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9 days late, 3 negative HPTs, could I still be pregnant??

My period is currently 9 days late. Ever since I had my daughter (feb. '06) my period was right on schedule every 43 days.  Well this month it has not shown up yet! For the last 2 weeks Ive had cramps, and than just for the last four or five days Ive had backaches, headaches, Ive been VERY queasy, and extremely exhausted! And I dont know if Ive imagined things but my sense of smell has been QUITE hightened these last few days! Ive taken three HPT's and all were NEGATIVE. I tested when I was 2 days late, 5 days late and than yeserday, 8 days late. Im wondering if its still possible that I could be pregnant and just getting a negative response on the HPT's.  I havent really heard of anyone going 9 days late and still not getting a positive result.  AND if Im not pregnant what else could be wrong??  My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months now and this would be wonderful news!  I know we had sex quite a few times around the dates that I ovulated.  Any information would be great! Thanks!
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Did you use OPK's to track your ovulation, because maybe you ovulated late, so either your period will be late (it happened to me in December, that's the only time in my whole life I've been late) or if you ovulated late and got pregnant it might not be enough days past to show a positive pregnancy test, which also has happened to me with this pregnancy and everything is going fine and am currently 18 weeks. I'd give it a few more days, test again and if it's still negative have your doctors run a blood test. My friend never got a positive home pregnancy test when she went to the doctors she ended up being 13 weeks pregnant. Good luck and baby dust!!!
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well just a piece of info, a home pregnancy test  doesnt not detect your hCG hormone until the 5th week of pregnancy, because there ests are kind of week, you have to wait til your levels are higher. You may be pregnant, but might be only a few weeks so either one or two things, one- wait another week or so, or two- go to the ob/gyn and have her do a blood test, because those are alot stronger.
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With my first 2 children I never got a positve result..I actually had to have the dr do a blood test to get the results..but sure enough I was pregnant..call your dr and ask for a blood test..
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With my first 2 children I never got a positve result..I actually had to have the dr do a blood test to get the results..but sure enough I was pregnant..call your dr and ask for a blood test..
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Thanks everyone for the info! After I posted my question this morning I laid down with my 14 year old daughter and took a nap for about 2 hours.  When I woke up I noticed a weird abdominal pain, but only on the left side.  And than I used the restroom and when I wiped (sorry if TMI) there was a *slight* pinkish brown tinge on the paper... so now I have no clue what the heck is going on!  Usually before I start my period I dont have any brownish color discharge... I usually just start BLEEDING... so who knows.  I think I will wait a few days, see what else happens, retest and if I still get a negative OR if I still havent started my period I will call my drs office and schedule an appointment.    
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lol... so just reread what I wrote... and just to clarify my daughter isnt 14 yrs old, shes 14 months old... my brain is somewhere else these days! lol.. just thought Id clarify that.  And now Im 10 days late... spotting a little bit, and last night I was watching tv with my hubby and the show we were watching showed someone puking and I had to run to the bathroom because it made me so sick! (which usually it would never effect me)  So anyways... I dont understand. Going to go out and buy more tests and see what those say!
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Hi I having the same problem, My last menstral was 4/30 and I stillhave nit gotten a menstral  yet I have took a bld test and still neg. al my bld work is saying normal but I still have not got a menstral yet what should I do? I also have a 7yr old daughter and I have not been or close to becomming preg I am ready to have another child but I starting to believe I that I cannot have any. Again what should I do?
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I would like to give you some inspiring information. About 17 years ago I had a baby girl and thought man I would like to have a baby boy to make my family complete. Well my husband and I tried for years and years and nothing. We had every test done you can think of and the doctor kept saying well we have no idea why you aren't getting pregnant! So I eventually gave up! Thought, well maybe it isn't meant for me to have another baby. If my periods are right on track and nothing is wrong with my husband and nothing is wrong with me and the doctors can't seem to find out why on earth I'm not getting pregnant then maybe it's just not meant to be. About 6 months later my niece came over and asked me to ride in town with her. She was going to buy a pregnancy test. Well she got the one that had two tests in it. And it was a very cheap *I think store brand* test. She took one and it came back positive, I was very upset inside but didn't let it show on the outside because I wanted to be happy for her and supportive. Well we were at the gas station and she was like oh go take the other one. I look at her and I'm like I will not, I'm not having any more babies. She asked me to over and over  and so I went into the bathroom there and pee'd on the stick and it turned PINK!! I couldn't believe it!! I went back to the store and bought a second one to take and show my husband. I was 2 months pregnant at the time and didn't even know it. So my daughter is now 17 and my son 9. The whole point to my story is that sometimes we try a little too hard and then when we don't get pregnant we seem to think we are doomed at every having more babies. Then once we give up the miracle happens. I think I was hoping for too much and then had to much stress on me because it wasn't happening. Then once I have up I got pregnant and was so set on thinking that I wasn't ever going to have any more I didn't believe it when I was.   And I would like to add.. After my son I got my tubes cut and clipped. After Nine years I just had a tubal reversal March 15, 2007, and just found out I'm pregnant! I hadn't expected it to be so sudden and I wasn't even really trying for it to happen this soon. So don't give up but give up * if you know what I mean* and good things may come flying your way!! Sticky baby dust to you!!

