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Annoying things people say when you're pregnant....

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and lately I've been getting a lot of comments along the lines of "oh, you don't look very big" (as in.....big enough to be as far along as I am in my pregnancy).  

I've been getting regular care from my OB, I'm taking care of myself and the baby.....deep down, I know that I'm the right size for me and for THIS pregnancy.  But still, when people say these things, you can't help but worry.  

When I saw my OB yesterday, I mentioned that, and he measured me and everything and said, you're still right on track for where you should be.  He then proceeded to say that it's rare for people to tell you that you look JUST RIGHT - usually it's that you're (too) small or (too) big.  

Does anyone else have any examples of annoying things people say when you're pregnant?  Sorry for the negativity - I'm sick again and (obviously) in a bit of a mood....

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HOw about "Oh you should be eating this" Or you should not be eating that" Or as you talk to people about waht your experiences are they say "That is silly ans there is no way there is medical proof in that" I got big fast and lots of people told me it was bloating!!! That realy made me made and I dwelt on it for days. Literally it was the first thing I thought of when I got up and went to bed. Then my dr measured me and said I was as big as I looked and it was all baby! I was relieved but still mad at the person for saying that to me as every pregancy is different as to how you uterus is, how the baby is laying, and where the placenta is. I also have hadve all preterm births so I am a big fan of no caffine and worry for woman when I see them have it. Not that they are being bad per say but it makes me anxious. I have known alot of woman with preterm labor who have it. I guess we are all guilty of saying things to others. But I know what you mean.
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i had quite a few "annoying" or out of line questions when i was pregnant.

the MOST annoying was..."OMG are you pregnant?" my response was usually "no i swallowed a few beach balls" proceeded with me walking away.

"Wow you're huge! Should you be THAT big?" my response "i'm growing two people thank you."

"Do you really think you should eat that much? You're looking awfully big there." my response "I'm eating for 3 people. Growing and nurturing two lives inside my body. what's your excuse?"

"So, who's the father?" my response "we think my husband" (we know it's him...i'm a bit of a smart@ss and like to leave people going omg when i leave. lol)

"Why did you decide on twins?" my response "well when we found out that my body decided to produce twins we thought we might as well keep them both."

"Are you sure it's twins?" My response "well unless my one child has 2 heads, 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 hearts, 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 penis' and two completely different bodies....nope not sure at all.

after they were born...i was even more irritated.
"wow are they twins?" my response "nope we found that one on the side of the road and kept him. uncanny how he looks like the other one huh." (like i said i'm really a smart@ss.)

"are they brothers?" my response "nope i just gave birth to them at the same time." (that one usually confuses people, i walk away laughing)

"are you sure you can take care of them both?" me "well....i don't know. i mean we've been taking care of them for 16 months on our own. geez i wonder if we can?" (this one usually occurs WHILE we're grocery, clothes, toys shopping....)

"are you the mom?" me "no i just like walking around with strangers kids"
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haha...thanks for the laugh :-)))
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I'm early in my pregnancy, and I get really annoyed when my MIL and FIL give me instructions on how to take care of myself.  My FIL told me not to drink (Oh really?) and also gave me instructions on not doing anything too physical. It bugs me because he acts like if I miscarried, it would be my fight, when in reality, miscarriages are in most cases, completely unavoidable.  Annoying.
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ANOTHER one that bothers me is when people ask if this is my first, to which I say "no, I have a 3 year old son".  Then, logically, they ask if I know what I'm having (I don't).  And then they say...."well, I hope you're having a girl" or "I think you're having a girl this time".  It's like people just assume that, because you already have one gender, you want the other.  

All I really want - all anyone really wants - is a healthy baby.....If I have another boy, I'll be ECSTATIC because I love my little boy!!!  But if I have a girl.....I'll be equally as thrilled.
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Good thread!!!

The big one that I never hear the end of is "get as much sleep as you can now, cuz you will not be sleeping when baby comes". UGh - I know it may be somewhat true but like come on....there is sooo much more to tell me that can be pleasant than the fact that I will not be sleeping.

Also my MIL when we told her we were preg she said "are you sure??"  "how do you know?"  Umm...you have three kids - do we need to explain.

