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6.5 week ultrasound showed nothin

Hello.  My wife is now just at 7 weeks pregnant.  She had a trans vaginal ultrasound on Friday which would have been right at 6.5 weeks.  We are sure that she got pregnant on Feb. 24 or 25th as I traveled a lot and we didn't see each other much other than then.  I'm worried because when we went for her scan they didn't see anything at all.  Everything I've read says that a trans vaginal scan will show SOMETHING by 6.5 weeks.  She had one day of SEVERE cramping and nausea, back pain, dizziness, etc but it didn't even last 24 hrs.  That was around 5 weeks.  She hasn't had any spotting and still has pregnancy symptoms.  Her OB didn't seem worried at all that nothing was visible at 6.5 weeks and my wife is very trusting with her doctor.  I'm worried about it and my wife is telling me to relax and not be worried.  Also, the doctor didn't tell us her hGC levels and said, "I'll call you if there's a problem with the results."  Since we haven't heard anything we assume the levels were ok.  Still, I can't shake this feeling that something should have shown up.  Can anyone tell me some information?  Again, we are certain that she got pregnant on the 24th or 25th of Feb.
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I'm sorry I couldn't take the time to read through all the replies you generated!  If you were my patient (actually if your wife were my patient) I would let you know the HCG numbers.  It is possible that everything is all right, but it would be very nice to have hormone numbers to confirm that, and I would not hesitate to give them to my patient--she would have to then share them with her husband.

In a similar circumstance, I would check a quantitative beta HCG that day (of the ultrasound) and then do a follow up level in 48 hours.  If the level was rising appropriately ( we expect a 60-100% rise) I would repeat the ultrasound in one week.

I don't see any reason why your wife's doctor would be reluctant to do any of this if you and your wife ask.  But you are going to have to convince her to call for the information as they most likely won't give it to you!

I hope everything is OK--if so, this won't be your last nerve-wracking moment!

Good luck!
Dr B
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I can only share with you my exp. with a similar situation. I found out I was pregnant and at my 10 week check the dr. could not hear a heart beat. She sent me for a scan and found out it was something called a blighted ovum (not sure of spelling on that!) They were looking for the fetus and could not see anything but a enlarged uterus. I ended up having a D&C because I too like your wife did not bleed at all. I would not have suspected anything had I not seen my dr.
My second pregnancy was scaned at 6 or 7 weeks again they saw nothing! They wanted to do a D&C however I said I wanted to wait till blood tests came back. Turns out the pregnancy was fine and I have a beatiful daughter to show for it. I cant help but think how awful it would have been if I got that D&C!
My point with all of this is 6.5 weeks is still early I would sugest waiting a couple more weeks, also a blood test could help. I'm sure the Dr. will want to do a 2nd HCG test to make sure her HCG values are doubling. I would not trust a scan at this point in her pregnancy!
I hope this helps, good luck to you two!
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I was pregnant the same time as your wife, supposed to have conceived around Feb 24th.  I'm supposed to be almost 8 weeks (on this coming Tuesday).  I went for an ultrasound today, they saw a baby, a heartbeat (to early to scan only see), but I am only measuring 5 weeks 6 days, instead of 7 weeks 6 days.  I hope everything turns out okay for your wife.  My ultrasound turned out to be trans vaginal because they could not see outside from the belly in.  
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Her hcg levels were 34,022. I surely thought something would have been visible. The scan was transvaginal and the tech hunted around for about ten minutes. Checked the tubes for ectopic but still found nothing. We are going back on Thursday for another look. What do you all think??
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Like I said this exact thing happend to me. The dr. was SURE it was a second blighted ovum. In my opinion I think they had trouble seeing everything because my uterus was tilted. Did they mention if she had a tilted uterus or not? That HCG value pretty much tells me it couldnt be blighted! Thats a nice and high number! I am sure they will find something on your second scan on Thursday! Untill then try to stay calm and positive for her ; )  Good luck to you two! Please, if you can, keep me posted!
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I've heard that but have been told that tilted uterus only matters on abdominal scans. Either way, 6.5 weeks and 34,022 hcg something should have shown up. Would the pill have changed anything? She was on the pill but it obviously didn't work!!
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