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I am also in a similar situation, though I don't have any symptoms to speak of. I've never been late and I'm now at day 9 with nothing. I have had cramps for weeks and yesterday starting feeling cranky and PMSy. I have 2 children and had such different early pg experiences that I can't even use them to compare. With my first, a week after I conceived, all my bras were too small. I also noticed a ton of CM. For the first 2 months, I swore I was getting AF becaues of the cramps. That was about it for symptoms. With my 2nd, I had no BB changes at all and no symptoms other than the CM. I do not have the CM this time, which leads me to think I am NOT pregnant, but since every PG is different, who knows?I am getting headaches, which I got with my other pregs, but I also get them when I'm not pregnant! I took my last test at 4 this morning (I always get up at night to use the bathroom, so I figutred that was as close to morning as I'd get.) I have a 1 yr old and a 2 1/2 year old, so if I am preg, I'd have my hands full. When I think I am, I am either exhilerated or terrified. When I think I am not, I am always disappointed. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was scheduled to get my tubes tied next week. I cancelled it because this experience proved that I might want one more baby.

I will be happy whether I am or not, but I just want to know!!!!!! I am on a lot of asthma medication that I had to go off with my last pregnancies, so I don't want to take it if I'm pg, or go off it if I don't have to.

I left a message at my doctor's office to see if they'll take my blood.

