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A bit concerned, please help


Im 5 weeks pregnant. Ive been trying for 15 months, so im over the moon that its finally worked. However I am a bit concerned. For the last 2 weeks my boobs have been pretty sore and sensitive, and now today, they are a bit tender but not half as sore as what they were. Should I be worried by this, or is it normal for them stop hurting so much this early on. Im still feeling dizzy every other day and a bit nauseas every now and again and a few cramps, so im hoping everything is ok, but im just a bit scared. I don't even really feel pregnant yet, is that normal. A part of me is scared to believe i am actually pregnant because I am so scared something will go wrong.

I just need some advice and help so i know im ok.

Thank you
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Hi there and congratulations. I am currently 8W4D pregnant and I know exactly how you are feeling. When I was 5 weeks along my boobs were killing me. I couldn't sleep on them and I had to wear a sports bra all the time for the support and I HATE bras. Then all of a sudden the pain went away. I was concerned too but no need to worry. Like I said I am a little over 8 weeks along now and my boobs ARE KILLING ME. I woke up SEVERAL times last night in pain because I had rolled over and they hurt that bad. Stay positive. They will start hurting again soon. hahahahahahaha. Take care and congratulations!!!!
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Its sounds odd, but id rather them hurt than not hurt so i know my baby is ok.
Its just such a scary time during the pregnancy because your so early that you can see the bump or feel the baby, so your never 100% sure that everything is ok in there. Did you "feel pregnant" at 5 weeks?
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Symptoms will come and go. You're still very early into pregnancy as well. Unfortunately though, symptoms or lack of don't actually mean baby is ok. You don't need them to have a viable pregnancy, and you can have them all and still miscarry. Try not to put too much thought into what you're feeling and enjoy the good days.

(by the way, when I was 5 weeks pregnant I never imagined I was pregnant nor thought I could be. I was just tired, a little nauseated and had sore breasts occasionally)
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That is perfectly normal. Actually I was at the doctors office yesterday and the nurse is pregnant and I was telling her how sore my breast were and she said her breast were sore to until 10 weeks than the soreness went away and she was very concerned but the doc told her she was just being paranoid. She is due in march witha baby girl. My breast are very sore and also this morning I was having slight lower abdomen cramping but I am only 8dpo did that happen to you ? I really want to be pregnant !! Good luck and congrats !!
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Thanks, that has made me feel better. I really need to stop freting and just enjoy the fact I am actually pregnant. Canes19, my symptoms were tiredness. That kicked in about 4 days before i did my pregnancy test and i did my test 1 day early as well. My boob on my left had started to hurt a bit more than usual and that was about 4 days before i tested. But for me, the main suspect was the fact I had not starting food binging. About a 4 days before my period is due, i feel very fat and frumpy and feel like nothing fits but get so hungry i go on a food binge. This time i didnt have that urge and thats when i suspect the most as i just didnt feel i was going to get my period. Good luck to you.
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