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Baby movements at 29wks/eating enough

So you think I would know the answer to this already, since it hasn't been that long since my pregnancy with my daughter....but I just needed clarification.

I'm almost 29wks and I noticed that Grey hasn't been moving as much today and last night. Now, his movements (when he does move) have been normal and strong, nothing frantic or weak about them. And it was worrying me until it occurred to me about 30 minutes ago that I haven't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. So I ate some pudding and a bit of rice (I just made some cheddar/broccoli pasta that I'm going to eat) and had a coke...and I'm just wondering if not eating for so long could explain why he's been kinda lackluster in his movements.  I'm not TOO worried, I'm not getting "a feeling" or anything, and I know there were days when my daughter barely moved and it freaked me out but then she would always start moving again right after I got to the hospital.

So anyway...do you think not eating could've caused this? I'm gonna give it a couple hours and try eating some high-carb/sugary stuff and see what I get...no pains, no odd discharge..and like I said, he HAS been moving, good strong movements...just not as frequently as usual.

Anyone with advice I would appreciate it. I've also been under a LOT of stress so I'm wondering if the stress hormones might be effecting him...I'm gonna try to chill out.
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he definitely picked up after I ate...I just need to figure out some way to remember. Thanks :)
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Yes, not eating for awhile can cause your baby to be "sluggish".   The opposite also holds true - baby should start kicking and moving a lot after eating a sugar-loaded or protein-rich snack.
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thanks for replying hon it's good to know that I was remembering things right with my daughter....and he's moving a LOT now that I've got some food in me. it's so weird...this whole pregnancy my appetite has been absolutely nil. I'm losing weight slowly and my doctor put me on a higher calorie diet (he wanted me to eat half again the calories I've been eating) but I just keep forgetting :-/ . It's so weird because with my daughter I lost weight but I definitely got my appetite back in the second trimester and gained a healthy amount of weight by the end....this one it's just like an uphill battle.

He's getting monitored a lot by u/s so I know HE'S growing, but for whatever reason I'M not putting on the weight. And I have no idea how much I've actually lost because I'm losing it while he's gaining it and my belly's growing and gaining water/placental weight so the weight loss is probably actually much higher than it's appearing on the scale...but my amniotic fluid levels, placenta, baby growth...it's all normal and my belly is huge.

idk what's up but I'm kind of tired of this lackluster appetite part of being pregnant that's so much fun is being able to eat and not be guilty, LOL.

thanks again for replying I appreciate it!
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I'm 36 weeks and I've noticed that since my daughter started moving, she has days where she is more active than others.  Sometimes I notice her moving a lot at night and when she does this, the next day she's pretty quiet.  It may just be his pattern that is becoming more noticeable.  I'm not sure how food would affect him but that could be a factor.  I don't know how you could go that long without food. I'd be ready to choke someone!  hehe  Anyway, if you continue to worry or things change you should call your doctor.  I'm sure he/she could reassure you as well.  
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