Anyway, I will come back and post my results when I know. While IO search message boards about this, I always look to see how it turned out for people.
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Im in the same situation. My last period was 4/23 due 5/21. Went to PCP on 5/22 for other reasons & mentioned that I was only 1 day late. He decided to do a blood test anyway & because my blood pressure had been high for the last month. Test wes NEG which I figured it would be, being only a day late. Ive taken so many HPT during the week & still NEG. Me & the hubby r trying. We do hve a 4 yr old. Im 35 & he's 45. I had some brownish spotting in early May. I researched the web for days & realized it could be implantation. If i am expecting how far along would I be & when should i take anothe HPT????
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Hi women! Okay, I am going crazy & need some of your knowledge.
I am now 3 days late for my period. I am somewhat iiregular though. The last 6 mths I've had a 24 or 25 day cycle. My last period started May 1st. I had unprotected intercourse on the 11th. (which would be about the time for ovulation)I didn't get the usual PMS symptoms this month. Usually my breasts are tender a week or more before AF, I get irritable, then cramp the day before. This month I got a yeast infection around the 19th. (I have never had one outside of being pregnant) My boobs did not get sore until the day I was supposed to start (24th)I've had some cramping, but mostly just above the pelvic bone. I usually get a lot of cramping all around. Been sneezing a lot, and have no allergies to anything. Been napping all week. Been spotting since the 24th. Light pinkish brown the first day, then light pink since. My cervix is high and closed. I'm a little queezy.
Now, I've had four children, so you'd think I'd know I was pregnant. Odd thing this time is I am holding the worlds record on # of negative pregnancy tests taken. I have taken 6 early tests this last week. ALL negative! It is so frustrating! I feel pregnant, but why would they ALL be negative? With all my other pregnancies, the tests showed + right away. My last one, I took it 3 days BMP, and it was +. Am I just late? Another thing I thought might be a factor is I am on an antidepressant now. Do you think it could affect the results?
Please someone help me figure this out! I hate not knowing!
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Hi, I've been off the depo shot for a year and maybe two months my periods have been regular and fall the same time of the month for the past seven or eight months. I've been trying to get pregnant and have had no luck just yet. My period was two days late and on 5/27 when I went to use the bathroom their was blood, but it looked to be more old then the normal color. It's still doing that and the only time I bleed is when I go to the bathroom. I've taken pregnancy test after test and its still negative could I be pregnant or is that something else.
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Ok, i have 1 child and i miscarried twins at the end of last year and have not used birth control since, but it has take us till the last 2 months to try for another baby. From about 4 days after my ovulation time i have had lots of preg symptoms on and off like dry skin, headaches, restless sleep, cramps, i've been emotional, etc. I know these can all be put down to everyday life aswell as pregn but I have also had tender leaky boobs (clear), only a very small amount. I am now 2 days late and have lost count of the amount of early neg hpt i've had. I know its early but I'm going out of my mind.
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Well, how interesting it is to stumble upon this web-page.  We are currently going through this too.  My "sister" has been trying to get preg. for 8 months now.  She has a very normal 28 day cycle. She is officially 7 days late today!  She took two preg. tests 4 days after her missed period and they were both negative.  She thought that was unusual because she has all the symptoms, nipple tenderness, feeling of starting period, tiredness, nausous, etc. She's been preg. before, so she's no stranger to the symptoms.  So this morning she took another test, and she got yet another neg.  At this point she is sooo frustrated, as am I.  I can't wait to be an aunt!  It's Friday, so she'll have to wait til Monday to go to get a blood test.  We're all convinced she's expecting!  We just feel like we're caught in limbo until we know for sure!  Anyhow, I will keep ya'll posted.  I did notice all these imploring posts, but hardly any inspireing information, whether it be neg. or pos. So as soon as I know, I'll post one way or another.  I must say though, this site is very inspiring for those of us who are mixed up.  Bodies saying one thing, & stick saying something else.
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Well, she went to the doctor this afternoon.  Had a blood test which was Neg. However, the nurse said if she just got pregnant, like with in the week, it's very likely it wouldn't show up on a blood test yet either.  Her advice was to wait a week and if she still didn't start to take another.  So I will update as soon as I know some info. It is a little strange considering she has a normal 28 day cycle. Mother talked to a woman today who said she never could get a positive hpt. She has 3 kids.  In fact, she took a hpt every day for 2 weeks and still didn't get a positive.  She was pregnant.
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I also went to the doctors yesterday and he did not even do a preg test because he said no matter what these test say on the packet you can't get an acurate result untill 1 week after a missed period so i shouldn't waste my money untill then!
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Ok I soo feel your suspense here... I should have started 3 days ago.. I have been on time EVERY 30 days for the last year at least... I took a FRER 2 days before my period was supposed to start and I got a faint pink line... skinny and faint but definitely there... then I decided to test in the morning with a hopefully stronger urine and NEG!!! I have done a few since and all negative! now I am 3 days late and NOT starting!!! The only thing I can think of is that I ovulated way late... like around day 27 or so but if that is the case then why the false positive???
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Well it seems we are all in the same boat, i still have not come on and still have neg hpt and i'm 6 days late. The thing is i know when i ovulated as i have been using an ovualtion kit. So i ovulated 20 days ago!
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After coming off birth control 6 months ago, I immediately had a regular cycle starting the next month.  My cycle is now 30 days.  As of today, I am 12 days late......I am never late and my husband and I really just starting trying to conceive.  I am not stressed and have not taken on any different exercise or eating habits.  It just seems too coincidental.  Anyway, I have now had four negative hpts (on days 4, 6, 9, 12) and am scheduled to see the doctor this Friday (at which point I will be 16 days late and POSSIBLY 6 weeks pregnant by that point).  I am feeling quite fatigued and my boobs are slightly bigger.  I promise to write an update once I find out anything because I know that many of you are going through the same thing.  Good luck to all! :-)
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Hi Ladies
Well its been a while and still no period.  On 5/31 I had some browish and pinkish spotting but only 4 that day.  All HPT have been NEG. I took a blood test today and i will be meeting with my dr on 6/5. Keeoing my fingers crossed that its POS!!!! Will let u guys know asap. Wish us luck.
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well, bad news.  My sister started her period yesterday.  We were all very dissapointed.  We knew the odds were against her when she went to dr. Friday and the blood test was neg. but we still had hope.  I prayed at church Sunday for God to give us an answer one way or the other.  This wasn't the answer I was hoping for but atleast the question was anwered.  She goes to the doctor on the 18th.  Hopefully she can clear everything up.  Good luck for all of y'all.  
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I am in a similar situation as you.  I stopped taking birth control over 2 months ago and last month my period only lasted 2 days, and was very light but I figured that was probably from not taking the birth control and then this month I was suppose to start last monday and still haven't.  I have taken 3 home pregnancy tests which all returned a negativve result.  I haven't really had any symptoms of even starting my period except for my face did break out a little bit as it normally does.  I haven't had any cramping or anything like that.  I did get sick after eating a hamburger the other night and couldn't figure out why.  I have just felt really sick to my stomach alot lately and I can't figure out why I feel like this and haven't started my period but still get a negative result back.  Any advice?
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I am 10 days late now and I took only one HPT and it came back negative, I took it when I was 7 days late.  I am not really having a lot of symptoms only tender breasts, cramping, and for the past two days I haven't been able to sleep. Could I still possibly be prego even though my test was negative.  I did have some pinkish CM two days ago which is unusual for me.  My fiance and I do not use any protection because we would be happy either way, so it is a possibility, but I just don't know.  when should I take another test?  I am only 20 and have had a history of ovarian cysts so do you think that my problem is that I am having a reoccurance of the cysts or a possible pregnancy?
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Hi, You should atleast wait 2weeks,I waited from May till June 12th 05
I knew I was probably pregnant because my boobs were hurting etc
and I knew that i was because I had just miscarried in march/april 05..so
I waited over 4weeks,NOTHING! so I took a preg test that my bf and i had gotten,a 2pack and It was a +,I didn't think i'd get preg the first go round..
I was working and everything and I guess I didn't think about it.
But, low and behold,16months later,I have a beautiful daughter :)

