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Baby is having inferior vermin agenesis.

My wife underwent for his 20 weeks scan and doctors suggested to go for Pregnancy Termination. This is her second pregnancy and the first one also had the same issue and we go ahead and terminated the first one. Now the second pregnancy also has the same issue and not sure what to do. Doctors saying this is Dandy-Walker malformation. Not sure what to do. Awaiting for your responses.

During 20 week scan got the below details

mildly prominent lateral ventricle
left ventricle 7.7
right lateral ventricle 7.9
Corpus callosum was very short and thin in sagittal view and measured 2.05 mm in length and thickness of 1.2 to 1.4 mm
Corpus callosum was seen in a coronal view
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Wow, I'm so very sorry to read this.  Such a loss with the first baby and now your second one as well.  If it were me, I would 100 percent go or a second opinion.   I've read about this syndrome.  Many who have it do not show signs of it immediately and do so in later childhood and adulthood.  But it can be quite debilitating.  Having the heart involved is not actually the most common feature making this rare but motor function is often greatly impacted.  It's a difficult disorder.  I did read that there is not a strong inheritance link that they can trace.  That you've had two children with the issue makes you wonder but there is a possibility this is chance.  Hard to believe but running in families has not been proven that I've read and it is more a random occurrence.  People who do live with this disorder do physical or physio therapy, occupational therapy, take medication if they have seizures and palliative care.  

I would absolutely get a second opinion and maybe talk to a genetic specialist as well or developmental pediatrician for input.
I wish you much luck on this journey.  It has to be so difficult!
Thanks for replying back. Even I searched many articles and nothing giving conclusive evidence why it is happening and hot to control in the Future.
Now we are totally in the depressed mode what to do. If we go with the Termination, how about the future pregnancy will be and what will be the chances of reoccurance is the main question. Because already two times my wife had the same issue.
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So sorry for the news you have gotten, this must be very difficult to process.  It sounds like your wife has only had an ultrasound, has she thought about doing further testing- like a fetal MRI?  I would hesitate (personally) to make such a big decision without further testing, second opinions, and meeting with a pediatric neurologist to discuss the findings of the first ultrasound, as well as possibly a follow up one and other tests like a fetal MRI.  Get more information from more medical professionals- this is a very hard process with such a big worry, but the research will really help you as you work through this process- let us know how you and your wife, and baby are doing...
Thanks for the Reply. We went for Second Opinion as well where they did Fetal MRI and suggested to go for Termination.
We went for MicroArray Genetic test and the result is Normal. But, doctors saying go with the Termination as the baby is having the Abnormalities.
Have you spoken to a pediatric neurologist to gather more information on the condition?  If you have not, I encourage you to speak to one in addition to the other doctors you are talking to- they will be able to walk you through more details of the diagnosis and give you a clearer picture of things.  I've been told to go for termination a few times in other pregnancies- I wasn't comfortable with it and researched the condition that I was told baby had- talked to specialist regarding the diagnosis.  That really helped me more than the other doctors who ordered and were running the tests.  
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