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A situation with medication

I'm kind of confused and could use a little extra advice. I have been on and off of multiple medications for the last 4 or so years, but the moment I even had an inkling that I may be pregnant, I stopped taking everything except for my Zoloft which I quickly weaned myself off of. This all happened near 8 weeks into my pregnancy. I am now at 15 and going to high risk in two weeks (sigh).

Yesterday, I met with a nurse at my OBGYN who told me to absolutely avoid taking any and all of my anti-anxieties, and to get back on Zoloft.
Today my psychiatrist told me to avoid everything unless it becomes imperative that I go back on antidepressants. Bottom line is I do not want to take any meds while pregnant or breastfeeding, thus the reason I stopped in the first place.

I get one professional opinion here, a different one there, have researched many scenarios and possible outcomes, and feel a certain way about it personally. I'm basically just utterly confused at this point, because what's a pro in one situation is a con in another and vice versa. So, can someone please help me to understand it all? What is actually best for my unborn child?

P.S. I've been doing relatively well without ingesting any of those pharmaceutical poisons, just the normal hormonal episodes here and there from the pregnancy.
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I wouldn't take anything you don't have to take! I always trust my obgyn because they deal with pregnancies all day every day so I give them a lot of my trust! If your doing okay I don't see why ya need to take anything? Try meditation and look up breathing tips and try to do whatever naturally you can!! Seems like the simplest choice!
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I do and have always preferred natural remedies, but especially now since what goes in my system goes also to the baby. Yoga is becoming a bit more challenging, but still allows for meditation. Thank you!  
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The way medications work in pregnancy is when benefit out weighs risk. If your ok without them, then I surely wouldn't take them. But how not taking them affects you may be worse on the baby than taking them and that's what they are looking at. I had surgery in the beginning of my pregnancy and was really concerned about the pain killers. My obgyn assured me I was fine and to also take them when needed because the stress of the pain is far worse on my baby. The stress, raising my BP,  my heart beat not being able to sleep etc. So really it all depends how it affects you.
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I take hydroxyzne when I need it which is usually when I am in over crowded areas or at the doctors waiting to get a shot or get blood drawn.  I hate taking it because I know it lowers my Son's heart rate by 25-30 bpm. With anxiety medication it usually is a when you absolutely need it type thing.
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I've been on anxiety and PTSD medication for the past 5 years, I stopped taking everything but xanax. I had the dosage lowered and try and take it only when I start feeling a panic attack coming on. My psychiatrist and my ob both said different things as well. What it came down to was the effector was an everyday medication, and still for panic attacks I would need to take a small dosage of the xanax, so if I can go a few days and only need one xanax vs every day taking the effector then that to me was the smarter choice. But my situation might be very different than yours. I try and limit any contact with the outside world only when necessary, that helps control the anxiety and means less medication. Its only for 9 months so I mean I do what I feel I need to do. Being pregnant is in its own way stressful and causes anxiety. I wish you the best of luck and remember that ultimately if your not mentally well that too can effect the baby. I'm always around if you need to vent or talk. Stay safe
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If you are doing okay without possibly stay without if you haven't had any issues with withdraw from stopping them too fast. Continue counseling to keep assessing how you are doing and build your support circle before baby comes. This may help keep medication at bay.
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Thank you all. So far I've managed rather well without, just the occasional aggression and anger, but nothing out of the ordinary. I can tell when my stress level is affecting my body or the baby and when it isn't, if that makes any sense. It's actually helped me to avoid my episodes and highs and lows just knowing that I have a child on the way.  Thank you for the advice and support.
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