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Anxiety & Pregnancy -- Are the symptoms Normal??

Hi Everyone,

I am very confused on where I should be posting this question.  It was suggested to post it here also as maybe I will be able to get some insight by other Pregnant women :-)  Here it goes!!!

According to most doctors I have seen they claim that I have anxiety.  I am 21 weeks pregnant and I know that anxiety symptoms can be amplified.  I am seeing a psychotherapist which I have to say has been helping.  I am not on any medication for the anxiety.  Take one Extra Strength Tylenol for my headaches, sometimes 2 in a day if it doesn't pass.  Some common symptoms I have are difficulty breathing (shortness of breath; not breathing properly etc.); palpitations; tiredness (not sleeping well at all), ringing in the ear and so many other symptoms- it seems I have all the symptoms possible.  I have gone twice to a Cardiology hospital during the Christmas Holidays and they said that everything was ok (had blood work and EKG done 2 times).  I have gone to see a doctor for the ringing in the ear and told him about the constant headaches and pains in back of head, neck etc ... he said can all be caused by tension.  Told me to buy a special pillow and it has helped a little for the tension but not sleeping much is kind of counter-acting the effects.  I see my OB-GYN minimum once a month.

Last week I was been having a weird body feeling -- it happens in the afternoon after lunch - my body tingles and I feel like I am going to collapse, then head feels heavy and a headache starts to happen (very lightly).  I haven't had the feeling much this week except maybe a little lightheaded and still some headaches.  I sometimes feel like I am going to fall asleep at my desk any minute.  Now I am noticing some swelling and more on the left leg but not by much.  I no longer know what normal is and I was wondering if anyone is having these symptoms and if anybody is going through a pregnancy along with having anxiety -- how are you handling it.  

Any help would be appreciated!!!  I am just worried as it seems everything is happening at the same time.  This is my 2nd pregnancy and I didn't have this with the first -- no anxiety but did have a lot of water retention!!!

My appologies for the lengthy post but I do appreciate any insights you can give me!!!
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I have anxiety as well and was prescribed an inhalor for when I can't breathe. I haven't had any of the other symptoms yet because I'm only seven weeks but my last pregnancy I had dizzy spells and light headedness and my doctor it was because I lacked iron. Maybe check with your doctor about it and see if you can take any suppliments.
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Well the tingling and lightheaded and headakes and stuff all sounds like it's normal pregnancy stuff, related to the increase of blood and the baby taking more of it, etc.  

I have mild anxiety as well, and ADHD, it's not easy!  Every pregnancy will be different, and anxiety I believe is/can be considered an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, and when you get pregnant those change and could make your symptoms works or better.  For me, my ADHD and stuff was better for the first pregnancy, and now this time it seems to be worse.  

Make sure you get enough watter, and if it gets bad sit down with your feet up (or lay if you want) and try to take it easy till it gets better.  Liquids can help, and putting your feet up could help with blood flow and the swelling.
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I had all of these symptoms while I was pregnant. That is why I will likely never have any more children. I HATED being pregnant, and was constantly dizzy, throwing up, having headaches, swollen.. SOME sort of sick, It was awful, but it is normal for some women. I have slight anxiety issues, and pregnancy sure isn't a "walk in the park," Best of luck..
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Thankyou all for your responses, it really helps to know that others are experiencing the same things.  I will definitely try all the suggestions.  I am sorry to hear about your experience Laura, it sounds like it was very difficult.  All of your experiences seem very difficult and I am happy that you have shared them with me, it really helps.  I do agree that all pregnancies are different, my first and second are not the same.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!!!
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