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Are doctors alowed to induce if baby is large?

I'm asking this question because at 36 wks the ultrasound said that my little boy was 8lbs 7oz. I had to wait two more weeks to get another one to make sure if he is actually 'big'. Well, I go and have my sonogram at 38 wks and now he is weighing 10 lbs 11oz. My doctor said that they are not allowed to induce before 39 wks due to a large baby. Yet I get concernced for how big he is. The doctor in her own words says, "Your baby isnt big, he's huge!" Now you would think they wouldn't let it get that far because of all the risks. She finally said I could have a scheduled c-section Jan 18th because I will be 39 wks then. Does anyone know if this is true? "Are they really now allowed to induce before 39wks because of a large baby? I am just worrying because my babyboy keeps gaining more and more weight, and I am hoping that it is safe for him to be a 12 + pounder =/
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I had a friend who had a 13lb baby.. Most doctors won't induce because of a big baby... I would take the c-section
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Well, 37w is considered full term. If your doc doesn't have a very drastic reason to induce, he wont. My doc had to induce my cousin at 36w due to blood pressure. He also said my baby was big n when I asked to induce at 37w he said no. I ended up having her at 38w2d and she was only 7lbs 13oz! Those weight measurements can be off by a lb or so.
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I would NOT opt for a c-section until you get into labor and they can get a more accurate idea of what the baby's size will be. at 36wks 3 different doctors on THREE DIFFERENT ULTRASOUND MACHINES told me that my son was already 8+lbs and would weigh "well over 10, closer to 12+ lbs" if he made it to 40wks..I asked if I needed to get a c-section and they said no, that if it turned out he was too big and couldn't fit, I could always get an emergency c-section, but they recommended trying for a vaginal.

I'm SOO SO SO glad that I opted for a vaginal delivery..my son was born at 39w4d, and he was 7lbs 10oz..I had 3/4 hours of active labor and 3 easy sets of pushes and he was out without a single tear.

So....don't do anything drastic and do NOT trust the ultrasound measurements. if something happens in labor (i.e. baby is too big) they can always get him out via c-section....but there are SO many factors that influence the accuracy of ultrasound measurements and I would NOT have major surgery based on an estimate, personally. The reason MY measurements were so off is because I have excess fluid and a very large placenta....

anyway, it's up to you, but I personally would wait and give natural labor a try first...if something happens and baby is too big, you can always go for a c-section. and no they most likely won't induce. it's about lung maturity not size that determines when it's safe for a baby to be born :-).
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Thanks for the quick responses! I am just going nuts over this, and think I am stressing way too much about it. My daughter was 9lbs 13oz and I had her vaginally, so I am used to the whole big baby, but they are making it out to be that my son is "huge" and over the 4,000 gram mark. My amnoitic fluid was fine and the placenta as well. She told me the c-section is the best option for me due to the shoulders getting stuck and to where it will be life threatening (that just boosted my confidence...not!)
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it's up to you, but there are methods to manage shoulder dystocia (getting stuck) in labor, and if you've birthed an almost 10-lber already, I would personally request to at least try for a vaginal first...you can have them put an epidural in just in case they need to transfer you, or something, but it's up to you.

Most babies don't get stuck, no matter how big they are..it's a very rare thing to have happen. And even if they say the fluid and placenta are fine, there's a chance that they are distorting the measurements. My fluid and placenta were not abnormal, but just large enough to distort the size measurements for my son.

really follow your heart, you should go into the delivery confident and excited, not frightened, so whatever makes you feel the most comfortable is the decision I would make :-).
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it's not a normal thing.   I know that if you are diabetic they wil induce you early if the baby is ready but not until they feel that everything has been developed. I think I would go for the C-section but it all depends on your body and whether or not you can actually have a baby that big naturally.  
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Wow... I'm jealous of three pushes and you were done. I had to have a c-section because my daughter was large (she was only 8lbs 14 oz)... At least too large for me to deliver vaginally. I pushes 4 hours straight with no success.... I'm just saying from someone who went through something similar... C-sections are nice
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No, it was 3 sets of pushes, and my epidural didn't work so I felt every agonizing second - WITH back labor, because he was posterior, lol.

But, I recovered immediately, instead of having to recover from major abdominal surgery. C-sections are a WONDERFUL resource, and I would not turn one down if I truly needed it, but I personally think that if you CAN try for a vaginal and you feel comfortable with it (entirely up to the person and every situation is different) then go for it...because you can always have an emergency c-section if need be. That's what c-sections are there for, emergencies!

But there's no doubt about it, there's a longer recovery with c-sections and higher risks of infections and other problems (and this is coming from someone who had such a bad tear with her first delivery that they had to piece me together with medical mesh and I nearly bled to death and needed 2 blood transfusions...so trust me I've been through the wringer when it comes to labor and delivery...my first child wasn't even big - 7lbs 6oz, but she had a huge head, LOL)....so it's a tough decision and not one to be made lightly. However, if someone feels that their is the best option, then that's just how it is - no one can say one is better than the other, just share what we would do, have done, and give support so every woman can make her own decision :-).
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sorry he was sunny-side up^
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On average you are right... Recovery for c-sections are longer. I was blessed and recovered super quick. Btw... My epidural didn't work either and I had horrible back labor too because my daughter was posterior
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argh I'm so sorry nothing worse than back-labor! My SIL had a similar delivery to you and ended up with a c-section, but most of it for her was due to exhaustion..her son would've fit eventually she just didn't have the strength to keep pushing, and I can understand why - she was in active for something like 24? hours. On the other hand I have a friend who birthed a 12lber after 6 hours of pushing (good Lord...I know, right?!) and she's a tiny framed girl...but her active was shorter so she had more energy when it came down to the final pushing.
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Hi! I just had to weigh in on this question. First I am SO EXCITED for you! Congrats on your baby boy!

