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Im a ftm im 22 yrs old and 35 wks pregnant, im so freaked out about labor! I have pretty bad anxiety and my nerves r already getting the best of me:( im scared something will go wrong, itll hurt like crazy, my son will b stillborn, like all these horrible scenerios idk wat to do:( it still doesnt feel real that in 5 weeks im gonna b responsible for a tiny human
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I was that way the whole time and I don't really even remember labor I remember my baby girl laying on my chest taking her first breaths not gonna lie there's some pain but it's the last thing you think about and it never last to long
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Oh an I was 23 when I had my first and she's 14 months now and I was in labor for 3 days but I'm due in 19 days with my second so clearly it doesn't hurt 2 bad :) you will be fine just breath and enjoy what "free" time you have left
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Stop and take a deep breath on and out. There will always be a possibility of any of those scenarios happening but the beauty of modern medicine is.... There is medicine to help with pain....if your going for a vaginal birth and something goes wrong you'll be rushed for an emergency c section a number of women give birth and their babies aren't breathing for a number of reasons...a bit of suction down the throat and a few pumps of oxygen and most of them come to it and are fine. But that's just life. Bad things always have the possibility of happening but just because they can doesn't mean they will. Your better off not stressing about it because stress will just make things harder on you and your baby . So when you start to freak out take a deep breath and count backwards from 10 slowly put whatever it was out of your mind and have faith in your body, baby and doctors.
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I was the same way so scared of labour I ended up in labour for 20 hours did it without any pain meds and felt amazing afterwards! I was also very scared of becoming a mother and being responsible for a tiny human lol... It all comes so naturally and I th
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and I think.... That the ones who have anxiety about it are the ones who will be the best mommies! :) good luck and congrats.
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My mother always says to me, "Fear robs the present and the future." I just have to chant that to myself when I start to freak out about all the "what ifs" in life. It's much more fun to enjoy life for what it is, but I totally get stuck in the downward spiral sometimes too. Deep breaths and positive affirmations said out loud. ( " I am strong, I am capable, I am powerful, I can do this" etc.) Sometimes just voicing your strengths out loud can dispell any negativity that tries to creep in. You will be an awesome mother, you can do it!!
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Thank u all ladies its nice knowing im not the only one that freaks out!
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