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Abortion related posts- everyone read!

This is a note to everyone. We've had a few random abortion-related posts recently and I'm shocked by many responses. This is a controversial subject so the best way to approach such posts is in a neutral or loving manner. It doesn't matter if you're pro-life, pro-choice or are on the fence in your beliefs. The fact is someone is coming here seeking help and we need to offer support regardless of your personal views.

I am extremely pro-life so I volunteered a crisis pregnancy center about a year ago. I took a few courses on how best to speak with someone who is contemplating abortion or how to help support someone who has had one in the past. People- the way you speak to them is in love and support. You can talk to them about the baby they are carrying ("Did you know your baby has a heartbeat and can wave their tiny little arms and legs?") or even how abortion procedures are done if they want to know and you can even help encourage adoption. But in no way can you harass them, judge them or attack their character.

Also, abortion is a pregnancy-related topic even if it is hurtful to many women with fertility issues (like me) or who are actively TTC. Women contemplating abortion ARE pregnant. Therefore they are allowed to post their questions here and get the same support as all of you. Many times they are scared, confused, don't know what to do, desperate, etc. and just need a sounding board. Typically women who as thinking about abortion don't REALLY want to do it because if they did they wouldn't waste time getting opinions on forums. They are simply looking for alternatives and are scared. In the past we've had many women choose to keep their babies rather than abort because our members posted in such amazing and loving ways, offering support. That is how you save unborn babies; not by attacking them or throwing YOUR beliefs in their face. These women don't care what you believe- they just need options.

Ultimately MedHelp's Terms of Use state that you are NOT to:  Post material that is unlawful, obscene, derogatory, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person or entity as determined by MedHelp in its sole discretion.

If you cannot find something helpful to say then please refrain from posting on abortion-related posts. Thank you!

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i completley agree...i saw what was wrote on that post...i thought it was very hurtfull to the poster and i think ashelen said the right thing...i mean yes she might offend some people but she could have had her reasons for doing what she did!! I didnt post as i didnt want to start a riot...lol...but i often wonder if medhelp has ever thought of making a abortion forum like they have for pretty much everything else!! ?? That way people who are contemplating it can post there instead of getting harsh responses from the women in this forum who are TTC for soo long! Just a thought!!
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THANK U SOOOOO MUCH for posting this!!!
Im not a fan of abortions and will never be..

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Rosa- you can make that recommendation to MedHelp by contacting them (click on Contact Us at bottom of screen). Most likely they haven't created that forum because they may not want to appear as though they condone or support abortion or because of the controversy that would come with having a forum solely geared toward abortion. Many zealots would probably storm in there and start preaching or whatnot. Could cause more problems than solve them.

Regardless if they have one or not people will still come in here for advice on the subject. Just like when we made the teen pregnancy forum we still had/have teens come in here as well.
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Thank you for posting this....I really didn't want to say something because I was afraid I was going to get a huge backlash, but I was so shocked....I logged back on and I was like "I'm gonna have so many angry messages..." lol...anyway, I think this rule applies to any topic pregnancy-related. Whether it's a curious father-to-be or a woman contemplating options or a woman who's had an abortion and needs information she feels unable to ask her doctors for...I have clear opinions on most topics but I really think everyone has a right to unbiased responses. I'm Catholic so it's pretty obvious where my opinions on most topics lie however...they didn't go to a church seeking answers, so I'm not going to give them ones biased by my religion. I think Rosa's right someone should start an abortion community if there's not one...but I still think we would get random posters who don't know how to use the search yet because they're new and confused.
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LOL I guess you posted that right before I hit send...I think you're right, I think we would still get them here, but people need to accept that and be silent if they cannot be helpful..in my opinion.
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Well I'm not talking just about the most current post that had to be deleted. I have definitely seen a few other things lately too so wanted to make sure we all get on the same page and work as a team here! I could definitely respond in anger and with all my sermons on abortion but I get so much more accomplished when I take the time to listen to someone, let them talk and vent, find out what is truly going on and then offer a few solutions.
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