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A baby?

Serious replies please....I am in a commited relationship with a woman...and she and I want to have a baby.  I will be 34 soon and she is not that far behind me in age.  Has anyone gone through or is thinking about adding to their family like she and I would like to? Please help with anything you might see fit to helping us out. Thank you!

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I will also be 34 soon.  We decided to add to our family even though we already have a 10  year old and a 5 year old.  I was concerned at first, but my OB reminds me at every visit that 34 isn't old!!!  We conceived with just one try and we had the nuccal translucency done to test for genetic abnormalities, and the baby is just as healthy as if i was 24 again.  If having a baby is what you both want, go for it!!
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I'm confused.....Are you (the poster) a female and you and your partner want a child?  Sorry if that's not the case, but that's what it sounds like.....Let us know.
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Yes.....two women......My partner and I want a baby!
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i say if u want to go for it i seen lots of same sex couples have children!! Can i say something else too plz nothing bad? but i have seen alot of same sex couples on tv and some of them seem to be much better at parenting than different sex couples especially when u hear stories about child abuse or parents killing their children. Anyways GL on u and ur partner getting a child!!
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are one of you wanting to carry the baby or are you wanting to adopt?  If you are planning on one of you carrying if you can find sperm donor I think the best and most affordable thing would but to do IUI....IVF is so expensive....
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Yeah we have looked into different ways and you are so right....very expensive....

Um one of us would carry the baby....I have already 2 kids...and she has one...so she seems more into (excited) to wanting to carry the baby for us.

Since my 2 kids are from the same dad.....we actually talked about getting sperm from her ex (not involving sex) just so that her two kids would be from the same parent and such....but then realized that might not be a great idea....

So here we are with our clock ticking......(yikes)
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humm that would be nice to have them have the same father but then again what if he were to have a wild hair in his butt and deceide he wanted to take custody of the baby with him being the biological father there could be problems uless you make sure and have him sign over all rights.  But I think you can do IUI's for somewhere in the $200-$500 range depending on where you live.....
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Yes...you have a point and that's were the part we realized that might not be a great idea....

So yes.....we are looking at many different areas snd so forth it's just a matter of when and where......the money is not so much an issue...timing...yes...no what will come out of it.....

We had a really good friend say that he would give us his sperm and nothing else...he has no kids and doesn't plan on having any....(party animal young buck) so it's just a matter if when....we pretty much have the marbles in play but when does it all happen.....

Kinda scary and all but we love each other very much and should this not even happen we will still be okay and happy with the three kids we already have thus far!
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u know u could just do it ur self w/the sperm seriously i have heard of this. if ur partner (since u say she gonna carry the baby) could track down her cycle and ovulation to pinpoint the exact day u could just get the sperm and insert it w/a baster or something then u prop ur hips up for 20 mins and done no sex involved and no money outta pocket.  i heard a story bout this these 2 men they wanted to have a baby and so the one guy got his sister to agree to be the donor and so the other guy gave his sperm and thats what they did not once but twice and now they have 2 lil girls!!!
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Too cute....

We also though of that part as well....

Gettin her all arroused and then insert it as we go.....of course checking ovualation time and make sure that's all good to go as well....

We can't waste time nor sperm....know what I mean....
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yeah I think it's possible to do it that way but to not have to waste sperm or time I think I'd look more into IUI.....and she should start prenatal at least 1-2 months ahead of time.....and you should start testing with Ovulation prediction tests so you can see her monthly pattern.  I think no matter the sperm you deceide to go with you should make sure and have the donor sign away any paternity rights.
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Most definately!!!


Thank you all for all your help!

I really appreciate it!
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Check this out. It may be worth looking into especially since I believe you can order the sperm from a sperm bank.


The fertility cap allows you to put the sperm in the cap and places it close to the cervix so that it has a better chance of getting in and up to the egg. This will give you the opportunity to get pregnant "natural" by just placing the sperm in the cap.
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No men needed now... :) Just their sperm...
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Thanks I got it and I will be looking into it......

Yup you are right......no men or man needed now!

I can turn a wrench!

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That is some site!

Thanks alot!
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I have a friend who is single and wanted a baby.  She did artificial insemination... not overly expensive!!  She had twins!!!  Good luck t o you and your partner- I think it is great!!!  I would suggest using an anonomous donor to prevent problems in the future.
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Thank you all and I will keep you all posted!
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