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Am I pregnant?? Conflicting signs

I am very confused. I was expecting my period by April 24th (at the latest), which is exactly 4 weeks after my last period. Almost always, however, it's a 2-3 days short of 4 weeks. So, on the 25th, I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive.

A little background info: my last period began on February 27th, which exactly 3 weeks after the previous period (that one began on February 6th). That's definitely early for me. Additionally, my last period was much heavier with larger and more frequent clots, and I experienced a bit more cramping.

A few days after the positive pregnancy test, I noticed that my cervix was extremely low, soft, and open. I've had a clear mucous, which I understand to mean ovulation and fertility. Well, the next day after noticing that, I experienced my normal ovulation pains/cramping.

It is now a week after the positive pregnancy test, and I have yet to feel any symptoms of pregnancy and no period. I do, however, have some cramping as though I'm going to start my period any day now.

Can someone please explain this to me? I have no idea what's going on. I'm guessing I may have miscarried previously (which would explain the positive pregnancy test) or had anovulatory bleeding (which I've experienced once before - which would explain the late period).

I am unable to see a GYN until June 1st, as my new job's insurance doesn't begin until then. HELP!!!!
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Unless I am misunderstanding you, you did not have your menstrual period in April when it was expected.  Because you missed your period you did a pregnancy test, and it was positive.  You haven't had any further bleeding since.  It sounds to me like a fairly straight forward case of pregnancy.  Pregnancy symptoms are quite variable, and some women really don't notice much.  Also, it is possible that you will begin to have symptoms in a week or two.
If you were my patient I would ask you to come in for an ultrasound and a new OB appointment.  I would also suggest that you begin taking prenatal vitamins right away.
I think you might need to start preparing for a baby!
Good luck!
Dr B
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I guess what is so confusing to me is the fact that I didn't have my normal ovulation pain in between my last 2 periods (Feb 6 and 27th). This is like clock-work for me. I only recently experienced my normal ovulation pain last week... a few days after the positive pregnancy test.

I've had 2 children before, and I never experienced period-like cramping for a solid week or what feels like ovulation pain in early pregnancy either. Further, I've never experienced my cervix sitting low.

All of these things together just seem a little odd to me. I thought maybe someone would be able to offer some insight as to why these things might be occurring.

Thanks for your input!
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