Then the comments of "its got to be a boy/girl because....well I think to myself - someone is going to be right LOL


Nausea and vomiting and cravings are all in your head....to each their own but I have never shed a tear for french fries, pogos, toaster strudels or cake in my life until I was preg...and not often to I sit and look at my dinner and think the smell repulses me - or decide while Im cooking something that it smells too bad to continue cooking it and throw it out to avoid vomiting.


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there are two things that annoy me...one happened with DD, one happened with last pregnancy AND this pregnancy:
First one: "Wow are you sure it's not twins?? Usually overweight girls don't get as much baby belly as you!!!" my response....Sigh. Yes, just one. I know I'm chubby, but I promise there's just one. Thanks for the ego boost, LOL.

the other one is my Sister-in-law. She REFUSES to drink caffeine while she's pregnant and I honestly think that's great, more power to her. But she eats all these horrible fast-food meals (she never cooks at home) and my thought is...a little caffeine is better than fat/calorie-filled meals day after day and she already has a triglyceride problem (before pregnancy she was put on a strict diet because her tri-glycerides were 750 (!!!!!!!!!) normally at 350 they're considered high.) Now during pregnancy your triglycerides generally are expected to increase by 50%.....and she still eats horrible food all the time!!!!! Yet I'm the bad pregnant woman because I still drink caffeine. Bump you guys, My baby was born healthy last time and will be this time.
So I would say the other thing that annoys me is "Are you ALLOWED to drink caffeine?" None o' yo' business!!!!! LOL
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LOL 30something13 I totally did not see your comment on caffeine before I posted...I am TOTALLY not attacking you, I'm talking about my family, LOL....my bad, but I totally was not posting in response to you. I understand what you mean and if a woman is at risk for pre-term labor she should DEFINITELY not drink caffeine. And if you DO drink caffeine it should be in moderation.
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Oh there are TONS of annoying things ppl say.

And like most of hte people have mentioned above, I've faced the the most common as well.. them being:

"Wow, you look fat."

"Eat/Don't eat this."

"Enjoy this free time to Facebook right now because you surely won't be getting any after."

Another weird advice I get from people is when they have their own stories to tell about being pregnant and try to implement the same thing on you. Like if they were able to keep their food down and had no problems with beef for example - they will not believe you if you tell them you have a hard time keeping beef down. Seriously, nowhere does it say my pregnancy has to be a xerox copy of yours.

Or when I talked about my swelling. One chick told me, "Oh that's because you aren't active. You don't walk."

Like you can run the marathon at 28 weeks.

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So I know this one if for annoying comments made while you are pregnant but how about when people know you are trying??  Literally if I say I am starving at work "are you sure you aren't pregnant?" EVERYTHING is "are you sure you aren't pregnant?" ARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH.  Yes. I am sure. Would you like to see my tampon.  That's what I want to say lol
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My favorite...This happened while I was waitressing, and a customer said it, so I wasn't really allowed to be a smart@$$ as it was someone, who wasn't just a "regular customer"...

Customer~"Wow you're working right up to the ninth month, aren't you" Me~"I'm only five months" Customer~"Is it twins?"
Now keep in mind at this time, I was 5'4" and weighed about 145. If you look at my pics, there's one of me the day before I graduated AIT (black shirt), and a month before getting pregnant. If you add the slightest baby bump that's EXACTLY what I looked like when I got this comment...
I was constantly getting the "wow you're big" comments...and maybe I was, maybe DS was big for my size...not sure, don't care. We should so get together and make a book like one of those "chicken soup" books and fill it with these stories...I'm sure it'd be a best seller... possibly bought BY pregnant women to give away, lol.
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the only one that is bothering me this time is that i am pregnant 24weeks. and my husband has been in Iraq since feb.. OK SO I KNOW.. but he came home in july for his 2 week leave and if you add it up.. it is his..
SO my worst one is omg.. your preg? are you getting divorced? UMM NO well is he mad at you? umm NO.. and what did the man look like..HELLO ive been married for 6 years you know what he looks like.. lol.
but amazingly no one on the military base i live on even questions it..they simply look at me and say LEAVE BABY..lol there are 6 of us in my husbands unit alone..i just smile at the ones who dont get it..
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