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Anyone with unusaul girl names

hi i know i might be a bit early picking names but it took us a full 9 months to pick a name for my little girl. so im just wondering has anyone got any names for a girl i have picked a name for a boy but a girl is really hard and i have tried finding unusual but a nicegirl name please help thanks everyone
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I like Raegan but my husband hates it...I also like Kennedy...but hubby hates it...they are unusual...
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I don't know what you mean by unusual--- like Starfire? Or do you mean unique, in the sense that not every other child will share her name in school?

I like the names:


Hope that starts to give you an idea. I find that a lot of herbs are cool names (Paprika, anyone?)
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im looking for a name that is not to comman like sarah or lucy something totally different the boy name i have picked is MacKenzie so im looking for a girl name
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I am naming my little one JayLynn. I also like Jayla and Deavynn (like the boy name Devin). I am in love with the names for girls that are boy names!! Good luck!
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gisele like the victoria secret model
theres lots of fun names
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Ailbhe (thats an Irish name pronounced ale-va)

I also like Evangeline and Deavynn which previous posters suggested. Mackenzie is a great name! Unique but not too outrageous!
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makenzie can also be a girls name ya know=)
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i know just different spelling i dont know if a girl would suit mckenzie what use think
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My brother named his daughter Amity,  I know it sounds unusual but it really fits her!!
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sweetangel-  too funny...  we were going to use Raegan for our 2nd girl (but didn't) and our last name is Kennedy!

tracy21-  i liked the name Kyle for a girl (i know its usually a boy namw) but dh didn't like!  i also liked Chloe.
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my girl name was ceylon (say-lon)  illiana but ended up with boy jett kingston :)
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Personally when I have a daughter it'll be Karissa Anne
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my youngests name is saylar (like sailor) i wanted to name my next tobeigh (like toby)
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I know a little baby girl named Adali (add-uh-lie). I've never heard her name anywhere else!

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McKenzie really can be either a boy or a girls name (that's my niece's name).  And I love Chloe (the only reason we wouldn't use it is b/c I had a cat named Chloe once... it would just be too weird).  And reading what JoyRenee put (Adali) made me think of a girl I knew in college whose name was Adelia...not sure how to spell out the pronunciation for that one, but this is my best guess (ah-deal-ya)... but we always called her Addie.  Sorry that's all I've got... I love seeing what other people come up with, but I'm afraid I'm not too great at thinking of "unique" names myself.  
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i do like the name Adali its a nice name never heard of that before and the name Kadence very nice im starting to warm to that name if you have anymore leave a message
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How about Ciara (like Sierra), Katriana, Pearl, Ruby, Saphiro (means saphire), Ofelia, Carib, Mia, Violet, Anya (Ann-i-yah), Aleah, Cassidy, Stella, Adeline, Adaliz...
I have picked many m any girl names but no boys.
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i do like Ciara that was 1 of the names that i thought of its a choice of Ciara and Kadence at the moment but hopefully i will get more ideas off everyone to help me choose
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I love the name Kadence its not to common its pretty its unique i think
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You could do...

Ciara Kadence


Kandence Adali
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i like the name Alyssa or Brissa they are unique or Azul , but all the names that were posted are cool to.
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The lady that does my hair, her daughters names are Staysha Dene, and Zaylee (i cant remember the middle name)  I really love those names.  I think they are really cute.  Good luck.
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we're going to name our daughter Addison. Another option was going to be Ashlyn or Kennedy. Addison is very popular where I live now, but no one had ever heard it used where I am originally from. I think it depends on where you live whether these names are going to be unique or not.
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