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Aidan Lee Darling (still birth 1/15/12)

Dear Aidan... Love of my life, i actually in the situation of not know what should i write to vent my feelings.. :( but the purpose for this is to letting you & the entire universal know the 5 months with you is the most wonderful amazing moment's i've ever been thru in my entire life.. i do not know when??? where??? how??? should i begun but let me begin by telling you there is nothing in this world i can compare with the love i had towards you...!!!

I don't know when am i actually falling in love with you but somehow i just knowing i already falling badly the moment i see you for the very 1st time when you was only 4weeks old. Weird Aidan Darling... bcos you not even has your heart beat yet but its already enough makes my heart beat real fast that i almost feel i am reaching the sky above...

As time goes i keep more..more..more..more..and more falling in love to you, knowing you're growing stronger and stronger i smile even when i was asleep. Bcos i know the moment you meet me that's will be the day i MOST waiting for the pass 33years i am.. I felt like teenagers Aidan Darling bcos i was very happy every time we talk and i share you all the things i want us to do when time comes.. I am like sweet 17 whom giggling of how the 1st date gonne be since you and me only contact via feelings and something that so beautiful till i not even have the right words to describe it..!!

Every time i touch you Aidan Darling i feel miracle.. every time i begun talking i feel like i have so many things to tell you. I wonder sometimes are you feel me annoying???? hahahah.. but well that's how people in love they never less topic to chat about... :) When you was 18weeks old, i am stunt to know you're a BOY...!!! I was scare at 1st really bcos i was born PINK darling.. I wonder this and that.... but after few hours the excitement starting showering me that waoooo... I am really dating a boy... NO KIDDING!!!

And i begun to realize Aidan Darling how amazing that's gonna be to explore your blue world...!!! it's hard to continue fr here on but i really want you to know how much i love you Aidan Darling... I've plan too many.. so much... real huge things for you and i can feel it's so close to reaching our famous happy ending where we finally meet... and doing the kissing... hugging for the very 1st time. But you show me Aidan Darling beautiful dreams not always ending fantastic but sometimes dramatic too!! That's how you&me love affair come to the end.. for somehow i don't know how to explain but at the age of 21week you shock me..rock my world.. turn it upsidedown by breaking up with me. the worst part we both don't know why its need to end this way.. :(

Just somehow we need to bid our goodbye even how hard to endure the pain.. I feel dying Aidan Darling as i already giving all my heart to you.. my entire life ahead all is about you...you...you..you...and you...!!! out of the blues i've to start all over again and be frank i still cannot figure it out how i gonna do that Aidan Darling. I cannot promise you i will be right away okay fr this heartbreaking but i know time will be the best medication ever and someday i know i'll be able to see the HAPPY me again.... not tomorrow... not next week... maybe not in the months even a years but i will try the best i could and as for you Aidan darling please please please never doubt my love towards you bcos the real true your love is the most magical love i ever has in my entire life.. it's really carry rainbow within... and i glad you show me how to LOVE...

We no need to find an answer why our love story end this way, let's just cherries every moments that we already spend together even its just very short period of time.. it's better then nothing at all...!!! Allowed me Aidan darling to never ever bid a goodbye to you just someday in the next life or in the beautiful heaven do intro yourself to me if you ever recognize me so i will not forever wonder about how good looking you are actually that make me falling in love so  damn badly!!!

So my Aidan Darling.. this is not yet the end but just the beginning between you&me.. i love you always and forever be... remember always that you're the MOST LOVE by me till we meet again.. bigggggg...biggg.. warm hugs for you Aidan darling... may new place promise much more beautiful things then what you've been for the past 5 months...

