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6 months c-section cut still opened

I am in desperate need of a second opinion. I had a baby 6 months ago by c-section that is still open.  I went to the emergency room right after my staples were removed as when I went to use the bathroom and bent down, a good part of the floor got covered in a yellowish discharged that came out of my cut, The doctor at the emergency room was mad at the other hospital but he wouldn't give me any details, he was just saying that they should never have let me go home and someone should have noticed (noticed what?).  Two weeks later after taking care of this myself I went back to the emergency doctor and he told me the cut had all opened up and was very deep, he sent me home with antibiotics. I have been seeing the specialist who performed my c-section every week since, she has never had this experience before. My cut took about 2 months to see any real progress. Two or three months after my c-section I got some small hole on the left side of my cut (I believe it was a sinus, whatever that is, no one knows but the liquid they poured through a very small tube in the hole did leak in my cut). I have been putting dressing in my cut since it opened. They have used aquacel ag, kaltostate as well as mesalt in my c-section cut). We used the vac about two months ago and we had a lot of progress with that, but now two months later I have seen no progress since. My cut since we used the vac bleeds at times,  it has very some greenish dischared mixed in with the yellow one. Also, the little sinus hasn't seen progress in about three months. They didn't do any test on me. What could be wrong? Can you please help. Thank you very much.
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ok first thing you have diabetes? i know it can take more than several months for it to heal if you do. if you have been tested befor and it came back neg, you might need to be tested again
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Cindy, thanks a bunch. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and will ask to be re-tested. She ruled it out as she says my two tests when pregnant showed nothing. Thank you.
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yea, it can also pop up on ya, i would get it tested, thats what it sounds like to me, i have seen to much of it. aslo are you using anything on it? if so what?
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have you been having any crazy symtoms, peeing alot, constant thirst?
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also one more thing, Get cultured for MRSA It will not respond to standard antibiotics. and also ask for a mri to make sure something was not left behind
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You're smart! Now that I think about it I don't really have any of the symptoms of diabetes but who knows, I might still ask for a test so we can rule it out. I just did a little research on MRSA, my mom had heard about it just this week but had no idea what the name was except it started with "m'. I tried researching it on the computer but found nothing. The little "sinus" i said I had, the doctor says they taught it was a sinus and that it could have been caused by an abscess (mrsa pics showed a very similar hole as I have ans it was caused by an abscess). I keep asking them if something could have been left behing and they say they can't see that happening. The problem is if something was they might think I would sue or something, I wouldn't, I just want to get better. They don't seem like they want to do a scan to see if something was left behing. Today, I'm going there and I will demand it as well as a test for mrsa. Thank you so so so much. You are so awesome!!
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i just hope you get to feeling beter. i know its hard dealing with this and a 6 month old. i have had 2 c sections and know they shouldnt be like that, mine healed really good . they didnt put staples in me, the sewed me from the inside with with stiches that went away on there own.  keep me posted on how your doing and how everything turns out today
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Well I am happy you never had to go through this, it's hell. I can't take baths and can't do any exercise for my stomach and I still look 6+ months pregnant.  I Went to the hospital today for my weekly checkup and no doctor. The nurse that also sees me told me that we will ask for tests next week. I am so glad you e-mailed me. Finally the nurse tells me if she was in my shoes she would feel the same as I do and she understands why I must be worried.  It didn't even seem like she ever heard of MRSA. Next week I will not back down and won't take no for an answer, will have tests done. I didn't know they could use stitches instead of staples, I want another child (if my body lets me) and will talk to the doctor about this option. Hope I can help you one day. Again, Thank you so so so much!!
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yea, they stich you from the inside, you cant even see them, you dont have to have them removed because they disinagrate after a few months. and it leave way much less scar than i have ever seen. im sorry your doc was not there, but dont let down next week, demand answers. demand the mri, the diabetes check and have them test you for
mrsa, dont leave there with no answers
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MRSA a very easy test...All they have to do is swab a little of the drainage coming from your incision site and they test that.....Cindy is right in saying that this may be why the antibiotics are not working.......MRSA just means that you are resistant to penicillin based medications......Most times they will use vancomycin instead, which is a string antibiotic......Lots of people have MRSA...although it's more of an inconvenience than anything, most people who are healthy overall (not alot of infections) aren't really affected by it too much.  I'm not sure why your nurse (or anyone in the medical field) has not heard of MRSA...I'm an RN on an ortho floor and on any given day have 5or more patients with MRSA.....www.mayoclinic.com has some decent and easy to understand info on MRSA.
I'm not sure what you have for health insurance, but if you see no progress then I would suggest that you ask for the wound vac to be reapplied....Those things work wonders and I don't understand why they would have removed it if it was working for you.......
Just BE CAREFUL (as I'm sure you know) to be totally STERILE when packing that wound......I'm assuming that the Dr.'s set you up with sterile gloves, dressings, etc.....Aquacel works pretty well so I'm glad you're using that.
I'll stop rambling....I just get SO ticked when people get infections b/c if people would do their jobs right in the first place it wouldn't happen!  
GOOD LUCK!  If you have any other questions feel free to ask.....If I don't know the answers (RE: infection control/wound care, etc) I have tons of resources and would be able to get answers for you.......
Have they tested your wound at all?  If not you need to demand it, b/c otherwise they are treating an infection of unknown origin.....which may be why the antibiotics that you have been taking are not working.
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Thank you so much for caring. I am so disappointed with the lack of information I have received so far from the people who have seen me. I have never received clear answers to any of the questions I have asked the doctor(1) or nurses who have seen me, I think it's because they have no idea why I won't heal. I am allergic to penicillin so I don't think the antibiotics they would have given me had any. Could it still be possible for me to have MRSA? I used to have nurses come here everyday to change my dressing, at times I've witnessed some of them put the dressing with their fingers(they washed their hands before, but still...) I just cringed.  I have been sick 1 day in 5 years, now all of a sudden they tell me my body can't heal a c-section, something doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand why I've always been able to heal and combat everything else but this. I have no symptoms of diabetes, passed both tests done while pregnant and am in overall good health(except for still having the belly of someone 6 1/2 months prego and this problem). I have this little hole on the left side of my cut(not in my cut), when this came they told me they " taught" it was an abscess that formed into a sinus. I was afraid I had skin eating disease as they told me my skin not the cut caused this to happen, they told me prob. not. They never did any test on me in regards to this. I had two swabs taken from my cut but never got any of the results, they sent me home with antibiotics before I got the results.  The vac was taken out as they told me it wouldn't do anything more for me at the time, they claimed the cut had almost no deepness?? That was two months ago now and the cut is still pretty much the same as it was right after the vac was taken out. Every time I go to the hospital I also tell them how worried I am and they always tell me the same thing, the cut is clean so should have no problem. I am wondering if it could be something internally that would cause the outside not to heal?? Thank you so so so so much.. You and Cindy have given me as much if not more info than I have received in the past 6 months.
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Sunshine: Please go to this website, I was googling on your sitaution adn in the process I found a completely different forum with a million people that have the same problem. Just copy and paste into your address bar the info i put below and it will take you directly to the page with all the posts on it. They are from 2005, but the people have alot of insight as to what went wrong with them and how it got fixed. Please keep us updated and let me know if it helped.


PS: it shows as a double line but when you copy and paste into the address bar, it shows up as one line..lol
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