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Birth Control while Breast Feeding.

Hey ladies.
I've been having issues with a problem I've been thinking about, that I haven't gotten the chance to bring up with my doctor just yet.

I'm wondering what kind of restrictions on birth control come with breast feeding.

I REALLY wanna get on birth control after I have this baby because I REALLY don't want another just yet!
And I've already proven the fact with this pregnancy, that condoms don't always do what they're supposed to. lolol

I plan to breast feed for the first year of my daughter's life, and then pump my breast milk after that and bottle feed it to her until she's just too old for it.

My breast feeding coach told me that it was smart to do it for atleast the first year, and she said it would be good to pump and bottle feed until she's too old.

But my mother told me that I can't be on b/c and breast feed at the same time.
I REALLY want to breast feed for the sake of my baby's good health.
But I REALLY want to go on some sort of b/c.

I heard of this new b/c they came out with, I forget the name, but they implant it into your uterus and it protects against pregnancy for up to 5 years.... but I'm not sure I'm liking the whole idea of having something shoved up there... y'know?
It kinda scares me just the thought of it. lol

So I was wondering if any of you other ladies have been in my position, and HAVE taken birth control safely while breast feeding.

Thanks to anyone who replies.
This is really bothering me.
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My sister CASANDBABY was on birth control while breast feeding its safe for the baby too i tried to call her to ask but shes not answering
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The implant your talking about is called Mirena

there is also none hormonal IUD's that you can get to prevent pregnancy

I would talk to your dr to find out which one he would recommend and is safest
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YES that's the one!
Tell my why I wanted to call it Nirvana, but that's my hubby's fave band name. LOL
Shows how much of a dork I am. lol

I am gunna ask him about it EVENTUALLY when I friggin REMEMBER to ask!

I keep forgetting to ask about diff heartburn reliefs too.

Cuz my body is an A-hole and a few days before I go to the doctor's, I won't have heart burn whatsoever, so I'll forget about it.
Then I'll like get it later that night AFTER my apt, so it's like AH MY GOD!!


Thanks gals.
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The american college of obstetrics and gynecology recommends progestin only birth control while breastfeeding such as depo provera and minipills. Progestin birth control may actually increase your milk supply where as birth control pills containing estrogen have been shown to reduce your supply of breast milk so try to avoid those. So, stay away from those. Another option is LAM, lactional amenorrhea method:

Breastfeeding doesn't have to be a hindrance to birth control. In fact, it could be your main method of birth control! In some ways, lactation is a natural method of contraception, often known as the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM). If your breastfeeding pattern meets all these criteria, you may not need to use any other form of birth control for the first six months postpartum:

1. You plan to breastfeed six months or longer

2. Your baby is getting at least 90 to 95 percent of its food intake from breast milk

3. You breastfeed at least every four hours during the day and six hours at night

4. You have not gotten your period yet

LAM can actually provide you with more than 98 percent protection in the first six months after giving birth. This effectiveness rate is higher than that of most nonhormonal methods of birth control! However, if you're not sure that your breastfeeding habits meet all the criteria, or if you're not sure that you'll stick with breastfeeding for the long haul, you might want to consider other forms of birth control as well.
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well according to...if you are breastfeeding all the time...i mean all the time no subsituting and if your baby is feeding all the time then thats your b.c there!! Breastfeeding is apperently the best b.c out there if your doing it 24/7 no stopping..lol...other then that the min you start to subsitute you can get pregnant! I was breastfeeding with my first and asked my doc about going on b.c again and he said i couldnt until i was ready to stop because it dries up your breastmilk!! So i dunno what your going to be comfortable with but thats what im gonna do!! :) everyone has there own prefrences!! I hope you find the one thats right for you! Good luck
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However, be aware that it will take time for your body to recover after progestin only birth control methods. For some woman it could be as little as three month or as long as two years before they are able to conceive again. I took depo provera for about 8 years and it took me 20 months to become and sustain a pregnancy.
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