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Anybody expected to have big babies

So todays u/s at 39+4 is estimating 8.12 pounds. 3 weeks ahead in the 90% for growth. My only thing is im hoping she will turn during labor, she is still posterior. I dont want to rip front to back :(. By next week when i get induce she'll most likely b 9pounds.
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Massage it down there , google how to do it properly , my baby was an ounce away from being 9lbs and I tore :O
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Ouch, ok i read about that b4, will do thank u never thought about trying that
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My dr thought my baby would be 8 1/2 lbs at my 34 week appt and then when i was 41 weeks he said nope she will be upper 7lb range... she was 7lbs 11oz at birth and was 13 days past due! I tore but was a level 2 tear or 2nd degree tear i dont remember what the right term is.. sometimes dr will stretch you a bit as baby is decending to prevent tearing but if they come out really fast sometimes they dont have time.. my baby is 3 days old and im walking around with no pain from tearing. But everyone is different. Not sure there is much that can be done to prevent it.
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Ty, thats good ur up n about already. Kinda expected her to b on the bigger side, me n my bf were big babies. The nurses today at u/s n others were making me scared cuz im only 5'1.
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All four of my babies have been big..9 lbs 11oz, 9 lbs 1 oz, 9 lbs 6 oz and 10 lbs 12 oz!! But mine were all c-sections. I love bigger babies, so chubby!!! ;-) goodluck hun!
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They expected my baby to be small to average size. He was born 9lbs 7oz.. My doctor cut me so I wouldn't tear. If you have a good doctore you'll be fine. Mine had me stop pushing when his head was crowning, let me relaxe then made the cut and I continued pushing. I'm only 5'1" too hun and I am recovering good. I was up amd walking around 3 hours after he was born. I had the epidural but they turned it off 30 minutes before time to push and it took about 30 minutes to push. Don't worry your body can do it. Just try to focus that your baby will be there soon and breathing really helps. Good luck!
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My 33 week ultrasound was this past thursday and my baby is already 5 lbs! They did say it is an estimate and not excat but they said he should be round 9 lbs! good thing im having a csection n he isnt coming outta my lady part! Lol
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Im with all of u. At 31w6d u/s my baby boy was measuring 4lbs7ozs and measuring 34 weeks. Then at my 34 week appt, im measuring 37 weeks. I go back in a week so we will see. But they estimating him to be a 9 pound baby as well. My daughter was 8lbs4ozs but im still scared as hell for a 9lbs baby. I wanted to try natural but idk if i will make it lol
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Those can be verrry far off, they expected my son to be 7-7 1/2, and he was almost 9, I also had a c-section, good luck!
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My sister had a boy who was 9lb 6 1/2oz. She didnt tear or anything! Was conpletely fine..some are just dam lucky!!
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my baby boy measured 5lb 5oz at 34weeks and he come out at 42weeks at  8lb 15.5oz.. I had a second degree tear and he was also in wrong posision.. They turned him when his head was out.. Not gonna lie bloody killed but i love my lil chunk and wouldnt change him for a 7lber lol x
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Just keep in mind that the ultrasounds can be off!! So baby could be smaller (or bigger). They estimated my first to be no smaller than 9 pounds.... He came out at 7.5!! Completely average size. My second was estimated to be about 9 pounds if not more as well. I measured 3 weeks ahead with him constantly... He came out 6.9! LOL. I don't trust their estimates very well! ;) either way I wish you good luck!!
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Ty for all ur stories n advice, only time will tell. Good luck on ur healthy pregnancy n deliveries!!!
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I'm carrying twins....  they are usually small.... I'm 38 weeks Wednesday....  they are going to induce me Tuesday because both babies are already measuring 7 lbs each. If I went to 40 wks they would probably be well over 8 each. Thank god I don't have to wait. I'm carrying around 14 lbs of baby in my belly right now.
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Just because you and your bf were big babies doesn't mean you'll have one. I thought the same thing about my DD- I was 8 lbs 10oz and DH was 9 lbs 2oz so I was expecting this mnbster of a baby to come out. She ended up only being 6lbs 15oz. And their estimates can be off too. I tore and was cut with her, so that can happen even with small babies. You'll be fine. Takes some time to recover but we all go through it and make it to the other side :]
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Yup it can go either way with my first son they were tellin 7lbs n somethin close 2 8lbs n he only weighed 6lbs 8oz n like someone said before u can tear with a small bby 2 cus my tear was a 5th degree tear I think thats like front 2 back n he was little but was up n goin not that long after but im scared this lil munchkin im carryin now is guna be a big boy but mainly cus if my small one did I can only imagine wat he'll do lol but in the end its so totally worth it n by the way im also 5'1"
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My first son was only 7# 3.4oz and i had first and second degree tears on the inside and out. I think its because I have a very small frame and wasn't being intimate at all.
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