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39w5d dr refuses induction when previous dr offered it.

Ok so I have been seeing this one dr for 6 weeks now. On my first visit, I told her that my husband was serving overseas and would be home for 18 days around the time Im due. The dr said they dont induce just because but in this situation, she would have me induced when he gets here. Well hes here as of 4 days ago. I went to my regularly scheduled appointment today and found out MY dr is on holidays. Her replacement (knowing the entire situation, including what the other dr and I had discussed about induction) Refused to induce me until after my due date.... apparently the 2 days wait is necessary, not sure why since I was told 3 weeks ago that she is ready to go so I can go ahead and have her any time now. She did do the cervical sweep as I was offered it last week but said no till hubby gets here. She said someone will follow up with me tomorrow about getting induced for friday. Well, I started the induction myself. I took some castor oil and ate those foods that are supposed to induce labour, did he pressure points thing and had some sex. After sex I had bleeding which I was told woudl be common with the cervical sweep. Still have a bit of blood when I wipe but not much. Horrendous cramps but no contractions... nothing more than the pain from the cramps anyway. Hoping labour starts soon so my girl can be here soon to spend lots of time with Daddy and so I dont have to have this pain for much longer.
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They always say "well baby can come any time now" after 37wks...and on their own, they can. but most doctors won't induce before 40wks for your first baby. In the US they're trying to pass a law making a woman's due date @ 41wks for a first baby...

I know that doesn't help you right now and you're absolutely miserable hon, but she'll be here soooo soon 2 days at most! try to relax I find that that helps speed labor along more than stressing about it...walk as much as possible, that's how I dilated so far with Grey on my own and trust me you want to be as dilated as possible before you walk in there...less likely for a c-section.

hang in there hon you're ALMOST there...so close..I know you hate to hear that, and I hate that you're uncomfy but you really are almost there <3. Enjoy your hubby now while it's still just the two of you and he'll see his little princess soon!
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My doctor also won't induce until i'm past 42 weeks which i understand and don't mind but man oh man! I read somewhere that MOST first time pregnancies are actually right on time. Did your doctor offer to strip your membranes? If you're still not in labor by your next appt you should see if he/she will do that. I'm getting it done next monday because the heat is unbearable and my car doesn't work so walking and catching the bus in 112 degree weather is wearing me down! Good luck and keep us posted!
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HOpefully your sweep will do the trick.  I had one with one of my pregnancies and it took 4 days but I had him a week before I was scheduled for induction.
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I apologize! They did do the sweep!
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There is a strong push not to induce before 41 weeks!  Due date can be wrong and even full term babies end up in the NICU!  I think its better served to leave your baby in your womb so she can mature than risking having her daddy hold her in the NICU!

Castor oil is not recommended by any well researched person I know.  It generally causes the runs, painful stomach and intestinal cramps and an irritated uterus (think painful braxton hicks).  Castor oil has been linked to increased risk of meconium before birth, which also means not being able to hold your baby for a while and possible NICU stay if aspirated (or inhaled into the lungs).  Unless your body is favorable for labor, it will not go into labor.  This is why induction is not encouraged so early as well.  Induction dramatically increases your chances of c-section and other interventions.

As for the law saying a due date would be 41 weeks...can you provide a link?  I haven't heard of that and am interested.  I'm not quite sure that a law would prevent doctors from making up excuses for intervention and unneeded c-sections just like they do now.  Anyone who is awake during a c-section - it was NOT a true emergency.  This is a very common misconception.
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DoulaSummer has given you some great advice here. I hope that helps you. I also just saw a study that showed only 70% of women deliver by their 40th week. It goes up into the high 90s by the 41st week. Let that baby cook.
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Sure, Summer! I don't know where I read it but I'll snoop around and see if I can locate it again. I was fascinated and I think it's a wonderful idea for first pregnancies, at least. Both of my babies were right at term...well I was induced for heart problems 4 days early with my son but was already 5/6cm dilated and my water sack was sagging out of my cervix, so I would've gone within a few days if I hadn't begun having serious heart complications.... my daughter came all on her own at 40..and I'm so glad my OBs wouldn't let me induce any earlier with her..she was perfect. But with the fact that most women are at least a few days off on due dates I really do think it's important to give that extra week of wiggle room for first pregnancies...I think I read that first babies develop slightly slower??

At any rate Les I hope that Little Miss decides to come on her own and meet her daddy! with all the contractions you were having, she sounds like she might! I can't wait to see pics and I'll update here on MH if you post on FB :).
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well i took the castor oil and had sex all after having the cervical sweep. sweep was at 5pm sex at 7 and my water broke at 930pm. Baby Evelyn Leslie Grace was born at 1016am after 2 hours of pushing. She woudnt come out because the perineum was to taught so the doc finally convinced me to have an episiotomy and she was out with the next push. baby is great, mommy is sore from the cut.
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Sewers congrats :)
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Awwwww* not sewers haha
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rofl are you on an iphone that spell-checked you or something?

I wish they had a "medhelp posting bloopers" thread...that one would totally fit LOL.


I just picture someone looking at a new mom with the most serious and congratulatory smile on their face and exclaiming "sewers!!! wait...what??"
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Haha yeah I'm on my iPod touch and it spell checks a lot of my words that weren't needed to be spell checked! so aggravating!
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I feel ya...I've used my father-in-law's iPad before and it does that all the time...lol
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Haha I've never used an iPad before :( I hear they're better than the iPod touches which isn't fair haha
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Congrats on the birth!   How is baby?
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I drank castor oil with all of my kids and nothing went wrong with my labor. Congradulations!!!
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