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Acne Medications while Pregnant?

I am almost 11 weeks and I have had he WORST acne of my life since I found out I was pregnant! I know a lot of acne medications are not to be used durring pregnancy, but I am desperate! Is there something any of you have used safely while pregnant? Any ideas, or anyone with the same problem?
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try nature's cure....it's organic(i think), and giiiiiiirl, that stuff cured my sisters acne SUPER QUICK!!!

for $10 you get a 1oz tube of cream to apply daily(maybe x2), and pills you take for 14-15 or 30 dayds(there's 2 diff packs, and also some for men!)

i use it now, and my ob says it's fine, but if it's a prescription, he needs to know first!

you're supposed to put cream on a *clean* face, but i wash, apply cream, and use "powder" for that time, rather than a liquid base under a powder.....it's awesome! at least i know me and my sister and df even took my last tube of cream, and it helped him alot also!!!
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I would be cautious to use something even if it is organic/natural without speaking to a pharmacist or your doctor.  Sometimes its the natural things that lull us into a sense of security when they are no safer than a chemical alternative...jesslee made a nice suggestion but I would clear it by the pharmacist or your doctor...better safe than sorry!
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yea, i wasn't thinking that sometimes the things that are allegedly "good" for us, lol, actually do more harm!

but yes i do agree with sweet, i'd go ahead and call your nurses line(i imagine they'd be able to answer that question), and see what they say! always better safe than sorry!
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I'm glad you took my opinion so well...I was afraid it would sound bossy =)
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hi there - pre pregnancy i had perfect skin. not a blemish... :-)
but... since i fell pregnant I have had the worst acne of my life!!! its awful! its been consistenly bad throughout my pregnancy also. I use Estee Lauder Skin Care/ Makeup usually but Ive even stopped with the good skincare and used the cheapy stuff as its made no difference. I cover it up with the Estee makeup and that works good but ala natural I look haggard lol...
My GP and my OB both have said the safest method is to do nothing other than eating well, water, good skincare etc. It is apart of pregnancy and nothing besides your prenatal vitamins should be taken apparently. Bit harsh I thought but then again we are blessed with child so this is a small price to pay. :-)
If you hear of any super cure thats safe lol let me know :-)
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nope, sometimes i offer *opinion*, before i stop to think about "googling" it lol, or what a dr would say!

this is a looong reply, so have a sip of *whatever* hehe....

here is a link to some useful stuff i found hehe(man d**n, i have waaaaay to much time on my hands but i was supposed to work last nite from 8p-8a, but i got off @ 4a, and if i go to sleep, i'll sleep ALL day!!!)the link is below  but above the following ..please note this is NOT the ENTIRE article, i posted the "good" stuff, to read first, then included the site address/link  ;)


Acne medications considered safe for expecting mothers include erythromiycin, clindamycin, azelaic acid, and oral contraceptive pills.

Erythromycin and clindamycin can be used in both topical creams and oral prescriptives. The oral forms of these are antibiotics for severe acne. Since bacteria are able to build resistance to antibiotics, however, erythromycin and clindamycin, though safe, may not be very effective.

Despite general belief that oral contraceptive pills for acne will harm the baby if continued, there is no evidence showing women to be at a higher risk for defects.

Acne medications to avoid during pregnancy include topical and oral retinoids, various antibiotics, and other prescription medicines.

Topical Retinoids like tretinoin and adapalene are derived from Vitamin A and should be avoided during pregnancy. Tretinoin is related to isotretinoin (accutane). There is risk of these ingredients being absorbed into the skin and bloodstream and causing birth defects.

Sodium Sulfacetamide is a topical anti-infective medication used to treat acne and seborrheic skin conditions. If taken orally it can affect the fetus. Topically, it likely won’t harm the fetus, but its risk in pregnancy is unknown.

and i got  off the actual nature's cure site.....

Nature's Cure tablets have no side effects. However, when considering taking a medication while pregnant or nursing, you should always consult your physician first. Your own doctor will know what is best for your particular situation.

(soooo MISS sweetangel7, you are CORRECT....and you win nothing, except knowing i was half wrong!!!)    ;)  hehehe(you sooo know i'm just playing right?)
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what great info you've gotten!  I had a mc in December and we are hoping once again as we do every month that this will be 'our' month!  Anyways, everyone can benefit from your research because most of us will be facing acne during pregnancy!
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oh thanks!
lol, i have too much time on my hands lately!
i had also posted MY ob's "self-medicating" approved list.....but i can't find it, to bump it up, b/c i know alot of ladies ask.....
oh and here, have my other *BOX* of baby dust hehe.....and to anyone who tries to concieve, i know its a PITA, but all the times *I* thought i was pregnant and at that one time, where DF kept joking i was, i realized *I* had reversed my own psychology(haha), and kept "knowing" i wasn't pregnant, and sure enough, here i am! we didnt plan alex, in any way at all lol, in fact had i gotten pregnant last summer like we thought i had, it'd have been better cos i had a fairly good job w/ins etc, but i quit b/c i didn't agree w/over half of their policies, and the "open door" was more like, "if i'm on the phone with my wife, i'm slamming it".....so yea.....but finally after forcing my self to NOT take HPT's, i honestly bought one out of FREAKING BOREDOM, i swear i was bored, the guys were playing with r/c boats in the pool, and when they sent me to walmart to get more(stupid boys lol), and batteries, i just kinda thought "well heck with it, why not, if it's negative he'd never have to know i took it?!"
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