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All day sickness ( 19yr/1st pregnancy)

This is my first pregnancy. I'm in my first trimester and I found out I was prego 3 days ago (Nov 9). Prior to finding out I would be nauseous through out the day but it was like a 3 (scale of 1-10) but now I can't even smell seasoning without literally projecting puke or dry heaving- hard- for miners at a time. I'm so fricking hungry!! *crys* please, how do I eat without throwing up. I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon because I just feel so sick. I'm a first time mom and I don't know what to do.
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I discovered that:
° salted crackers
° chicken broth
° frozen lemon slices ( to suck on)
° ginger ale
°majorly boiled and not too flavorful foods
Are easier to eat and keep down. Just don't do to much moving and don't stand up fast.
     I know I answered my own question but I hope this will help other women with extreme "all day sickness"
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Try to eat little and often aswell just little nibbles on things here and there should help. Also drink plenty water!
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Try eating fruit..that would help me a lot. With my first pregnancy I couldn't eat anything either for like a month..I lost like 20lbs. It was hard but I managed to find things I could keep down.  
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Thank you so much. This was a wonderful idea
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I am 21 and having my first baby as well. Im 8 months and experiencing the same thing I cant keep anything down. Its not just morning sickness its all day sickness.  I havent had this feeling up until just a few weeks ago and seriously hope it doesnt continue for the rest of my pregnancy. Eating smaller meals and drinking plenty of fluid ia the only advice I can give cuz nothing has worked for me yet
I am currently 8 months pregnate with 30 days leFt untill delivery.. I'm experiencing very nauseous days.. Seems it doesn't matter what I do i. I hope it doesn't persist untill I deliver cause I can't eat anything and sorry If its  tmi but I also have dihharea and it keeps my stomach upset and I stay uncomfortable. I stay sane knowing this will be worth it when I meet my lol babygirl
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Eating baked potatoes with butter and salt is the only thing that got me through this terrible stage.
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I got pregnant at 19 and the first trimester and half of the second I had terrible morning sickness but it was all day and everything made me sick. I stuck to water and sprite with Gatorade occasionally. God wise I ate lots of saltines and folded up some cheese to eat with. I was able to eat chicken noodle soup and easy foods like that but the main thing i learned was to be conscious about it. If I felt nauseous I would get distracted and sometimes it helped me. Best of luck.
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I have recently discovered it is only things I ate in abundance or alot of the time that make me sick. I have started changing my diet to different fruits and cereals and such and for the most part(still vomit sometimes) I am controlling my nausea pretty well.  Maybe changing what you eat and branching out will help you ladies as well.
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I tried of every possible thing out there to try to relieve my nausea at the beginning of pregnancy and nothing seemed to work and then i heard about the SeaBands and omg those things are amazing you gotta try them they will make u feel better :) and theyre very cheap like $8 hope they help if you decide to use them :)
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Are u familiar with Italian ice that might work or try eatting smaller more frequent meals and maybe sip some type of pop in between sprite ginger ale or if u have too something more harsh pepsi that kind of helped me
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I was 19 with my first baby thankfully I got meds from Doctor, ask him if he can prescribe you or give you samples of nausea pills
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I was the same with my daughter and the main thing that helped was ice cubes and WATERMELON! it was the best thing in the world it's packed full of nutrients' has next to no taste and smell.
I stuck to white bread, apples and when I was a bit further along banana flavoured milk.
Stay away from hot food (particularly microwaved stuff! It seems to have a stronger smell)as it has a strong smell.
Try to eat when you have the urge. Plain crackers help loads. Also freeze gatorade they are nice to suck on.
I also made ice cubes with fresh ginger, lemon juice, eater and honey it's all natural and supposed to help with the nausea too.

Try to focus on getting as much nutrition in as possible.

Also go to your Doc try to get some anti-emetics to help with you nausea and sickness!!

Ps. This won't last forever :) it may feel like it will but it won't!! When I was pregnant I cried everyday and told my husband "never ever again". My daughters 4 months and I'd get pregnant again in a heartbeat.you can do it! Good luck and stay strong ❤
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