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Baby Blues

Hi Ladies,

I was wondering if any of you Mothers would like to share tips on how to combat baby blues. I'm really nervous about the first few weeks after delivery...especially baby blues. I have seen so many friends and family cry their way through that time. Is it inevitable? Has anyone taken any herb supplements or other nutritional supplements to help balance out their hormone levels?

Thank you!
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With my first child, I didn't have any problems at all after he was born.  I had my second about 9 years later and with her, I had terrible PPD.  I didn't realize that is what was wrong though.  It took me a while to get straightened out and I did have to take medication (lexapro).  If I have another baby, I will be more aware now.  I don't know if there is any rhyme or reason to it or if it is inevitable.  I think most women are going to be hormonal and have moments after the baby is born.  You are under a lot of stress in the first few weeks and just trying to adjust.  I think what makes PPD different is that it doesn't go away after a few weeks.  I was still suffering 5 months later.
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I didn't know if there was some secret potion to help you avoid the possibility :)
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I heard that fish oil tablet can help when taken during your last trimester.  I have never tried it though because they are HUGE!!!  My SIL recommended it.

I always get PPD after every baby.  I've had 6.  I know I will get it so I just prepare myself mentally as much as I can.  My husband knows what to expect also.  His support during that time is important.  (I get really annoyed when I hear about husbands not understanding.  I mean, I know they don't "understand" because they don't go through this, but they could try.  They could do a little research or speak to your doctor w/ you.  Just put forth a little effort and show some interest.)  I also leave the hospital w/ a prescription in hand, of my anti-depressants.  I usually take Zoloft.  

As far as everyone going through it....no not everyone does so you very well may not.  I get it really bad but have a friend that has 3 kids and has never had it.  

No one knows for sure why it doesn't happen to all of us.  It is all hormonal though.  I guess it's kind of like morning sickness in early pregnancy.  Some women get it really bad (like myself), others just a little, and others not at all.  They attribute the morning sickness to hormones too, but again, not everyone gets it.

The best thing I can tell you is to just really try to stay in touch w/ how you are feeling.  If you feel off, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor and ask for help.
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The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale is a quiz developed to see whether your blues have turned into depression that should be taken care of. There are quizzes online that you can find. Don't be afraid to talk to someone if it gets too much.

The blues I think are inevitable. The only time I've cried since my little guy was born was the first 2 weeks. One was because he was in the hospital because of jaundice and another was because I think I was mostly over tired! Just make sure you get really good help once your baby is born so you can sleep some!
If you have a history of anxiety and depression in your past then you're more likely to have PPD.
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I take fish oil. I have for years. The omega 3 mix helps my mood a lot. I didn't have nay morning sickness at all. But, I am a sensitive and very apathetic person so I will cry as the result of any 'emotional storm'. It doesn't matter if it is something nice somebody says, or a sweet note, or a friend in pain, or if somebody pissed me off...my usual reaction is a couple of tears. So, I have just been wondering If I need to go ahead and buy some stock on Kleenex. HA!

I don't have depression. I have had situational depression mostly related to grief but never a long term depression.

I appreciate the feedback. There is so much focus put on the birth of a child and so little focus on the first few months of having a newborn. I'm trying to get a grasp on that time.
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With my first never had it, with my second had it.  My ob recommened taking a vitamin d and calcium supplement and do some for of light exercise 30 minutes 3 times weekly.  It worked and I was over it in a short time.  This pregnancy I am worried because I seem to be having issues even before the baby is born.  Good luck to you.
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