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Anyone else expecting AF tomorrow/in a few days' time, and hoping she doesn't show up?

Gosh, AF is due tomorrow and I'm so hoping and praying hard that she doesn't arrive. I monitor my bbt very closely and AF always arrive on the same day of a bbt drop in the morning. I have been stressing every morning these few days waiting to take my thermometer reading. I even dream about taking my bbt and seeing it go down before I wake up! My husband will never understand the emotions I'm going through, so I'm hoping I can find some support with you girls out there, and we can encourage one another!
So far I'm having those typical symptoms that can be either PMS or pregnancy ones. I don't even dare to get my hopes up. Why do the wait and anticipation have to be sooooo hard?
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I know how you feel. I’m in the same predicament. I’m just happy I’m 11dpo (last month AF came on 10dpo), but I feel like AF will sneak up on me. I’m not cramping or having my normal symptoms. So I’m trying to stay positive. I won’t let myself test until this Sunday. I’m trying not to waste any HPT anymore. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us.

Do you know what the rule of thumb of a positive BBT? Meaning what range does your BBT need to stay in.

Good luck and keep us posted!!!
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I am on my 2ww right now also, af is due 18th Feb for me....so hoping it doesn't come! Baby dust to us ******
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I'm expecting AF today or tomorrow...I'm currently 16DPO/CD30...I had a little dap of pink on the TP at 5 a.m. yesterday morning, but nothing since...so I'm thinking that it is AF getting ready to show her face...good luck all...
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Yay my temp is still up today! I'm currently around 15 dpo. So far this is the month I have the most number of high temps. I usually have at most 13 high temps but today is my 14th one! I hope it doesn't drop below my coverline (36.6 deg C / 98 F) for another week, which is when I will do a HPT. Pretty ambitious huh? I have been feeling nauseous for the past 3 days, but I don't know if its all in my head! Maybe I'm sick from all the excitment!
Let's keep one another posted ya!
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good luck to you! I am also in the TTW; i am 11 dpo and feel the same; its just soo hard to want something SO badly! We have been trying for over 7 months so im praying this is our month, AF is due for me on Sat... I got a BFN this morning, but ill test again tomorrow because it gives me hope! I have heartburn, fatigue, increased cm, and mild cramping but no sore breasts or anything so i suppose ill wait and see! I hope no AF shows and we both get our BFPs!!!!! Please keep me posted! Its nice to have someone on the same dates as myself!
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Hey I've been trying for around 7 months too! My first pregnancy unfortunately ended last year June in a miscarriage, and we have been actively trying ever since I recovered. Well I have fatigue, LOTS of whitish CM, mild cramping, mildly sore boobs, backache, and an increased appetite. But I sort of get them every month in varying degrees, so I guess I can't really trust my symptoms. I don't even want to test any time now (these things aren't cheap), until I have my full 21 days of elevated temps. Good luck to us!
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Ops sorry my previous post should be directed to you!
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Iam also in 2WW ,my period is due on 20 February so i hope it doesnt come ,i really can't wait to test iam planning to test on 16 :)too early but i can't wait to know ,i know i might get disappointed but i wanna know !!
Good luck ladies
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OMG!!! I just got my very first BFP ever!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this test is right!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hope we get it too this week!!!:)
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af due 17 feb wish n hope she dont ***,baby dust 2 all of us
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Well Af due sun for me and hoping she doesnt rea her ugly face!!
The only difference i have noticed is im constantly hungry, and yest i woke up with like a red rash well it looks more like sunburn its on my forhead,cheeks then under my nose but below my lips are a normal skin colour ((very weird!!)) Also lots of "creamy/cloudy" CM!

Resisting the urge to test arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

Good luck ladies and throwing lots of sticky baby dust your way!!!

Also Congrats Dreamia thats brilliant news!!
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Wow congrats Dreamia! Of course the test is right! You can safely assume that there is no such thing as a false positive, as HPTs are triggered only by a presence of hcg (that is you are using good, workable ones from reputable brands).
I'm resisting the urge to test now. I'm only 1 day late. Should I test? I don't wanna be disappointed by a BFN......
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CONGRATSS!!!!! thats amazing! AF is due for me Sat so i hope she stays away! I am 12 dpo today and tested this morning with the $tree test and got a bfn :( not losing hope though! Im glad you ladies are in the same boat, it would be great if we all got our bfp's together! Still iffy on my symptoms... nausea this morning but only slight and didnt last long, lots of cm, and a bit constipated.. boy i hope im not making all this up and it is finally our turn to be preggers <3 for you ladies, is this you trying for your first??

