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Hi! i just recently found out i was pregnant but before i could get to a doctor i started bleeding lightly, i went to the hospital and they did a blood test and my hcg levels were only 14, they suggested i get anothet blood test to see if my hcg levels are rising, they told me to go back if it got darker so i did, there isnt any clotting
The doctor said something about breakthrough bledding, has anyone experienced this and had a healthy baby?
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I really hate to say this but bleeding is not a good sign at all, you may be having a miscarriage. I would take another at home pregnancy test and if it's still positive, call you OBGYN and they to get seen ASAP. Prayers for you and your little one!
My friend went through the same type of thing and had a healthy baby
Every woman's pregnancyis different tthough, just because you're friend made it through doesn't mean you will. I'm 9 weeks with my first child, I don't know everything, I just know what isn't normal and what is.
I know they all arent the same i know a fee people whos had the same thing happen, this will be my 3rd baby.
so i dont know whats happening or what to expect
I googled signs of a miscarriage, 1/4 women who experience bleeding go on to have a normal healthy pregnancy, the article only talks about spotting lightly...bleeding will be followed by mild-severe consistent abdominal/lower back pressure/pain...
Like I said I hope the best.
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14 is very low, I would definitely do a new blood test to see if it rises.  You would need to be further along to see large clots.
Not necessarily. i miscarried ar 6 weeks and had large clots

I was about four weeks and had a large clot.
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My first blood test my levels were over 500 and I just about a month along...
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Yes but if her hcg level is only 14, she's nowhere near 6 weeks.
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Don't stress too much over this I am 8 weeks pregnant and I bled a little at like 5 weeks and went to the doctor they told me baby was fine that sometimes some bleeding can happen after sex or if you're constipated you'll see everything will be okay goodluck! (:
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Hi, I had break through bleeding when I was 5 weeks pregnant with my daughter. I was at work one day and started bleeding bright red blood, went to the ER had blood test done, ultrasound and everything was fine. Vaginal ultrasound showed that my sac was trying to separate from the uterus lining(there's a name for this but I can't remember lol sorry) it's like placenta something better known as break through bleeding. I was on pelvic rest for a little while and it eventually healed itself back together. My daughter is 16 months old now! I had a healthy smooth pregnancy.
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Could you happen to be taking about "Placenta Previa"?
Placenta previa wouldn't be diagnosed till 20weeks.
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Not necessarily!!! I got diagnosed with it at 11weeks!!
They shouldn't have done that, at 11 weeks your uterus is still very small and it is very very likely that the placenta will move up.  Diagnosing previa at 11 weeks will just cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress for the mum.  Only if the the placenta is still near/covering the cervix at 20weeks should it be considered true previa.  And even at 20 weeks there is still a reasonable chance it will resolve.
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How many weeks are you? Guys don't scare the girl!!
It's probably just implantation bleeding hun. Being only 14 is really early still. But yeah probably implantation bleeding.  Good luck
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