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6 week fetus & no heartbeat

I am 21 & pregnant for the first time. I went ot the doctor 3 weeks ago to confirm my pregnancy thrrew a urine test, they put me on prenatals & sent me on my way. I than set up an appt for a dr, which turned out to be a mid wife.. she did a cervixal exam & felt me at 7 weeks but was unsure so I went this morning for a ultrasound, they did both vaginal & abdomen ultrasounds & the doctor called about 8hrs later telling me that they thought I was 9 weeks but my fetus is measuring to be 6 weeks & there is no heartbeat showing, she wants me to come in for blood work tomrrow & in 2 days to see if my HCG is increasing or decreasing to be sure i miscarried before they schedule me for a D&C to remove the fetus. I am heartbroken & torn apart to think my future everthing, my son or daughter may be lying lifeless in my uterus. I have been online since i hung up the phone.... all she really said was "the fetus only measured to be 6 weeks.... and theres no heartbeat..." It was like a ton of weight crashing over me. I quit my job in a smokey bar, sold my car for a SUV, looking to buy a house & months away from marring my boyfriend.... and in 1 phone call everthing just stopped... at that moment I was looking for houses & cars online & checking up on my week by week baby growth... I just look at the computer like it was all pointless... I changed the subject to miscarrages... I found alot of helpful & comforting information on this site that gave me a positive outlook, I have an appt tomorrow with a different doctor, hopefully I'll hear some good news for once... I know this was long... but is there really a possibility at my baby could be alive? that in 8 months ill be holding my pride & joy? My sister is also 2 months pregnant, we orginally had a due date 2 weeks apart... I don't know how I can watch her grow. knowing I would be going threw the same thing. Im not looking for answers, just positive thoughts & rare possibilities.

Thank you!!
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I've read some posts where at 5 or 6 wks there was no heartbeat yet...so it's possible. don't give up hope yet. i m/ced almost as soon as i knew i was pregnant, before 6 wks, so I can only imagine knowing and then going through the fear that you are going through...just try to stay positive for your little one.
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also...i went on 3 months later to conceive again and delivered a very healthy baby girl in 2008, so don't give up hope! but I HAVE read about there being no heartbeats at 6 wk, so just stay strong.
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I had this same thing happen to me. Dont loose hope. I went to the doctor for an ultrasound because I did not know how far I was, we saw the gestational sac but no baby and no heartbeat was found. They drew my blood HCG levels and told me to come back in a few days to re test. My HCG level at the time was 4800 and the sac measured to be about 5 weeks and 4 days which going with the HCG levels that is within the normal range. I decided to go to another doctor, they made me wait three weeks before going in to see them till I was about 8 weeks since I was not bleeding or having and pains. Went in for the ultrasound and sure enough there was my baby. The new doctor told me it was to early to see the baby when I went in the first time and that what we saw was normal for only being about 5 weeks. Dont loose hope stay strong and wait it out, especially if your not bleeding or in any severe pain.
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my sister is 7 weeks gone and this is through i.v.f, and she went for her first scan today and told there was no heart beat...wots does this mean,as she has been on i.v.f for 8yrs  and we all really want this to happen, does this mean she has lost the baby or wot ....some one plz help. xxthanks lisa
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i had an apt yesteray, they did a pap pevic exam and vaginal ultrasound. they saw the sac and the baby which was like a grain of rice but no heatbeat and they said im about 6 weeks. i go back in 2 weeks fr another ultrasound and to check for a heartbeat. i was so excited this would be my first child and now i am scared to death not knowing weather i am going to have a baby or not !
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We didn't see a heartbeat with my current pregnancy till around my 9th week. Try not to stress too much and think positive so you don't make yourself sick.
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