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Baby date!

anybody else having a section or induction June 1st? Im due the 22nd but little man needs to come sooner ! I'll be 37 weeks the day of my induction im sooo excited to meet him he's my 5th baby but only 2nd boy , I've never planned a birth before I always just go into labor around 38-40 weeks so it's weird planning an packing knowing exactly when his labor will start! Also was checked at my 36 week apt and i was already a good 1cm so im hoping for an easy induction!!! Never had one before and a bit nervous after a lot of horror stories! Looking for due date mommas!! :)
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I'm now 6 days past due and scheduled to get induced on June 1st. Why are they inducing you so early? I was also induced with my daughter a week past due date and it was the most horrible labor! I was in labor for 30 hours pushing for almost 3 hours. Everyone I know who has been induced has had a long labor because they are forcing the baby to come instead of letting the baby come on its own.
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I was iduced with my first 2 days before my due date of my blood pressure . I was only in labor for about an hour I dilated from a 2 to 8 in 20 minutes depends on your body. I started the medicine around 4p and had him at 730p my contractions started around 630 I will say they went from I'm ok to I could kill real quick lol. With this one I am due June 24 but we stopped labor 3 times at 33 weeks. So now just waiting for her I'm a Lil over 36 weeks now.
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Im being induced because I've been sooo sick and in the hospital twice for excessive puking and vomiting I keep losing weight and baby is only in the 3rd percentile and barely growing so she said it will be easier to help him gain weight without fighting my constant sickness and well I've been puking since day one 4-5 times a day all day everyday :( my body is really run down and my pottasium keeps bottoming out and they are scared I'll have a heart attack! This is my 5th baby and while also being moldy sick with my 3rd and 4th it was nothing like this!i weighed 120 when I got pregnant an at 31 weeks was admitted at 105 lbs it's been a real struggle im hoping our baby isn't to small they are really hoping he is at least 5lbs so he won't need any nicu time! Im also praying for this because I've been in the hospital a ton already and really don't want to be there any longer then we need to be
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I've never been induced but my last labor was super fast I was a 3cm for hours then they broke my water and within 10 minutes she was already out! No time for the epidural or my Dr I got one contraction after my water was broke and stopped the epidural guy before he did more then the numbing because I could feel her coming out! Im hoping my body just knows what it's suppose to do and he comes quickly after they start the induction! I've had constant Braxton hicks and a few real contractions already and was already 1cm dilated at my apt when I was 35+6 :)
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I've always heard each pregnancy is worse. My first I had high blood pressure I have an incompetent cervix so I have to have a cerclage with any pregnancy with this one I had morning sickness high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I also hurt a lot with this one. your far enough you shouldn't have to be in the nicu for long that was my fear. my Dr stopped labor I was worried about nicu I'm 36 weeks now so we are very relieved. good luck I hope you have a fast recovery I also hate hospitals! I'm definitelyready just waiting for baby to be.
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Also with my first my Dr said I would have a very quick labor bc i was almost 100% effaced.
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