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Asking to be induced?

Has anyone ever done this before their due date? If so what was your outcome?
I'm extremely uncomfortable lately, with all the false labor and leg pain.. I can barely walk and my back has been killing me. I literally sit in a pool of sweat everyday even with the A/C on.. Idk what to do
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If it is not absolutely medically necessary they probably won't do it. But it's worth a shot lol. I'm sorry you're so miserable. I'm pretty miserable too but I'm only 35w4d
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How far along are you?
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37 weeks 1 day, by friday I will be 37 weeks 3 days so I am full term
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If they do decide to induce, it won't be till closer to 40 weeks. Unless its medically necessary they won't induce.
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last time I went in her heart beat was in the 190s but it went back down, if that happens again this time then Im seriously just going to be like "the same thing happened last week and I know it becomes regular again but I dont want to risk anything is there any way of me getting induced next week?" If her heartbeat is normal then Im just going to tell them how uncomfortable I am. The pain in my legs and back gets so bad that I can't even move without wincing in pain.
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:( you MIGHT be able to get them to donut next week but hey you've only got a couple of weeks! You could try naturally inducing, most of the ways are very tiresome and uncomfortable but its worth a shot!
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Do it* not donut....
Now I want donuts lol
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Even though you are uncomfortable it is best for baby to stay put until he/she is closer to 40wks.  Not all babies are ready at 37-38wks.  They can still have complications from underdeveloped lungs.  Use this time to rest up and take it easy.
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In most places they are not allow to induce you until you have reached 39 weeks. Unless it is medically necessary for yours or the baby's safety. It wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor about it. They might be able to give you some advice about how to cope with the pain. I've been miserable fro the past few weeks. So bad that my pelvic area gets this really bad sharp pains like it's about to snap and I can barely walk. It ***** :( Ask your doctor and let them know everything you have been experiencing. Good luck and Feel better :)
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I asked with my 1 year old for them to induce me...not even extremely early, one day early, which was a Thursday. Because my exes Mom was flying up from Georgia on Saturday and we wanted to make sure she had all the time she could with our baby. Well my body/baby just wasn't even ready then. They tried a cervadil induction for 12hrs to soften my cervix and then tried to break my water and I was still too tight so we ended up opting for a csection. Which I regret because now at 31weeks5days I have to have another csection. They say if they induce before your body is,ready it greatly increases your risk of having to have a csection. And why put yourself thru the extra pain/recovery time if you dont have to? Sorry just my opinion from someone who has been there before. I know what its like to ve completely miserable, this is my 3rd fullterm pregnancy, but just hang in there hun
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My daughter was due jan 15th doctor asked me on jan 5th if i wanted to be induced i said oh yes please went in jan 7th and she was born
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I approached it with my OB awhile ago. She said we would think about it, but not before 39 weeks. Talk to your OB, but don't be surprised if they won't do it for another couple of weeks.
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Hell with my  first child I got induced because I wouldn't dilate by miself at 37 weeks. I kept going in to preterm labor from 32 weeks til then. But now I'm currently 31 weeks and very uncomfortable and I'm planning on getting induced but I have a different Dr. So idk but that's my birth plan and I do have a choice when it comes to deciding a plan your most comfortable with
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Ha ha now I want a donut.
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It's worth a shot to ask! Depends on where you live and who your doctor is I think. Mine won't let patients go after 40 weeks regardless, but with my second I was going to be induced at 37 weeks but a couple hours after I got there my water broke on its own. But I will be 37 weeks tomorrow and when I go back to doctor Monday if I've progressed any I will be having him next week most likely and I will still be 37 weeks.
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On your next appointment if you are dilated ask your Dr to strip your cervix. It might help move things along. Worked for me. I was 38 weeks.
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My dr is a 40 week nazi! we are moving in two weeks we have movers coming in one week I'm 3 cm dialate and over 37 weeks and my dr said no! It was a huge fight! I'm moving across country and she won't induce me not even by sweeping my membrane! If we were all famous n rich we would be getting a yes cus there is a red carpet event in 4 weeks! But legit reasons are given a no! I miss military hospitals they understand moves deployments and child care being an issue
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I asked if I could be induced on my due date and was told no.   My Dr doesn't do it until medically needed.  I wanted to know early cuz I am due Oct 16 and my nephews birthday is the 22 and I really don't want to have them share a birthday
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I know here its not considered till the 39 week mark... my one friend got the okay from her Dr and her reason was that she didnt want to be in the hospital over Christmas... again it all depends on your Dr... good luck tho, adn congrats your gonna meet your little one pretty quick!!

And lol mrssandefur... donuts :)
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I begged and he said he would do it at 39 weeks.
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i was just at the hospital last night, she said since the babys head is so low lots of walking should help speed things along, no guarantee tho and ty mommies for ur input <3 good luck with everything
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@parkersmommy & Lesley27 lol I made my honey go buy me some
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lol its funny cause i just brought home some :) i HAD to get my BF some buns for lunch from the bakery ;)
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I was induced with my first 2 pregnancies at 37wks only bcuz my blood pressure got 2 high. now am on my 3rd 30wks an they sayn the same.
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