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Almost 8months is it possible not to gain more??

okay so before i was pregnant i was trying to lose some weight, until i found out i was preg at 135 lbs. Now, I gained 35 and I went in yesterday for prenatal checkup and the Ob doc says watch it!!! He said I could get toxemia and that i dont wnat a c-section so drink lots of water and whatever you've been doing, stop (late snacking or eating unhealthy w/e) He also said the MAX should be 40lbs im already at 35...........and they say you gain 1 pound a week now.....I really really reallllllly dont want a c section......I ordered a prenatal yoga dvd online, going to go pick it up at the po today......but im just so nervous now....im going to be strict now about just watchingg proportions and drinking water......but what if that doesnt work!!!

the OB office has 5 doctors, this is the FIRST time ive seen this doc, and he was SOO upfront, which I'm thankful for, because none  of the other doctors told me the dangers of gaining too much.....but I feel like they should have told me this sooner....I know I should watch what I eat, but I didnt know about toxemia....

my fiances boss wife blood pressure went up and she passed out after giving birth it was serious, i think she gained too much too........

******I dont want to lose any weight, I just dont want to put anymore on, is that even possible at this point???*****
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There are many women who gain more than 40 lb during their pregnancy and although the recommendation is 25-35LB it is only a guideline.Do you have extremely high blood pressure? I am surprised the doctor scared you in that way.If there is a particular doctor or midwife in the practice who you see more often, talk to them and ask why all of a sudden is your weight becoming an issue. Also ask for guidelines on how to continue with your eating to make sure it is healthy for you both.
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No my blood pressure is fine, I usually see the woman ob (theres only 1 the rest are men) and unfortunately any one of them could deliver my baby...I thought about switching but figured I would just stick with this group. When I saw her last, I had gained 31 lbs and I asked her how much is too much and she said "well you already gained too much, but its more common nowadays" she said woman gain between 40 and 60 or more now when they should only gain maybe 20-40. She also said something about pregnant woman and cravings but she said nothing about toxemia.......so this doc kinda freaked me out a little.
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I gained 60lbs each with my previous two - and I did not have issues that were related to weight.  Don't worry - just eat normally - I have not gained as much weight withthis one - partly because I am older and I am too lazy to work it off when she is born :) - Your weight will slow down because the baby is bigger - less room for your stomach and also it is getting warmer out and people tend to eat less when it is hot!! Good Luck - don't worry!
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At 135 lbs a 35-45 lb weight gain is NOT over excessive.  Unless you are extremely short your pre pregnancy weight was NOT unhealthy.  Just make sure that when you snack, it's something healthy, eat well balanced meals.  Walking is good excercise and will also help get things moving when the time is right for baby to come.  

To be honest, if I had your doctor and he told ME that, I'd laugh at him.  I think she's freaking you out unnecessarily.  I've started most of my pregnancies overweight and while I didnt' gain much I was still way over weight by the end...the one c-section i DID have had NOTHING to do with my weight gain and the rest of my pregnancies were easy and deliveries were normal.  

Almost any place you read about normal pregnancy weight gain lists 35-35 lbs as the average healthy weight gain for someone who is of an average healthy weight to begin with.  Unless your 4'5" 135 lbs prepregnancy is NOT unlhealthy.
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well im not gonna stress about it then, cause im about 5'3. I ordered a prenatal yoga dvd a couple weeks ago, it should be in the mail today, ill try that anyway.
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geez i already gained 32 lbs and am only 26 weeks. my doctor is not worried at all, i'm not sure why your doctor is. you're right, dont stress!
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