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Am I Pregnant

okay, lately i noticed, i have been nauseous, my gums have swollen, my taste has changed just a little bit, my period was supposed to come 08/14 and end 08/17 but it never did. my feet have been swollen 2 days in a row, i feel kinda bloated, but when i went to the doctor for my asthma medicine 08/14, i had lost two pounds. constant sleeping. i had a little spotting around 08/17 or 08/19can't remember. very light, literally like 8 drops, (light pink& light brownish). my back has been hurting. ( i sit up for maybe 30 minutes. and have to lay down) my period before that 07/18 and ended 07/21 . i had unprotected sex 07/21 and 07/22, 08/04 and 08/05. i took a clear blue easy digital 8/20 at 1:34 pm and it said pregnant, so later that night, i took two early pregnancy test (the strip & the midstream test) and they both had 2 lines, the next morning i took another ept, and it said positive, i went to the doctor 08/21, they took two tests with the same urine and they were negative, so they took blood, and i will get my results this coming tuesday. i came home, and later that night around 7/8 p.m i took another clear blue digital, and it said pregnant, so i'm confused, i really hope i am. i'm not on any medication, i've never had a positive hpt before, so it can't be the lh in my system, so i don't know, deep down, i know i'm pregnant. before i took the test, i knew it was gonna be positive, i cried, and got scared, but i want a baby now. i havent been wanting to be pregnant, i didnt start having feelings about wanting a baby and hoping i was pregnant until i got the first 3 positive pregnancy tests, so it can't be me psyching my body out either. then the night before i went to the doctor, i read where some women get positives, and then go to the doctor, and get negative, and i said, watch that happens to me, and then it did. what do you think? i'm really nervous for the blood test, is it more sensitive than urine tests, what if i am pregnant, but it comes back negative but only b/c it detects a higher hcg level than i currently have? my mom's old fashioned, and she checked my throat or something, and said she felt a double heartbeat and my "sink" was full lol. i don't really know what that means, but i don't know, i went to the dentist today, and i was looking at the ceiling, and i saw a smiling baby, am i crazy or pregnant?????????
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u are pregnant congrats...dr hpt;s are not good to me..u are pregnant..no way a test will say pregnant and ur not..digitals are pretty accurate..so enjoy dont worry..the nurse probably did not give it time..i went to the dr..and the nurse did the test in front of me..b4 the line where all up he said ur not preggo..i said ok but thought about it..like damn he just told me in literally 2 secs..he aint even give it 1 minute...but any who honey..u are preggo..the blood test will just confirm.
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no your not crazy your pregnant. congrats. sometimes the drs tests are not as sensitive as the ones you can buy.
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Congrats you are definitely preggo!
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so i went to the doctor for my appointment, and me and my mom was in the hall talkin and one of the medical assistants i know came up to me in front of everyone and was like those two urine tests that u took were positive, but i didnt notice it til after u left, and the blood test was positive also. They say my due date is April 24, 2009!!!! I'm so happy. Baby Dust to all and i hope everyone gets their BFP this year!!!!!
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Congrats on your BFP! Im due April 23, 2009. You should come visit the April 2010 babies forum!!!***
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congrats to you
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Not to get your hopes up (if they are) but definately pregnant in my books :) congrats!!
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thanx all!!!
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Congratulations!!!  :)
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Yeah!! Congrats!!!
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