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BE HONEST!!!!!!!!

ok so how many of you smoke? honestly!!!!!! while pregnant now, or while pregnant previously???and if so, aside from birthweight issues, have you been told that smoking can cause the placenta to not deatch and cause hemmoraging(sp?), or other things???

my ob has not mentioned anything aside from low birthweight, but the midwife i originally saw, gave me this loooooong run down of problems.....
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i do not smoke, and would never consider smoking while pregnant.  however, my mother-in-law smoked thru all three of her sons (which includes my husband).  they had low birth weights, but that is the only problem that i am aware of in her situation...
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I smoke 1/2 a cigarette every other day. I smoke American Spirit All Natural tobacco. It doesnt have any additives in it. It's not good by any means, but at least there's no tar or harsh chemicals. I've told all the doctors I've seen throughout this pregnancy (4 docs total! lol) and they all said "that's fine, just keep it under 10 per day"
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ya i smoke winston ultra lights, and switched to them from marlboro lights....my dr said the same, that there are no additives, and that as long as i keep at or around a half pack i'm fine.....he was like "morally i have to tell you to quit, but the women i've had who smoke those(brand), have not had as big a problem with birth weight issues".....he said these, and the 1's you smoke are the best.....well, if you're going to smoke lol.....
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i smoke aroudn half a pack too... i did quit about 2 months ago and somehow started up again=( im trying sooooo hard to quit, but this stress isnt helping! i smoked with my first and his birth weight was normal....
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stress and chris' job having him gone 90% of the month, is what keeps my smoking lol....but i'm trying to quit, and i'll make it half the day, and then i'll go buy more! it's killing me lol.....but i'm hoping i can quit, get the smoke scent out of our place before he gets home again, and he's already said if i want to quit, he'll smoke out side, so it's just getting my own thing started lol....but i definitely am with you on trying to quit haha
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I don't smoke... I have however craved the smell of cigarettes a few time.s
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I smoked about a half a pack through out my pregnancy i never had any complications my daughter was a few days late and she weighed 10 lbs 3 oz no low birth weight and shes never had any medical problems except the normal things like colds and ear infections.
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you and loismwallace are my hero's.....i believe she had a VB(or do i have her confused w/someone else?!) w/a 10 lb baby, and JEEEEEEEZ, i do NOT think i could handle that lol.....and you have made me feel ALOT better lol, cos i have been worried my smoking is what's causing the baby to be not as far along as i thought i was!!!
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I used to smoke.  I smoked thru my first pregnancy and had problems....lack of fluid (oligohydramniosis), intrauterine growth restriction.  My daughter was born via emergency c-section becuase I had no fluid left and her heart rate was decel'ing.  She was 3 days past due date and weighed 4 lbs 15 oz.  She spent 4 days in the NICU.  The next time I got pregnant I was still smoking just not as much but I miscarried.  The 3rd time I got pregnant I quit cold turkey when I found out and I have smoked a single cigerette since...that was 6 1/2 years ago.  

I don't remember the doc telling mea nything about the placenta...just saying I should quit becuase of the birth weight issue and preterm labor.  I never had preterm labor, matter of fact I never WENT into labor that first time.  I can tell you now that I am super glad I quit becuase I have two little ones with asthma now.  I myself have allergies and asthma and its why they do as well.  Now my mom is fighting to quit after 30 something years.
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i used to smoke but the day i saw that BFP i gave up it's the best thing i did , now i have hepas of energy and feel so better for my self plus i watched my mum die of lung cancer 2 yrs ago and didn't want to suffer like she did
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OK. How many of you would give your  baby a cigarette . Apparently most of you.  You are just kidding yourself if you think this is ok. I would say do some research , this is your babies health your doing this to. I'm sorry if i offend anyone but this  is terrible.  
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actually i've only been smoking a couple of years(actually approx 2).....and NO i wouldnt not give my child a ******* cigarette, however, once you've been smoking, and were smoking when you were already pregnant(knowing or not), NOT EVERYONE can quit on a dime!!!
and yes, obviously we know there is a health risk, but if you think about it, and G_d i hope i don't curse myself, but where i live, i think i have a better chance of being killed in a damned car accident than causing problems for my child by smoking.....and i have cut back IMMENSELY as i was smoking up to 2 PACKS A DAY!!!!!!
