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At Prenatal Visits, Can They Tell If There Is THC In Your System?

I haven't smoked ever since I found out I was pregnant, and I don't plan on doing it again, this is just a question out of genuine curiosity.
Anyhow, I was wondering if when I go into my prenatal visits, and every single time I go in, they have me pee in a cup if they can tell from the urine sample that there's THC in the system, like if they drug test you? They say it's just to check if you have any infections, and whatever, and that it's just what they do for every standard check up.
I've been told that they don't, but I still question it, given that I told them about the drug use I had done before I knew I was pregnant, and the fact that I live in Texas.
And if they don't drug test you, then when you're at the hospital, and you give birth, do they check the placenta or wait for the baby's first bowel movement so they can send it off and test it, or no?
I just really feel uncomfortable about being drug tested when I don't know about it considering it is my right to know, and it's like a slap in the face to a recovering druggie.
Any answers and even sources of websites you got information from would be much appreciated, thanks!
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They dont drug test you while your.pregenant but once you have the baby they will.test you and the baby to see if there is anything in the system. When you get your paper work when your discharged is will say they testes the baby and you for everything. Alcohol drugs and even tobacco.  If you come.up possitive they call acs and wont let you take the baby home.
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They said thy would only drug test me if they expect it
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Depending on how far along you are, as long as you haven't since you found out, THC should be out of your system. Even heavy smokers it only takes roughly a month to get out of your system. Unless they do a meconium test on the baby they'll never know(they don't always). I know they will test your urine and the baby's the day he/she is born and sometimes the day after.
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My fiancé asked my doctor about it last time I went in and at the clinic they don't drug test, they just check for signs of utis because they can be harmful to the baby, and I believe she said they check the hcg levels and for crystals in the urine as well.  
She told me that I will be drug tested after I give birth or before birth at my birthing location and if they find any unusual findings that it would be likely I wouldn't be able to take the baby home due to "unsafe" environments.
Never done drugs myself, but could be useful for expectant moms to know!
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I get drug tested at every appointment even though I've never had a positive test. It's hospital policy where I live.
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