others kids, she's taken me to appointments) just got a job and she can't miss during her 90 days otherwise she'd lose her job.

I'm so stressed.
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I know it might seem impossible because you have alot on your plate. But honestly  what helped me progress was when I relaxed my body. I was so stressed about everything that my body stuck at 2cm and wouldn't open anymore. Then I had a bath, treat myself to a face mask etc and my body went full blown into labor.
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