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Anti-Epidural Ppl

Lol those of you first time moms that have your birth plan all figured out & are against epidurals based on other ppl experiences, I would love to know your birth story after your baby is born.  If you decided to get that epidural or not. This is not a bash. Just wanna know how many of you really follow through with going natural. I've had 2 epidurals no complications, Healthy babies,  great labor experiences. Tried natural with my second & the pitocin kicked my butt lol
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Lol yes that pitocin ain't no joke I went in saying I wanted to go natural to until I felt the real contractions I couldn't take it being in labor for so long I was tired n exhausted epideral ended up being my best friend n I was able to get some sleep I applause those that go natural I tried it but it wasn't for me lol
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I followed through with my birth plan :)
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Exactly! Nothing wrong with natural birth and nothing wrong with getting the epidural. People just need to do them and atop worrying about how what everybody else do/say because once they get up in the room it's only them not this app! Lol
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I had 17.5 hours of all natural labor. I'm allergic to epidurals.
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I planned all natural and followed through. I'm planning to do it again with my future babies. However, I was very clear in my birth plan that I didn't want pitocin unless it was absolutely medically necessary. When you go completely drug free your body can regulate the intensity of the contractions so the pain is much more manageable.
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Ftm plan on no epidural but I haven't really been active so idk if I'll be able to hang naturally lol so might get it don't know til I'm in the moment
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So my experience was ummm different
I gave birth at Kaiser
I kept pushing bc I had the urge when a contraction came and I wasn't supposed to do that but it felt great anyways due to that it was causing my daughter head to hit my pelvis and it wasn't opening so they forced me to get a epidural
(Btw I was already 10cm and they stopped checking me for hours) so I was giving the epidural never wanted one to begin with but got it
What ***** the most I still felt EVERYTHING and the nurse had no idea on why it was taking so long to kixk in
Well anyways the epidural began to work after my daughter was in the world.
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What every pregnant women needs to understand is a birth plan is just that a plan. And that plan is made usually when you are in no pain at all. Child birth is one of the most painful processes a human will have to go through.  Obviously things will change inthe moment of the excruciating pain. But everyone is different. For me I dont plan because i know I'll know what I need in the actual moment. Im going to try to go natural this time... but we'll see lol
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I did not follow through I wanted to so bad but gosh 74 hours of labor no more I caved in once the offered it to me and he was a big baby for my body type and my Doctor did not want a c-section when he was born he told me I knew you can do it but il see how far I can make it with my daughter as she is smaller then my son I can just feel it
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My sister was anti epidural until she actually went into labour lol
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I gave birth to both of my children naturally, never thought about getting an epidural not even once mainly because I hate needles lol but both of my natural births were an amazing experience & I'd tell other soon to be moms to not even bother with a birth plan because you dont really know your limits until you are actually in labor
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I'm a ftm and I really don't want an epidural mainly because I want a natural birth but also because I hate having a numb sensation I hate it that much I would rather feel pain, I hate having teeth out/fillings because of the numbing sensation so even though a person can never say never I just don't think it will be for me x
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I was walking through the supermarket and older woman approached me seen.my.belly and she said DRUGS. weird I know I didn't know what she meant, she went on to say we live in a day and age where we can get the drugs, she also said dont try to be super woman you want to get in and out as pain free as you can. I agreed with her. I wanted a natural birth who am I kidding. if I can get through my.labour with little to no pain im not gonna say no!!! she had 9kids. she had noo complications with the epi.
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i had my baby girl last.night and after spending two.days in the hospital with bad contractions i got an epidural. it waz nice because.after it was the first time i.was able to.relax. buy after a few hours and when i actually pushed i.feel like.i.felt.everything
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my son eas 9lbs 5ozs and no epidural i loved it yes i hurt but i plan on the same this time around was the greatest experienceof my life and i have a low pain tolerance.
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Im a ftm.. I don't want an epidural just because they terrify me.. I've heard so many good stories but im still terrified of them.. but when the time comes if I need it I'm gonna need it lol
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I wanted to do it natural with my 3 previous babies nothing but gas and air and I managed it num 3 I had nothing there was a few mins with him though I thought ohh my god if I'm only 6cm I'm going to need that epidural but then he was born those inductions are crazy lol
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I want an epidural lol but I'd like to tell my aunts story! She was the most high and mighty person ever with her natural birth she bragged to everyone it was rediculous! And let me tell you something this woman was asking for that thing almost immediately after her contractions started! Lucky for her she was only in labor for 6 hours! Lol but it was kind of entertaining when her husband told her to wait it out and she just kept screaming f*** the birth plan!! Lol oh goodness still makes me laugh!
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Lol wow I didn't know this post would still be going on from yesterday lol but its just crazy how ppl can be so set on NATURAL like its the Best way to give birth.  No matter how you've delivered your baby into this world,  you carried for 9 months or so, & you & baby are healthy nothing else matters.  Happy to see so many open minded mothers on this post thanks guys!
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