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6 months pregnant and going on subs this weekend

i have been taking norco for 4 years now for neck and back injury. my fp and obgyn both know and say its ok to take noros while pregnant. I am consumed with guilt and sleepless nites in fear of the baby having to go through withdrawl at the hospital when she is born. (im high risk as well) anyway.. i am gonna run out of my script early this month and i have found some suboxen to take for 3 days only. my plan is to detox and quit the norco's and be on subs for 4 days and then suffer. I dont care how much it hurts me, i want to be off of them and over it but im scard to death about what it could do my baby. i have enough norcos for 5 more days and then i have 4 subs. i dont know how to do this...im so scard but im believin by faith everything will be ok. any advice on how to take the last norcos and how much subs to take daily?
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You HAVE to consult a doctor!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! Please please talk to a doctor before attempting anything of sorts!
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i have a appointment on thursday with my obgyn which is also the last day i will have norcos. i dont know what to say to her. im so scard but willing to do the right thing and what is best for my baby. should i go on methodone and except that my baby may have to stay in hospital for awhile to wing off too? how do i tell her my script ran out early without it causing more problems? and honestly i went camping and my script was in my tent and i had just got it when we packed up to leave half the bottle was gone. i scard she wont beleive me. omg i just want to be done with this. i cry constantly and im not sleeping out of worry for the baby. how could they say this was all ok and now i have to make her address the issue for me. what do i say? the fact remains that im gonna be outta pills and in withdraw without taking the subs this weekend. God help me.
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also i was wondering if anyone know what happens to the baby during detox? how would you know something is wrong? can they put me in th hospital now to detox? do the subs keep the baby outta withdraw if its helping me?
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detox done improperly can KILL the baby...so you have GOT to admit it to the doctor. if you have had a script for it, there will be NO PROBLEM with your OB, but you have have HAVE to be honest. I had to take lortabs during my pregnancy for debilhitating migraines, and my baby was born without withdrawals because it was done carefully and appropriately under doctor supervision....

do NOT detox on your own. TALK TO YOUR OB they're there to help, not judge, and norco is actually not considered to be terribly unsafe...as I know, I've delivered 2 healthy babies while having to take pain meds, and both of the times all of the scripts were prescribed BY MY OBs.

your baby will be FINE. you have to take a deep breath and stop guilting yourself. the first step is to talk to your doctor. you have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. ask them to contact the doctor who wrote the scripts if they're interested...be up front, be transparent..be honest.

and then decide with your OBs help whether you need to continue taking the meds (a case which the risks are outweighed by the benefits to both you and baby...pain is NOT good for a growing fetus, either) or if he wants to help you come off of them safely.

Good luck...stop feeling guilty.
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Thank you so much for your post. all of you. I am feeling much better just reading them and feeling like i talked to someone. I will talk to the dr. this thursday and do what they reccomend. they know whats best and it would be unwise of me to detox by myself. I just need direction and a plan established with the dr. I cant tell you how greatful i am that i signed up with this site and took the time to post my heartfelt concerns. this situation has been driving me crazy and my husband.

I dont know what im gonna do about not having enough pills for this month but i will tell the dr what happened and let her handle it. I am under dr care  and she and i have discussed the norcos twice and i have always been honest with them thus far. I know they will help me do what is best for the baby even if thats a hard thing for me to except. again, thank you so much.  i will post what happens after my visit on thursday and give an update. God Bless.
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I can't wait to hear your update because I just know you're going to be feeling worlds better with this off your chest. Your baby will be fine and you'll both be getting the care and attention you need.

God Bless you too sweetie, hope to hear a positive update from you soon :)
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sorry i didnt get back to you sooner.
my dr. appt is next wednesday not this past wednesday so i have one more week until i can talk to her.
i found norcos to take until my appt
my husband is going with me and we have been talking alot about this and im glad hes
being supportive during this scary matter.
i do still have 5 subs but im not gonna take them and the plan is still to talk to the dr.
on next wednesday. i will keep u posted.
i so bad want to taper down with the doctor and have her monitor the baby weekly if needed during this time and make sure shes ok.
i know this is gonna be tough but i truly want to do the right thing and whats best for her.
will update u next week. have a nice weekend.
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Withdraws during pregnancy can cause a m/c not such a bright idea. You have to do it slowly not just throw em out the door. For goodness sakes don't put ur baby in danger :( such sad thought
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Jumped the gun on that last posst, got a lil over excited as I am very passionate about detoxing correctly (my brother is 1 year sober) shew. Yes talk to ur doc, they may have questions about where the meds went but I doubt they will deny u sufficiet meds for the months to come, they may how ever monitor them very closely just to be safe. Good luck and god bless
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thank you for ur comment. i cant believe that here i sit in this situation during my pregnancy. im sure this is hard for some people to wrap their heads around that have never been in this situation. I would have been, but here i sit.
when i showed my script to my husband at the camping trip i was in shock that someone would do this-especially since it was all family there. it really didnt start sinking in till we got home and then a few days later i realized that this was more serious that i had thaught. i thaught i would be ok and just be a little short and have to cut back till my appt and take it as a lesson to not leave meds out at places like that. but...thats not what happenend and its forced me to take a closer more serious look at my situation and look for a better solution to a obious very serious situation.
i will update this post when i have a plan with my doctor and go off her advice. until then im taking it a day at a time and trying not to worry myself to death and feel consumed with guilt. prayin til then.
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I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a debilitating nerve condition, about 2 yrs ago and I got pregnant, against my neurologists advice. I wasn't able to take the meds that kept me from having excruciating shocks of pain throughout my face and head so my OB put me on  10/650 and Loricet 10/650 from the beginning of my pregnancy all the way to delivery. I thank God every day for not putting my son thru withdrawals because I was in too much pain to wean off the meds at any time during my pregnancy. The trade-off to that was when I did go in for a cs I had difficulty controlling my surgical pain due to my high tolerance to the pain meds. I had brain surgery in February and have been pain-free since:) I started suboxene 1 week later to get off the opiates (16mg/day). I found out 2 weeks ago that I'm expecting again and my pain management doc switched me to subutex (same idea as suboxene only safer for baby). My doc told me that it is also used for pain management, not just opiate dependence. Talk to your doctor. They aren't going to judge you for taking the meds, you are trying to do what's best for you and your baby. You're not alone!
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thank you for your post.
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well i just got back from the obgyn and she doesnt want to handle the norco situation now. i have to go to my fp where the scripts were prescribed and discuss a taper with my family practicioner. the hospital where i will deliver is very equiped i did get that info. and she was concerned about my emotional well being ie depression. i kinda had a breakdown and cried alot she wants me to discuss depression meds with my fb when i c her about the norcos. she did say that my fp could call her and discuss with her what action to proceed with but that my fp would have to be the one to do it. i was suprised. anyway......i came home and made a appt. with fp for tomorrow morning to discuss norcos and tapering options. i have 4 vics till then. good news is baby is doing fine and hearbeat, movements and measurements were all good. i just wish i would have gotten more of a supportive  visit with her...i had been so looking forward to it. it made me feel worse actually but im not letting that defeat me. i will c fp tomorrow and go from there. I can do all things through christ who strengthen me!
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