Your secret admire...!!! Mommy Rachel
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OH my gosh Rachel, this is SOoo Beautiful!  A love story indeed, a MOTHERS love!!  I cannot imagine but let me tell you that this is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you sooo much for sharing it with us.  I know you're sooo proud of that beautiful baby and you will see him again.  He'll be with you forever in your heart AND soul!  My heart goes out to you and I'm sending you many many prayers and hugs.  THANK YOU for sharing!   And let me tell you, You're SUCH A strong person, I don't know if I would've been able to do this but you did!!  You have shown the love you have for this baby and it will NEVER end!!  Thank you for showing ME personally.  I'll NEVER forget it!!  
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I have tears in my eyes....this is simply beautiful god bless u Rachel
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Amazing. God bless Baby Aidan. May He also give you strength. My heart goes out to you.
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My heart goes out to you and your angel darling.  I'm sure he feels your love and is so proud to have you for a mommy.  (((Hug)))
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Oh sweet angel Aiden, may you rest in peace and may your loving mommy find healing and strength through this tough loss. Aiden, may you dance and play with my sweet angel who left me Christmas day 2011. I pray that all of the mother's who has experienced the loss of a sweet child bond together and be strong with and for one another as our little angels watch over us all.
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Bless You!!!! May God bring you peace now and always!
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Dear all mama... thank you for reading... i hope many more will... I want Aidan to felt all the LOVE IS IN THE AIR... I write this love letter will all my tears falling down...!!! i was really thought Baby Aidan able to celebrate my birthday next month 15... but he need to leave me a month earlier.....!!!! i will did a nice funeral for him and keep his ash with me forever.. for now i just need to get ready for later operation at 2pm.. i am 8am here now... i am so scare actually.....!!! scare of many things but the most of all i scare i cannot let him go once i held him in my arms.... huhuhuh :(( :(( :(( :((

Aidan boy ah.. read mommy Breonsun comment please... so be good boy okay?? find that lovely angle so she/he can show you around, don't be scare okay?? many friends there will welcome Aidan... yeah no worries my breonsun honey.. he will.. he promise me to be one of the star above the sky, that yeahhh it might not always there shinning but i just knew HE is there... your angle too for sure dear... hugsss...xxx

Mommy Rachel
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This made me cry :( I'm soooo sorry for your loss :( RIP Baby Aidan
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This is lovely.. You are so strong.. Good luck for the hospital.. Will be thinking of you xxx
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My heart goes out to you thoughts are with you.  X x x
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My Prayers & Thoughts Are WIth You In Your Time of Need & Always
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At the hospital now... operation will be done at 4pm... 2 hour to go... I cannot imagine I am here :(( :(( :((
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Sorry for your loss. I couldnt imagine what you are going through and would hate to go through it myself. good luck with the operation and know your son will always be with you xx
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Just thinking about you today!  Hoping and praying things went as best as possible!  I really hope you have someone there with you.  We are all there with you in spirit today, sending you many prayers and hugs.  Sending you strength for the days to come!  So sorry Rachel!!
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My heart goes out to you. Our grief is the result of love. Bless your angel baby.
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Omg Aidan darling... how prefect you're... too bad you not make it thru here.. mommy daddy love you forever.. so poor my little boy..
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A love story it is with every mother and her unborn child. I'm praying for you and I hope you will be happy again some day.
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very sorry for ur loss. god will send him again. may God give u strength
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Omg this brought tears to my eyes. I pray everything is ok with you. Just know hes looking down on u. R.I.P Sweetheart
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R.I.P Aidan Lee Darling.

Rachel your story was beautiful and it really touched my heart. May your Angel Aidan always be remembered and loved. God bless you and your family.
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Dear Rachel, ur story wet my eyes, I will pray everything will be ok with you, and im sure im sure im sure God will hear our prayers and im sure HE will give you your Aiden back, coz he miss you and needs your love again. please do not let your self down, we all ladies are here with you to support. Belive in God, God will make your sorrows into great Joy :)
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Dear all mommy's here... thank you so much for the prayers and care and love given to my beloved secret admire mommy Rachel.. trust me when I say this is not exactly how I want to end our love story but there is nothing much I can do as God want it to goes this way for this time... when I meet mommy Rachel last night I was deeply hard to let go... so all I can do is walk away with each of us live in each other heart and soul... once again to all beautiful mommy's millions of thank you for be here for here... love, Aidan Lee....
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Aidan darling.... i still missing you so badly....!!! how are you??? i wondering.... :((
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Crying so much, I'm sure you made him proud and will make an amazing mommy. God bless
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