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Bigger every day!

Ever since I started showing at 15 weeks I feel like every day I gain 30 lbs! Truthfully I've only gained 10 lbs at 20 weeks but I eat constantly and I finally hit that point where old clothes and t-shirts do not fit any more! Its crazy! Has anyone else ever felt like this?
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If you were my patient, I would tell you that many people feel the way you do!  If you have gained 10lb in 20 weeks you are doing great and right on track.  The feeling will get worse as the baby gets bigger--but the baby is supposed to grow!
Good luck!
Dr B
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Im 7 weeks 4 days n believe it or not my work trousers don't fit anymore! Not sure if im bloating or what but either way im loving it! Not gonna enjoy the maternity clothes tho lol
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I know the feeling. I am 28 weeks and nothing fits right anymore. Not even my Hubby's extra large shirts fit right. Invest in sweat pants. They will typically fit well as you grow, espically if they have draw strings. I have gained about 18lbs already and it drives me nuts when my Dr tells me to step on the scale!
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I have gained 18 pounds and I feel like hippo
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Im glad im not alone!  My tummy has passed my DD chest with how far out it sticks and im amazed! Sorry if thats too much info!
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The worst is when you cant button your jeans anymore ....i had a flat belly until i was 22 weeks and my bump was really low...i had to wear long t-shirts and tanks to hide my underwear lol but everyone gains and grows differently and some blow up some dont...but either way as long as baby is growing and eating who cares the little one will be so worth it =)
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I am 25 wks and 3 days as of today and I can understand, my stomach sits low which make nothing but stretch pants and bigger shirts my only opinion right now and i understand I have a bra in which my boobs won't stay in as well, adjusting the straps don't do it and I still end up fighting with the bra strap too...lol as your belly continues to get bigger the shirts you used to wear seem to get smaller until you have the baby...
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It wows me to how little you ladies have gained! Im 27 wks & 3days and I have gain 40 pounds or so. Eeek. Then again I ate like a hog in the beginning. I weighed 128 pounds before I got pregnant and now weigh 174! Healthy baby and healthy mama so I guess thats all that matters!
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I am 4 weeks and 6 days, I feel so huge already but I was wondering is it normal to big already even though I'm just 4 weeks? I haven't weighted myself yet or been with a doctor. Thanks! ♡
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:) I like ur name Manda, haha. And I know what you mean. I feel like a blimp. Can't wait to get him out and finally get to play w/ all out new baby toys lol
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