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Bad Nuchal Translucency results...high risk.

Hi everyone. I just came back from my IPS testing to look for any chromasomal abnormalities like Down's syndrome, spina bifida, and trisomy 18. The baby's NT measured 4.1mm. Which is high and puts me at an increased risk for having a baby with down's, trisomy 18, or heart defect. So now I need to get more testing done...possibly amnio or cvs. Normal NT is less than 3mm. I'm soo worried, I can't stop crying and thinking the worst. Like what did I do wrong? I'm really scared about the results. I want nothing more than a healthy baby. Just can't believe this is happening to me. Anyone else have a high NT measurement and have a normal healthy baby. I'm worried b/c I'm still very young to be having such a high result. I also had blood drawn today to check for the proteins...don't know when I'll get the results....hopefully tomorrow. The wait is killing me.
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A lot of people get false positives or they're considered high risk for those abnormalities but go on to have healthy babies. Don't beat yourself up with grief and regret. Take this one step at a time and don't conjure up the worst-case-scenarios. Okay?! Everything just might be perfectly fine!
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I know so I've been told that false postives are actually more common than you would think. I am just so worried. I want our little bean to be perfectly healthy. DH and I go to a genetic counselor today to talk things out. I've decided I will try to think positive till I get both blood tests back to compare with the NT in about 2-3 weeks and then see what the risk ratio is. I'm hoping it's over 1200 which would really ease my mind and make the decision about an amnio easier. I'm such a worrier by nature. DH is being so great and supportive of me but I know he is worried to.
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My sister in law just had a positive NT screen about a month ago. She went on to have an amnio and EVERYTHING looks fine. The baby is as healthy as can be. Just like Joy said, MANY women get false positives with the NT scan. I wouldn't worry too much until there is actually something to worry about. I am sure you will be fine. Keep us posted.
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Hello, my last pregnancy I was also high risk for down syndrome. My doctor wanted to do an amnio, but I refused because of the risks, It really wouldn't have mattered to me anyways, because I was going to love him no matter what, but yes it is very scary. I knew in my heart that he was healthy, he just wanted to stir things up a bit. He was born beautiful and super healthy. Try not to worry too much because like everyone says, this happens ALOT, and more times than not everything is fine
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Thanks girls your words are encouraging. I am hoping I'm one of those mommies to be that has a false postive. It's such a stressful process to go through, the waiting. I'm hoping for the best. I know I would terminate if it was Trisomy18, a heart defect I don't think I would unless it would be fatal and unable to be repaired and as for down's I would prob term. also. That one is still up in the air. Only time will tell I guess. Hopefully I don't have to make that decision and all is well with the baby.
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My mother and aunt both got bad results from this as well...but just needed further testing. They BOTH ended up having healthy babies:-) My brother is now 7 and cousin is 2:-)
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