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I'm hoping mine doesn't show this weekend.. me and my husband are just starting to ttc after my daughter passed in Sept. 1hour and 36mins after birth due to server prematurity and doing radiation last month for hyperthyroidism we were told to wait three month after the radiation because if there is still a large amount of radiation in my system then I will m/c, but since I have had 5 m/c (not counting my daughter) 2 being after my daughter was born (nov & Dec) i am getting use to them and emotionally they don't bug me anymore. so i am hoping this is our month and it sticks... sticky baby dust to everyone... I might be testing tomorrow....
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Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bbt just dropped below coverline! So AF will coming knocking on my door anytime today. Despond..... I'm so feeling like crawling into a blackhole n get suck in...
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yikes! sorry girl :(  ill still hope she doesnt show for you!

bhenneker- it is reassuring to read your post. We have not been trying long but have already suffered a m/c. I feel like it just wasnt time for me but it was a difficult time.  alot of the women in my family cannot have children so it worries me. but stories like yours is what inspired me to become a nurse in the NICU; I am so sorry for your loss and encouraged by your strength, good luck, i am crossing my fingers for you.. not to overstep any boundaries, but i just read this book that a woman wrote about her experiences with her severe premature child called "This Lovely Life" it was difficult to read but very encouraging; best of luck to you and keep us posted!

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AF just showed her ugly face 2 hours ago. sigh... I'm swirling in the black hole now...
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Thought id just post a little rant......

Arggghhhhhh i sooo cant get away from this ok so me and my friend both had m/c within a week or so of eachother in Nov she msgd me on facebook yest to say shes prego again while im sooo sooo happy for her i cant help but resent her at the same time i feel soo guilty about feeling like this i really do but seems i cant get away with it my sister-in-law is also prego and i dont even feel like we can go for a brew i feel if i see her ill break down!!She had the coil removed in Dec 3 weeks later BINGO!! And here we are 2 miscarriages, 2 ectopics 5 years and naff all!! God im sooo emotional right now!!

Did test yest BFN AF due sun so not expecting much! When people post on here im normally one of the first to say dont loose hope and it will happen......but when will it be my time??? All i want is to grow and hold a baby of my own!!!!! Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sorry for that....had to get it out!!

Good luck ladies and lots of sticky baby dust!!
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Don't be quilty of your feelings. It's normal given your situation. I, too have a sister in law blissfully pregnant when we both had a miscarriage within a few months of each other last year. While she 'unexpectedly' got pregnant shortly after, here I am, still empty-handed. As if to rub it in, people keep telling me 'dont worry, it's just a matter of time'. I hate them!
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well DH has just come back from the gym and his cousins gf ((who hes been with all of 5 mins)) is prego ffs its everywere, i sooo cant get away from it!!
I know what u mean when you say everyone says its a matter of time but im giving up all hope i really do feel like im cracking up!! Probs all emotional because AF due i really could just break down at this moment in time.
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I actually broke down yesterday when I got home. I just could not face yet another unsuccessful attempt. Right now I really want to just give up. I'm even tired of sex. I was just at my husband's colleague's house for a party, and everyone brought their kids. People started asking me irritating 'so when is it your turn?' questions. Do they honestly think I have an answer? I'm tired of putting on a polite front to these people, and very tempted to just shout 'my baby died last year when the f*** do you think I'll have another child?' I don't know for how long more I can take this. Maybe I should just give up. Maybe I just ain't meant to have kids.
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Oh don't give up! It is soooo frustrating for people to ask that... we definately DONT have an answer, y why do you think we are on here venting and obsessing during EVERY TWW praying that FINALLY it IS our turn! Im sorry, that makes me mad for you! People that dont have to struggle to have children dont understand how difficult it is for those of us who have been trying so hard, having m/c and STILL seem to find the strength to keep counting days, tracking temps, and POAS like its our full time job! Try and keep your head up girl, at least we have a group of ladies here that know what your going through and you just keep venting when you need to, we have your back!!!
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My period was due two days ago, but last Sunday I done a test as I had a metallic taste in my mouth so I done a test...BFP! I was so excited. 8 months of trying and then bang! So I have now missed my period and I can't believe it. Baby dust to you all.xx
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