i even switched brands to a brand MY OB/GYN said was not as good as quitting, but better than what i WAS smoking.....i'm sorry i love the people who just assume since they don't do something, that you're 100% wrong in what you do.....idk, this is my 3rd pregnancy outside of marriage, and that is a sin, as well as premarital sex, so which should i be more concerned about? my sins or my child having asthma? (i know the answer to that).....then again, now that i think about it, i was drunk as a southern skunk on valentines day b/c chris was in kentucky, and i went out with friends that weekend, and i didnt know i was pregnant, and it had been like 6 months since i'd even SMELLED alcohol.....guess i've done some damage there as well.....oh and there's more, but he** i don't have that much time.....BUT i am proud to say that i STILL feel bad for the drunk night, as well as the fact that i've cut back and always wear my seatbelt, and TRY not to let my road rage overcome me, or go around slashing the tires of people who visit my neighbors and make me walk ALL THE WAY across my parking lot, which takes about 20 minutes, in the dark, with no lights.....but i DO  carry a knife, so jeez, i really do hope some stupid @ss little thug doesnt do anything!(that's not sarcasm, that's an actual fear i have since moving to houston!!!)
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I use to smoke Kool menthol cigg. but when I was 6 weeks pregnant I quit.  I have frend and family that smoked throughout their pregnancy and have very healthy children. All of which were larger than normal. Quitting smoking was something I wanted to do for myself and pregnancy made it easy. I quit 100% menthol cold turkey... It really was not hard because no one else around me on a regular basis smokes but when my hubby began smokin Clove ciggs I got a few cravings.... I think smoking is a personal choice and I personally have not seen any major problems in babies that their moms smoked...
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With all due respect, I agree with mommato4. Not to say I was an angel but I had smoked too until I landed in the hospital unable to breathe and they wanted to intubate me and they couldnt figure out what was wrong with me and kept calling it asthma but the albuterol they gave me didnt due very much. it wasnt until I signed myself out that they gave me steriods and that's what did it. This happened in my 7th month of pregnancy with what is now my 3 1/2 yr old. I didnt touch it again until a few months after he was born and quit again because I started to feel breathless again. I havent touched it since while pregnant. my last pregnancy before this one i didnt smoke either. and I'm not smoking now with this one. I smoked with my 7 yr old's pregnancy and he weighed 6lb 14oz and was full term. but now three of my kids have asthma. the 7yrs old has allergies and asthma, my 3 1/2 year old suffers from shortness of breath and if he cries too long or runs too much he throws up and they both take singular, quvar and albuteral because of me being selfish.  even if you smoke after they are born, they tend to get ear infections alot and also upper resp infections and asthma attacks. My 23month old has asthma too but that's because he was premature and he is on singular, quvar, and albuterol too. I regret smoking while pregnant those two times and feel like a real s**t bag for it. I was told that smoking just one cig while preggo makes the baby jumpy and shake from the nicotine for at least half an hour. and I was told that it affects their breathing through the cord for that very same half hour. it's like choking your own baby. had i known that when i was smoking i would have tried harder to get help and quit. if you wont do it for yourself, do it for them. Hey, that's just my opinion.
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aaagh, sorry for my last post, but i'm getting hate email from my ex husband who out of the blue(we don't talk at all), has decided to send me messages about killing me, so i think i was already angry about that, and then read the response(s), and just went off.....so i do apologize....and no, i'm not concerned about the ex, he's bipolar and too far away to really do anything(not that he could standing in front of me), and between his current online wh*re, and the **** he does to my "stepson"(his child), i get really angry...
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i ahve heard that it can cause low birth weight, but i never ahd a problem i had a 8 pounder and i smoked so i dont see a prob.
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My mom smoked with all three of her kids and all three of us have some kind of respiratory problems.. the docs. attrribute it to her smoking. my brother has severe asthma and now my mom wishes she wouldn't have smoked.  And I grew up around secondhand smoke ( both parents smoked) and I must tell you I hated it. My friends would come over and the house would smell like smoke... ick!  I understand its hard to quit smoking ( i watched my mom try to quit time & time again)  but its honestly very harmful to your baby. It can't escape the side effects of the cigarettes... sorry I don't mean to sound like im preaching but growing up in a smoking household I feel I have first hand experience :- ]
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i grew up around smokers, and didnt start till i was 23!!!
i have been smoking outside more, hoping that will help with quitting, and also to try and get the smell out! my BIL stayed with us, and he would smoke in the spare room(now baby's room), and it was horrible, and ya know it only took me 3 days with this "celan air" odor absorbing gel thingy to get the smell out, and i've been replacing it, and the smell is like 95% gone! so tomorrow i'm going to go buy ALOT of them lol, and just make sure i quit.....chris will be home monday, and i'm hoping to wean off by then....it may sound unrealistic, but i just have to push myself.....i've bought like 20 packs of gum today lol, and a couple of bags of hard candy! i have stress induced asthma, and my brother and sister developed allergies due to pets and smoke but they aren't really bad, so at moms we've smoked outside since 2002 or so? and at moms i smoke less, cos i dont wanna sit outside in the heat lol, so i think doing it here will help.....
