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Am I losing my mind?!?!?!

Hey ladies... Hope everyone is having a wonderful week... Ummm well I've been wanting to see if I'm prego yet... But I'm so scared to test...I still get these headaches...I get so wore out easily.. I have no symptoms of AF showing and she should visit Friday... And my boobs are not soar.... And usually they are soar when AF is on her way... Am I losing.... I would really love to know..  I'm wanting this so bad.... So I guess what I'm saying is should I test or is it too early?!?!?!  I just don't want to get a BFN ya know... Well thanks... How is everyone else... You get your BFP yets? Pregnancy going ok?  Feeling confident ladies??  Let me know... I haven't been on in a while...  Keep me posted!!! ♥
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If you use a First Response Early Result test, it should be able to give you results, since your expected start date is 2 days away. I did that and got a really faint positive, then 2 days later tested again and positive showed up right away. Just know that even a faint line is a positive result.  Okie-dokie?  Good luck!  Let us know how it goes. :)
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Thanks... Wish me luck... I think I have been wishing so hard... For everyone as well!  I will be satisfied with a faint line for now... Man I just know I wanna see 2 lines...   I will.. I'm on my way home to check.. But since I'm not having soar boobs is that a bad sign?
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well i use first response with my first pregnancy.. about 4 days before my period.. and it came it came out as a bfn.....i waited about 3 days after my missed period and bfp...unfortunately  it ended in a miscarriage.. but good luck 2 u . *****::::blowwing baby dust ur way:::::::::***
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Oh Tray I'm so sorry to hear that...  Yeah thats what I'm afraid of getting is a bfn.  But thanks for the dust... *Sending some sticky baby dust back at ya* I will keep you all updated..
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i have a 32 day cycle.. i recently
had a mscarriage on sept 11, 2007.. which was an unplanned pregnancy.. but i had a feeling i was p.g because my boobs were killing me. anyhoo....i really didnt use ovulaton kits or anything like that. my b/f and i
are trying to conceive again...my dr told me to wait for my mestrual
cycle which i did..  this is where i was wondering if u can help me out
... my period after the m/c was oct 19, 2007..we had intercourse oct
21,24,25, nov 1,2,and the 4th... do u think i may have conceived on those
days?? and how soon can i take a test before i miss my period?? thanks
so much.

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I would say somewheres between the 1st and 2nd maybe.. Give or take.. Sperm can last up to 5 days. but keep bding just in case.. Good luck
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It is possible but I would keep doing the baby dance if I were you for the next few days! And unless you start having symptoms before your period, wait until you missed it or the day of. Good luck!
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well, ive been having some slight cramping,  headaches, and nausea.. but idk if my mind is playing tricks on me  u know?? im also kinda scared of miscarrying again.
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