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Antibody screen c section

Hi I am scheduled for a c section on Monday but I need to do bloodwork days before. My doctors ordered a blood typing and antibody screen. I was wondering what antibodies they are testing me for.
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Hi! I'm currently in nursing school and hope I can help!
For first time mothers who are "negative" (A-, O- etc.) they administer RhoGam so that your blood doesn't interfere with the babies and ultimately attack itself. If this is after your first pregnancy, they can be testing to see if the antibodies from your first pregnancy are still present, and again, won't fight itself, or the babies blood.

It's nothing to worry about, don't get nervous!
Good luck with your caesarean!
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This is my first pregnancy and I had an indirect Coombs antibody screening in first trimester which was negative. Why else would it be for?
they could just be re-testing, in the first trimester not much as changed yet, so they may just be making sure it's still negative. Have you had any other blood work lately?
No. I have just done all the required ones as they tell me to do them. I called and she says they repeat it because they need it current so I guess I’m ok
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Hi, is this you first baby?  So exciting!!  I am sure you are excited and scared at the same time!  

So, did they do an Rh antibody test in your first trimester?  That's usually when that is done. https://www.acog.org/Patients/FAQs/The-Rh-Factor-How-It-Can-Affect-Your-Pregnancy.  This is the antibody screening test that detects if a mom has antibodies present.  If baby and mom aren't compatible, it poses a problem and they give two shots usually (28 weeks and after birth) to combat that.  

But blood work like this is routine before a c section. While it is done all the time and is routine, it's also major surgery.  :>)  So, they also want to check for infection.  So, this could be what they are referring to as well.  

They will do a whole CBC count and check your platelets and electrolytes as well.  They just want to be ready.  AND, you can always ask the doctor or lab when you get the blood work done.  Let us know what they say and how it goes!!
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What kind of infection? I already did my std tests. Hiv syphilis  hepeititis etc.
Right, not that type of thing.  Here is from the mayo clinic and about C sections.  It talks about pre op testing and blood tests and it is pretty common to do this. Things that are troubling for the pregnancy like hiv or std's would have already been tested for, absolutely. Honestly, this is a routine part to make sure all is set for the surgery.  They check the basic things for that.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/c-section/about/pac-20393655.  They may check your white blood cell count to see if you are fighting an infection of any sort. This is elective and not an emergency so if you were getting sick, they might choose to postpone a couple of days.   They sometimes have women use antiseptic soap before the c section and tell them not to shave their pubic area to prevent infection.  But those are surgical infections that they are trying to prevent.

I would not stress.  It is standard cbc mostly that they are interested in and doing it before you get to the hospital saves time once there.  (they'd do it there otherwise). Some women's doctors don't have them do this blood work separately but many do.  
Thank you. But is the antibodies test looking for antibodies to other diseases or just the Rh thing?
Likely just the Rh issue. But I'd have guessed you had that done in your first trimester.  Can you ask them when you do the test?  Let me know---  now I want to know really bad too! :>)  But I'm guessing it is all just the routine tests they always do.  Are you all ready for the baby?  Is this earlier than you had planned?
Yes a week earlier
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They usually do a screen to ensure that you don't have any antibodies that conflict with your baby's antibodies - mostly due to blood type.  It's a routine test.  You can find out more about it here:
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