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3rd day of cramping w/out bleeding...Implantation?

Today is the 3rd day i've been cramping w/out bleeding. Diagnosed 3 months ago w/ PCOS. July is my 3rd month on Metformin 1000mg daily. Since i've been on Met my periods have come the 1st of every month w/ out fail & lasted 7-8 days. June 19th I took a home OV test and it was POS so I had sex 19th & 20th. On the 30th of June I started cramping and assumed my period was coming. But as of today 3rd day it still has not shown up.  The cramps come and go. I've read that Implantation begins 8-10 days after sex so the 30th would have been 10 days?!? Could these cramps be implantation cramping? Does implantation cramping last 3+ days? Is there bleeding every time w/ implantation or can you just have cramps? I'm waiting at least a week to take a pg test. Thanks any help would be great!
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