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Anyone try alpha hydroxy for stretch marks?

I am soooo down about my body....I just found more red marks on my leg, back of my knee... Just wondering I was looking stuff up about the red stretch marks and this is what I found

(backspace where I put spaces in between so it will bring you to the website)    http:// www. getridofthings.com/get-rid-of-stretch-marks.htm

I went to drugstore.com and found derma e brand and some others just wondering if any of you ladies have tried it.........

~~~~im atleast hoping they will fade if not go away after I give birth~~~~
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Never tried that. I was just at my laser hair removal appointment and they had a machine their for microdermabrasion.  Is that one word?  Anyway, she said they also use that machine to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  I didn't ask how much it cost but that's an option anyway :) GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS!!
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I know how you feel!  But, just think how worth it this will be when we hold our babies.  I just got my first stretch mark on my belly yesterday... I was so afraid this morning I would wake up covered.  From what I know anything with cocoa butter, vitamin e, collegen & elastin work to fade them.  But, even if you lube up your belly several times a day there is no prevention.  
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I too know how u feel. I didnt get any till i was 33 weeks along, and then they all appeared over night, and now my belly butt, hips, and thighs are covered, and im completly disgusted. i used coaco butter the whole pregnancy, def. doesnt work.  i wanna try mederma for stretch marks but its like 40 dollars for a tiny tube.  so i gotta wait before buying that, and i would love to try the laser thing but i know it will cost too much.  im not a rich girl lol. especially to throw away and something like that. lol
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ConnieG - if you plan on getting pregnant you might want to postpone your laser hair removal. I had done 2 years ago. It all grew back when I got pregnant. It's very common for the hormones to cause this.

I am very lucky to have a SIL who is an estitician working at a place that does all that. I already told her if I get stretch marks I will be in for laser treatments.  
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if you can afford it i suggest the laser treatments. im actually going tomorrow for my first session.
at MY place they are $100 to $150 per session and you need 2-5 sessions depending on how bad they are and how many you have. they won't be completely gone but they will fade to the point where you can't see them.
they also have a different laser that can change their texture...and almost get rid of the indentions that stretch marks make. this laser costs like $500 a session but you only need 1-2 sessions. (i'm saving up for this one)
also, the lasers are pretty much worthless if your stretch marks are already white. and typically they take about 6 months to turn white. if they are red is when you have hope..
all of this was told to me at a consultation appointment i had at a plastic surgery place in my town..
all of this is technically classified as a method of scar revision so if you look on a website of a plastic surgery place you won't find laser treatment of stretch marks more than likely. there's no ACTUAL laser designed specifically for stretch marks but stretch marks are scars so its the same thing.
OH and one more thing you can pay for them by session at most places. so thats a pretty good cost cause you can spread out your sessions how you want. paycheck to paycheck or whatever works best for you.
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AH man. That stinks. LOL.  Thanks for the heads up!!
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