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Someone I knew smoked during her pregnancy just like a cigarette a night and now her child has lung problems and has a hard time breathing.
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I think tobacco should be outlawed. :/
Then women [okay people in general] wouldn't be struggling with this problem that the addiction of nicotine has caused them. It's a disgusting habit, really..
I just read this. Found it interesting.
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I understand that most people here already know the effects of smoking, but it sometimes bothers me when those that do like to pass it off as totally harmless. I myself smoked on a regular basis, 3 years ago.. I never knew that something that SO many people did every single day of their lives could actually be so harmful and I got a taste of that first-hand.. I don't know why but it started to make me very ill. I still wanted to smoke though because I did, and it started where when I did, I would have soo much extra spit that I would have to spit, which made the gross habit even worse. It started that way but that didn't stop me. Before long it made my stomach hurt and eventually feel like it was doing flip-flops.. And twice it made me physically ill [puke]... That still, did not stop me, because I didn't feel THAT bad EVERY time, just usually.. So I kept trying to keep smoking [although I have NO idea why, I still wanted it] Well it got to the point where whenever I smoked even half a cigarette, I would just feel so gross, my stomach hurt, I wanted to puke, my head would spin, a couple times I just laid down and didn't even want to move a limb... I obviously had a really bad reaction to something [who knows what, one of the thousands of chemicals in the smoke, or the tobacco itself?] so it doesn't say that this happens to everyone, or many people at all, for that matter.. But if something is that powerful and actually BAD for you to have such an effect on my own body, I would HATE to see what it does to an innocent fetus. One that women try to protect by not eating any of the "bad foods" or using any of the "wrong products" or doing anything you're not supposed to do.. it is POISON. that's exactly what cigarette smoke is. I feel that way every single time my mother lights one up in her room, I have to leave or if I'm talking to her I try to steer clear as possible and cover my face.. I feel as if my air is being poisoned... and essentially it is.
I understand though, first hand, and by seeing those close to me, that quitting is NOT easy.. but smoking is really just... horrible. It's gross.. And especially while you're pregnant, you should stop. The health of your baby should be important enough for you to make an important health decision for yourself, and stick with it. But that's how I feel. And I realize I have a somewhat biased opinion on this... And ironically, I am thankful that I got so sick from it, or else I would probably still be struggling with those same issues today, knowing the risks. Just because it's so vicious.. Nicotine is more addictive than almost anything out there, such as heroin, and cocaine.. Which is really quite serious considering there are those people out there RUINING their lives over those substances.. There are millions more ruining their health over this one. And I find it sad. It's not 100% their fault.. But it's sad. :(
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One last thing... sorry.
I realize that my last post wasn't exactly 'nice' and I don't want those that are currently struggling to think that I condemn them, I wanted to point out that a previous poster a week or two ago had said she had cut back and not yet quit, and I told her she should be proud! I don't feel as though I am better than ANY of you, and if you managed to cut back to a 'safer' amount, that alone is difficult to do when you've been smoking for a long time, so you should be proud of yourself, just please keep on trying! :)
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I have never smoked EVER. the smell od ciggerettes make me sick. My hubby was a chain smoker and i was about three months along before i found out i was pregnant. During the three months we we're constantly together so i got alot of second hand smoke he would smoke in the house in the truck in small enclousures, most of the places had no air circulation so it just lingered. we moved back to my home and he wasn't aloud to smoke in the house or car with me in it. (before baby was born we got a new car) so i no longer was inhaling second hand smoke :D He was born a healthy 7 lbs 5 oz, he had pneumonia when he was born (fluid in his lungs) not sure if thats due to his smoking or not! he had no breathing problems when he was born. but shortly after he started to breath raspy and about age 3 and a half weeks he was put on an inhaler and he now needs it on occassion. not as much as when he first needed it! we've been told theres a pretty good chance he'll develop asthma. Me myself am not a smoker and never knowing what it's like to be addicted to nicotine i do understand that quiting isn't easy as alot of people think, but taking those small steps makes a great deal of a difference for both you and your baby. My hubby now smokes about a pack a day and he used to smoke up to 6 packs a day. good luck to those of you trying to quit :D Oh and if you're going to continue smoking smoke outside and where a jacket one that won't be kept around the baby. i make my hubby change clothes when he gets off work and i make him wash his face and brush his teeth. maybe a little drastic but hopefully it'll keep our son from getting asthma.
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Shame on yall who are still smoking!!! You are carrying another life inside you and what right do you have to blight that childs life!!!
I feel i can say this as i was a smoker when i found out i was pregnant, but after finding out i sat and had a long hard think and i thaught about all the bad things that could happen to the baby if i carried on and to be brutally honest THAT was enuf to make me stop!! I just hope some of you have a re-think!!!
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