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Birth Control

I had my son on July 14th, and now that I know how CHAOTIC being a mommy is (JUST KIDDING!) I want to get on birth control. DH and I decided we don't want another baby for a while, we want to enjoy Dameon as MUCH as possible (and he's getting SO big so fast!! :[ ). So what kind of birth control did you ladies use after having a baby?? I will not do IUD or the shot/patch, any other suggestions??
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We used the Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning (basically checking for CM and avoiding sex during our "fertile window") with condoms. Because my mom (and I believe her grandmother) died from breast cancer, BC pills put me at a higher risk of developing it, plus I just don't agree with many forms of BC but that has no bearing on what you choose to do.

There are many spermicides and foams you could use along with condoms if you don't want the hormonal side effects of pills, IUD or shot/patch.
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Joy - BC pills can cause increased risk of breast cancer?! My grandma also died from breast cancer, so it's in my family as well. I don't like very many BC's at all, either I refuse the shot, patch, and IUD, and my sister's on mirena and she doesn't like it either, so I was thinking BC pills, because DH hates condoms. and I'm not a fan of them either. I'll probably have a discussion with my doctor tomorrow at my checkup about forms of BC, thank you!
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I think it depends on the BC pills but because I don't want to risk it, I just don't use any form of hormonal birth control. I do believe the BC pills reduce your risks of ovarian cancer, but increase your risk for breast cancer. I was just talking about this with someone today.

I agree that IUD is not a good choice. I've heard about so many women being punctured or having tubal pregnancies and/or not being able to get pregnant later.

Avoidance, or at least using condoms, when you know you're fertile could help but obviously is not as effective as other forms of birth control.
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Please read this with an open mind...I'm not trying to force it on you!  I just wanted to enlighten you and anyone else who reads this post about the copper IUD/Paragard.  There are two types of IUD...one with hormones (mirena) and one without!!!  Why put hormones into your body if you don't have to!?  

I know you said you don't want an IUD BUT I figured I'd give my two cents anyway...I decided on one after having my son and I think it was the best decision ever!  I decided on the paragard copper iud.  No hormones therefore no increased side effects or cancer scares AND nothing to remember!  I can barely 'remember' to take my vitamin now that I am catering to my little one 24/7.  I'd probably be pregnant again if I had to rely on another form of bc...and that just isn't in our plans for another two years or so.

It did not hurt upon insertion-the speculum hurt more than the actual insertion and the speculum didn't really hurt at all.

The chance of a puncture is rare.  My ob said he has never seen a patient in 17 years who has had this happen.  It is also more effective than regular bc pills.  And if inserted properly and checked at a follow up, a tubal pregnancy is rare too.  The FDA says:  The FDA notes that overall, the contraceptive nature of the IUD confers a risk for ectopic pregnancy lower than that of sexually active women who do not use any contraceptive methods.  You actually have LESS of a chance!

My ob said an IUD is actually like double birth control because the copper creates an acidic environment (ph level) that sperm cannot live in as well as blocking the 'passage ways' necessary for a pregnancy.

Mumita had the copper IUD and she was very helpful in making my decision.  She LOVED hers and now I loive mine...SOOOO Glad I did it...

It might be worth at least discussing with your ob to see if it might be a good decision for you.  It was the bc method my ob actually recommended above all else.

ParaGard® may also be an appropriate choice for those patients who want to keep their option of getting pregnant open, but do not plan on becoming pregnant within the next few months.

Nonhormonal ParaGard® may be an appropriate choice for women who:

    * Do not want to take hormones
    * Want the predictability of their natural cycle
    * Want an option with no associated weight gain
    * Are breastfeeding and prefer a nonhormonal option such as ParaGard®
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I had the Copper T IUD for over 8 yrs and LOVE LOVE LOVED it... no pills, no remembering, no hormones, nothing! It was awesome! Then, I decided to get pregnant again and all I had to do was have my doc remove it and BAM - I was prego w/in 2 months! good luck finding anything else that great! JMO :)
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i was gonna have the mirena fitted as my midwife advised, but i know hormonal things DO NOT agree with me so if the copper's as effective...that's what i'm gonna have. thanks jaxx55 and sweet.
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