I'm not sure if you want to be preg or not,:) but Hope everything works out!!!
and you have a happy pregnancy! with me having had miscarried I had actually gotten Preclampsia,(high bp,water weight,feet/legs/arms were swollen as can be),
the nurses seemed disappointed I hadn't gone to a Dr my whole pregnancy,
You ethier have the money to shell out over 300+ to them or you don't!
I didn't.  I was disappointed in my own family and the bf's,weren't very nice to me, they'd be encouraging one min and really ugly acting like i'm their daughter,asking me"when are you going to the dr","what are you gonna do when it's 3am and the babys crying" As if I was 14! and i had no clue!
The brother in law,also had nerve to say he had a "SAY" in my unborn baby's life!...

I wanted to say"EXCUSE ME,you're NOT the father","YOU"RE NOT RELATED"!
HE only thought that since the bf and i were living there that he could just say whatever he wanted to and it wouldn't effect me what so ever!
And even now,

I've had other mishaps with the bf's sister So I quit seeing them.
they don't get to see our daughter AT ALL. And they treated her very ugly too.
(the sister smacked my daughter when I was RIGHT there and she didn't say,"you should take care of her misbehaving" nothing,she just went and smacked her hand really hard...I don't smack my kid!....I just can't believe these people
and how they treated me and my daughter. I don't get how the bf can even go over there and act as if everything just GREAT,when it's not.
and that's another thing, nobody listens to me!!

I cannot drive,due to me being blind completely in my right eye
and so,I have to depend on others and that's hard to come by
when the bf works NIGHTS and then sleeps during the day
and he's saying he'll take us where we need to go and to the dr's etc
and I'm like you cannot stop work just to do that!
He'll most likely be tired,and the last few times my mom still took us!
btw, I'm 25. But Don't feel like I am. But, I hope you other lovely moms etc
dont' get treated like I have been and still even though I TRY to stand up for myself No one cares

....I think I've had PPD since after my daughter was born,2/11/06 and I have this itching going on with my scalp in my hair
and it's not lice and I have no idea what it is but I constantly scratch at it
so i have boo boo's! I've tried the head and shoulders etc and I don't think it's that i have dry scalp,it's something more! Anyone Have anything like this??... I've tried searching the net and came across some stuff but I want something cheaper and that i can get at a local store or even try making myself!
I feel like I'm going NUTS and no one else around me notices anything!
i've told my mother but she doesn't seem to care.
Sorry this is SO long,but I had to get it out!
God Bless and Be Merry!AnnasMaMa
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