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BETA @ 581

I just got the results of blood work that I had done on Friday.  My beta came back at 581 at about 4 weeks pregnant.  Does that seem normal?
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That is a very good number! Congrats!
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That is a great number. I get mine back today too. I am 4wks3days. I hope my number is as high as your is =)
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Thank you ladies! I can relax at least for now.

rbohl01-- let me know your number...i'm sure it will be great too!
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I had bloodwork done on Wednesday and Friday of last week as well.  Started at 156, went up to 334.  I too, am also 4 weeks.  My LMP was June 6th. What about you andreasmom?

That's a great number! will they check to make sure it goes up again in a few days?

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Your numbers look great too.  They are doubling which is excellent!

They checked it again today.  I get the results tomorrow.  The 581 was from Friday when I was supposed to be 4 weeks 1 day according to O day.  My LMP was June 1st.  They are sending me to have an early u/s because I m/c in April so they want to keep a watchful eye and make sure that the baby is growing good.  I also started on and off spotting on Thurs so they put me on progesterone.  I don't want to jinx it but I have a feeling that this time everything is going to be all right.  We haven't told anyone yet.  We're too scared.  What about you? Did you tell your family yet? I can't wait to tell! It's so exciting!
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Im sort of out of the age bracket as I am 37 years old....lmp May 29 first beta was only 10 on June 27 on June 28 it was 14 on June 29 it was 29 yesterday 343 today 584 I have to have more bloodwork done in 1 week. I am a nervous wreck because ofmy long history....It seems we are all within days of each other so I hope that my age does not keep me from joining your thread. Good luck and God Bless us all!
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Hey...age is just a number.  We are all here to support each other!

Your numbers seem to be picking up which is great.  Let's pray that we all get to have strong and healthy March babies.  Being worried and a nervous wreck is a part of pregnancy and motherhood.  It never ends but it's all worth it.  

Good luck and Super Sticky Baby Dust to us all!!!

Did you break out the news yet?
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Thank you for the warm welcome I did tell a few close people my dh and mom and a few really close friends who were there for us when our son passed away ad just asked for prayes maybe after the u/s and we know things are fine we will include a few more friends and relatives
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I'm really sorry about your son...My prayers are with you

DH and I haven't told anyone yet.  We are just to scared to have another mc and have to tell people that there is no more baby.  I think that we are going to wait until after the u/s to tell close family and friends.  We thought about telling our parents that way we will have more prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby but i'm just to scared.

When are you having your u/s? How far along are you?
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I do understand I just figured a little more powerful prayer wont do any harm and I am trying to stay positive....my lmp was May 29 the re said conception was probably June 16th or 17th so I'm very fresh pregnant. My first beta was only 10 and yesterday 564 thank God has been on the rise since! My cycles are crazy 30-77 days apart! So who knows I have had months where they said I probably o'd twice ??? I do suffer from PCOS...she said that u/s will probably be at the end of this month so I will be on eggshells but holding on to my faith til I see my little one heartbeat
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Re's office called and decided to do one more test to make sure I hit 1000 then test weekly until u/s so today beta came in at 1328 from 564 yesterday and progesterone 49.3 the next test will not be until 7/13/10
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Those numbers sound good.  I cant wait to get my blood work done so I can be at ease. Tomorrow I will be six weeks so im praying that everything will be ok when I go to the doctor next week. Good Luck to everybody and Congrats as well!!!
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That is great! Those numbers sound excellent! I should be getting back today the results of my beta and progesterone that was done on Tuesday.  My ob didn't mention that he is going to do any more blood work for now.  I wish he did.  At least that way you know that everything is on track.  I think I ovulated on the 17th so I'm going by that until the u/s.  That will make me 5 weeks today!

Hi msniesha! I'm sure your numbers will be great too.  Let us know how it goes.  Good luck to you too and Congrats!!
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Keep me posted with the numbers they are thinking I o'd either the 16th or 17th so we will be right together...good luck and I will be waiting for your post! God Bless :-)
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Hey...my numbers for 7/6 were HCG 1542 and prog 12.7.  My prog went down so they put me on suppositories for the 1st trimester.  I have to go back Mon or Tue to get them checked again.  How are things going with you?
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my number at 4 weeks was a 125 and got another at 5 weeks and it was 1934 so yours is just fine as long as its going up :)
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Wowa. I dont get the whole number thing or anything but I just asked my Grandad who used to be a nurse and he said they are good numbers. :)
As long as they  are doubling you're fine.

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Had to go to er today cramping and spotting scared me half to death doc said had a cyst on my ovarie or a left over follie that may have ruptured I also have a "hormone induced" yeast infection I was told to get Monistat now Im really upset..Im scared of any medications while pregnant they said you cant have diflucan when pregnant but monistat is okay. I am home now with my feet up resting beta is almost 2000 now I have to go to re's office on Tuesday
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If you're bleeding or anything make sure you keep your feet elevated unill bleeding has stopped and for 4 hours afterwards just incse.
Everything is going to be okayy...

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hello my name is betsy and i just found out on 7/3/10 that i was pregnant. i want to my doctors appt on monday 7/5/10 and my hcg level was 126. i retested on thursday 7/8/10 and my hcg level is 431. im scared because the doctors keep telling me that my numbers are low. is my numbers normal????? do u think im doubling up good. please help i dont know what to think and its driving me crazy...... got to go for more blood work on monday 7/12/10. i think i should be about 4 weeks. my last period was on june8th so i should be somewhere around there.
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Age is not a factor here; if you're comfortable in this forum then stick around! We won't kick you out!!! ;-)

Also I want all of you to know it isn't the number itself that matters. What you need to see is the number increasing 60% or more in 2 days. Most doctors just round up and say they like to see the numbers double in 48-72 hours.

Every single woman will have different HCG numbers at different stages of early pregnancy. One 4-weeker may have a number of 1500 and another only 200. The point is that it increases.

Hope that helps! CONGRATULATIONS to all the new mommies-to-be!!!!!!!
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betsy: The numbers look like they are doing fine if it tripled from the 126 it would put you at 378 so thet seems normal dont get too tied up in the numbers as long as they continue to rise....good luck and keep us posted

All: after my er scare re had my beta checked again the numbers are 2856 so back for blood work tuesday and u/s the 26th
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thank your right my numbers has tripled. so thank you, u guys for all your information and statues.god bless u all.and i will definitly keep every1 posted. i go on monday 7/12/10 for more blood work so keep me in your prayers.lets see how much it will rise from thursday 7/8/10 from being 431 hcg level.thank u all.. and god bless.
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No problem thats what we are here for...keep s posted as we are testing one day apart! Rise betas rise!
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