Second, to answer your question, they are not supposed to induce you for a large baby, no. ACOG (American College of Gynos) states that macrosomia (large baby) is not a medical reason to induce or for cesarean birth. Women can vaginally deliver large babies safely. The best thing to birth a large baby is to birth in an optimal position. Get off your back and get into a squatting position or on your hands-and-knees.

Sounds a bit primal and maybe even strange but it will open up your pelvis and allow him through. Cesarean births have been normalized in our culture and are touted as being safe. They're not. It's major abdominal surgery that carries very high risk and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Weigh the pros and cons. Ultimately it is YOUR choice and what you are comfortable doing. Glad you found MedHelp and if you have any other questions shoot me a message! I have tons of resources, one of which is www.unnecessarean.com
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PS I have to also mention that sonogram measurements can be off by a couple pounds so I wouldn't really worry about it. Trying to measure a baby in the last trimester is like having an adult curl up in a pool and float around while trying to measure them; it's just not accurate.

You were made to birth babies and have already birthed a larger-than-average child and know your body can handle it. You can do it, Momma! Check out Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth. Lots of stories in there about large babies being birthed vaginally!
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Many hospitals are switching their rules that they cannot induce for a large baby and they certainly cannot do elective csections which is what you would be considering. I don't know if the hospital you are delivery at has implemented these rules yet but many hospitals have. I would not recommend and elective csection for a few reasons. First off ultrasounds only guess size they cannot tell you for certain how much your baby weighs and often times they are wrong, very wrong.  Secondly I would not recommend to anyone to have a major surgery such as a csection unless there was a justified medical reason. A big baby is not a medical reason. If you were to labor for some time and baby was not able to fit well in the birth canal, the drs would know and be able to do a csection. But having major surgery, having your stomach cut open and sewed ip just because you are nervous about birthing a large baby probably isn't a good idea. There are always many risks with major surgery and remember you would then be recovering from this major surgery and trying to care for a baby at the same time :/. Don't be afraid, try vaginal and if if things aren't happening like they should there is always a backup option of a csection
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Bravo, SunWorshiper! You said that just beautifully and I couldn't agree more.

I'm not saying thsoe who have had c-sections haven't had need of them but I would definitely go for the vaginally delivery. That is why we have medical professionals at our births - to watch for any problems that would require immediate assistance. HAPPY BIRTHING!
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My Dr told me my last pregnancy they only induce if its a week b4 ur due date
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I personally would really consider the c-section because i've known someone who went through a vaginal birth with big baby and the babies collar bone broke on delivery. I know its rare, but why risk it.
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I completely agree with the others. Ultrasound measuring is by NO means exact, and varies so largely it is unreal. I can't tell you how many women have been told to expect 'huge' babies, opt for a c-section and then have a 6 pound child. In you position, I would 110% opt for a vaginal birth and only consider a c-section if it were an emergency.
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My son was huge and also fractored his shoulder coming out. My doctor said my next pregnancy they would probably juz do a c-section. My doctor will not induce before 39 weeks. Although ur ultrasound showed the baby weighing that much, it might be off. My friend had an ultrasound a week before giving birth, they told her that the baby was almost 10 pounds, but when she gave birth he only weighted 7 1/2 lbs. But since uve had a big baby before then it most likely is right. Maybe the c-section might be a good choice. Goodluck!
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I found this story that you might find interesting..a woman with a history of birthing larger babies giving birth to a 12lber naturally! (wow!)....you might want to cruise around this site a bit, there are a LOT of stories of larger babies being born vaginally and it might give you some insight into what some other women have gone through. :-)

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Hi there just thought id add that i gave birth with help of forceps to 12.2pound baby it was a rough birth but me n my baby were perfectly healthy.it is possible to birth big babys.im preg again and id say itl be big this time 2
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Exact same thing happened to.me, so my Dr said if I wanted to be induced he would only do it after an amnio to check the babies lungs. So I did it. And results came back that they were 90% developed and my Dr wouldn't do it.  He said it had to be 100 %   one wk later at 39 weeks I was induced and my baby weighed 8.9. And was perfectly healthy.  So only bc the machine says 10/11 lbs does not mean that is what it is.  My Dr told me they are always off by a pound or so and that is only an estimate.
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Wow, thanks everybody for the responses! lol - definitely make me feel better with all the stories. I was just worried because I was seeing a different doctor for my daughter, and we knew she was going to be a big baby, but when the birth came it was  horrible experience. I pushed and pushed and it didnt seem to be getting no where. Her doctor at the time had to cut me so she would fit, yet i still tore a whole lot more and lost a lot of blood to where after he ripped her out of me i fainted and all i can remember is the nurse tapping on my face to wake me up with this smelly stuff. I was just worried because if I had a hard time pushing out an almost 10 pounder, how am I going to do with a 12 pound baby? I know it is different with every pregnancy but just coming from that experience I never wanted to go back to that again. I am hoping the sonogram was wrong and he is off a pound or two I would loooove that! Lol =) Thanks again for all the heartwarming stories and advice!!
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I was induced 2 weeks early because my dr thought my son was gonna be big...idk i guess every dr is different...i didnt wanna have my son early but she said she thought it would be best for me
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