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Is it true cats can tell your pregnant? Cause Brans cats follow me around and rub their bodies on my tummy and purr. He says its because they can sense Im pregnant and they feel the need to protect me.
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I don't know about cats, but I know dogs can.
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It seems like all animals can sense it too me. It really is weird.
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It is quite weird. They knew I was pregnant before I did. Its weird to think about.
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I know it has something to do with all your hormones.
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Its just weird to think about.
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I dint know about during your pregnancy but when you gave your baby cats are suppose.to.be.dangerous.to.your baby cause they climb on top.of.the baby and lick the milk from your babys mouth  and can suffocate the baby
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Damn. Thank you, I will definatley keep that in mind!!
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I believe any animals can.
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My dog cuddles with my belly every night and the baby has even kicked for him
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Cats can smell the pheromones you produce while pregnant, they are inclined to be more affectionate to you, my bf's sisters cat Remy hates everyone but loves on me constantly. I will mention you are not supposed to clean the litter box. Cats have a parasite in their feces that is harmful to the baby.
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Okay thank you.
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My cat loved to snuggle with my belly when I was pregnant with my son, yes I'm sure they can tell due to the different smells of the hormones and chemicals your body produces.
My cat and baby snuggled and slept together a lot when they were little, never ever ever did the cat walk across the baby much less lay down on him. That's mainly an old wives tale from the days of "cats are tools of Satan" saying that cats will steal the baby's breath and steal their soul... but with a proper introduction and proper supervision cats and kids can and do live together in harmony.
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I see .
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All animals can. My guinea pigs and cat knew I was before I did. All animals can be dangerous to babies not just cats. My family had a cat that wanted to be by my mom through her whole peegnancy with me and than after I was born would sleep with me in my crib. She became my cat since birth all the way till I was 15 years old.
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My cat was never affectionate to us and as i get closer to having my baby she is really lovey to me..she follows me everywhere and she even lays across my belly...
And she wouldnt even snuggle with us..so i think so
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Yes yes its true its true I experinced it I got really sick and I was in bed for about a week and my cat would come up to me and lay down on my belly and she never did that before I always wonder wth is wrong with her two days later I went to the doctor and I found out I was pregnant now I am 11 weeks and my cats and dogs always wanna be next to me its weird but its true
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