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Back from my Doc's Office

No abnormal cervix, uterus, or ovaries! WOO HOO! She's checking my hormone levels and thyroid (like I saw some of you suggest in the other post "I lost 10 lbs"). So I'm thinking maybe it's the ol' thyroid.

I told her we wanted to TTC #3 and she was excited. She jokingly said, "Well I guess we can't give you birth control to even out your hormones, then, huh?" She's hoping we can get this fixed fast so CM production will rise again, making it easier to TTC. I go back for a followup to look over my hormone levels in TWO WEEKS. It's like a different 2WW.

It was a short appointment but I had to go across town to get blood drawn, then stopped at the grocery store. It's super icy and slushy out. UCK! I'm going to hibernate now.
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glad to hear everything is ok so far, i guess it's a load of your mind.  Good luck with the rest of your tests.
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I'm so glad everything seems to be okay.

I always lose hair by the handfuls for the first few months after I have a baby.  Hormones maybe.....

I hope all your bloodwork comes back okay as well.  Good luck and tons of baby dust!!
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I am losing hair, too, GA. Not in mass quantities. But DH noticed I keep shedding everywhere. No bald spots! I have pretty thick hair, so not sure if it has to do with thyroid or because I need a cut.

Anyway I can't wait to figure out what is going on myself! Like I said, it's like a different 2WW!

Thanks for your encouragement and sympathy and excitement guys!!!
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Ya know, I thoguht for SURE I had a thyroid problem after my last pregnancy... my hair was falling out, hard time losing weight...I actually was gaining back all that I'd lost, fatigue and some other symptoms...I've had two different docs in two different states a years apart check my thyroid and NOTHING...

So I guess I'm just a lazy, fat going bald old woman :)
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YAY!! So happy that things are looking up.  
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Good luck with everything.  Hope they figure it out and you'll be making a baby really soon.
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Sounds good....at least all of your 'parts' are in tip top condition!  :o)......I'll be anxious to hear back from you re: your hormone levels and thyroid results......
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Thanks for keeping us updated. Let us know what the blood work says....
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No worries JoyRenee. It happens to all of us.

Glad to hear your docs appointment went well. Keep us posted on everything.
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What the heck?! I didn't push POST COMMENT twice. Seems the forum is acting slow and glitching. Sorry about that everyone.
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