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Anybody have/had Luteal Phase Defect?

Hi all!

I'm pretty new at this and have been researching like crazy since DH gave the OK to start TTC!  This was our first month and AF just showed so I'm on CD2 of my second month.  

So.  This past month was my first attempt at monitoring CM to track ovulation and according to my novice tracking skills, my luteal phase was only 6 days long.  I felt pretty confident because the CM changes coincided with ovulation pain (I feel the twinge every month and have always assumed it's ovulation... I occasionally also get a little spotting) but when I started AF only 6 days later, I thought maybe I just didn't track it right.

For the last year and a half or so I have had spotting fo 4-5 days prior to starting my actual period.  Like I said, i've been doing a lot of online research, haha... and I've kinda started putting the pieces together.  Most of what I've read seems to say that spotting before your period can be a sign of low progesterone levels... and low progesterone can be a factor in luteal phase defect.  So it started to make sense to me that my luteal phase might actually ahve been only 6 days long, and not just an error in my tracking.  

So I was jsut wondering if anybody out there has struggled with this and what you did to become pregnant ... or what are trying to do.  I know progesterone supplements can be prescribed and I've also heard about Vitex (chaste berry or soemthing) for the long term.  Anybody tried these, successfully or not?

I have an appt with my OBGYN soon and I want to have some sort of idea of what I'm trying to say when I talk to her so i don't forget everything and walk out without the information I went in for, haha!

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Hi there i suffered with a short luteal phase myself,they say 12 days is what is an ideal length.there can be a number of reasons for spotting before periods,i actually used vitamin b6 this helps lengthening it,and works,alot of women use it.you can take it all cycle ..
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Thanks for your input!

I forgot to mention I have been taking Vitamin B6 daily for about the last 6 months with no change in my cycle other than a little less cramping.  How long did you take it before you started to notice a difference?

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Rozy, it is impossible to conceive with a luteal phase under 10 days. So definitely speak with your doctor about your concerns because there are ways to lengthen it! You might have to increase how much B6 you're taking, under a doc's guidance of course.

Also I know a lot about tracking CM so if you have any questions let me know. Ovulation cervical mucous is crystal clear (NOT cloudy or yellowish) and is very stretchy/watery (over an inch in length when stretched between two fingers). The LAST day you have ovulatory CM (also known as EWCM) is the day you ovulated.

So definitely keep tracking your CM because that is going to help a lot in conceiving. It very well could have been an error on your part, but tracking CM is very easy, so I doubt it. Keep talking with your doc and ask any and all questions you need to here!
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I agree with Joy... my RE (reproductive endochronologist) thought that I could possibly a luteal phase defect and ordered blood work to be taken on CD2 of my next period after the appt.  But, I never had the blood work done since I was able to conceive that cycle.  So, you may want to ask your OB what CD is best for the test. Good luck and have fun TTC! :)
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Thanks so much ladies!
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