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8 yrs suffering w/ pelvic pain

Hi, I've been suffering with severe pelvic pain for 8 yrs now. it started when I was 17 every 2 weeks before my period I get these unbearable pelvic pain from the left & right down to my uterus. The pain goes away when my period starts. I've went to many docs & even had a laparoscopy done but all my tests came back negative. The docs said that my inside is perfectly normal. I've been trying to conceive but no luck, had 2 miscarriages & lost my son when I was only 5 months ( 20 wks ) pregnant earlier in march 2011 they gave me antibiotics, took it for one week but yet I still have this unknown unbearable pain that I get 2 wks out of every month, it comes every hr or everytime I move my body & last approx 15-30 mins I can't walk, stand, move, or do anything when the pain comes. I don't have a stable job cause I can't work or do anything active with this pain. I am now 5 weeks pregnant & still have this unbearable pain. Praying & hoping to have a healthy pregnancy. Any advice on what this pelvic pain can be or causes, please let me know. I'm tired going to ER's & coming home disappointed all over again cause they can't find anything wrong with my inside :(
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Have your appendix checked, my friend used to get terrible pains around her period, and it turned out to be her appendix.
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Thanks! I have a doc appointment today & will definitely bring it to his attention.
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You might have pelvic inflamitory disease or it might b your gall bladder.  Good luck
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could also be endo or event ibs. i have had pelvic pain for at least 10 years, although it has gotten significantly better due to changes i have made to my diet and supplements i have taken. i also had surgery that coincidentally resulted in the removal of a LOT of scar tissue -- made a big improvement for me.

you can go for therapy for pelvic pain. i believe it's called bio-feedback.
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oh sorry, forgot to mention: i am also having intermittent pelvic pain with my pregnancy. i honestly believe that some of us are just wired differently and respond to perceived pain differently. normal growth or activities in my pelvis (digestion, monthly cycles, pregnancy) result in pelvic pain for me -- my nerves just fire in a different way.

relaxation is a big part of pain management for this sort of pain too, although its kind of hard to achieve when you are already locked in that cycle of pain, which makes you tense up and makes the pain even worse.

i'd talk to your doc about it and ask to see an obstetrical physiotherapist or someone experienced in pelvic pain. you don't deserve to be in pain throughout this pregnancy.

good luck!
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So after seeing my doc today, my pregnancy is fine but need to get a cerclage done when I reach my 14 weeks. As for the pain, I mentioned everything what u guys told me it could possibly be. He said "there's nothing wrong with any of ur body parts everything is in place with no such kind of inflammation or infection". Once again I am left with no answer on what's causing this pain, hopefully I don't have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I shall seek a gyn specialist.
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thats what they said to my friend, there is nothing wrong with you! for 4 years they kept on sending her home, and every month she would be in agony. Some doctors are just to lazy to look. All the best.
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