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ok..I really need your guys help...Im totally freaking out..I feel like i made a horrible mistake in my life. OK..I had sex with my b/f on feb. 7th.. well not really sex....sex..caz before his pennis were gonna enter my vigina i told him to stop caz it hurted so bad and he also didnt ejaculates. I also washed myself rigth after and jus a tiny lil boold i noticed while washing myself but nthin to big. The same day i also saw brownish spots of tiny bit boold on my underwear but on the 9th feb i started to bleed a lil bit and im cnfused beacsue i dont kno if im on my periods 3 days early or what? My periods suppose to start on the 12th but im already bleeding. Im scared beacsue i hope it's not the sign of pregnancy?? can you guys please help me out here???    
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If you are pregnant it wasn't from the sex you had on the 7th, but from an earlier act of intercourse. Take a home pregnancy test.    If the HPT is negative, repeat it in one week.

Also, I'd encourage you to begin to use reliable contraception if your goal is to not become pregnant.  See your physician or visit your local clinic to find out more information.  And properly used condoms are an obvious way to prevent pregnancy and decrease the chance of contracting an STD.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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I don't think your pregnant, even tho it does happen that way. The blood right after you had "sex" sounds like it was only from him trying to enter you.
but what you have now is probably your period.

How old are you?

I'm just curous is all. But I think your fine, if you are still worried then in a week or two take a pregnancy test. good luck!
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Hey...first of all thanx to all of you who replied bak thanx alot..Im feeling much better after reading a the comments...Well im 19 never had sex before because never felt like i was ready for it. Im still bleeding and today is the forth day ..i usually get my periods for three days and sometimes 4 so im little worried about that...and as far as having other Symptoms Of Being Pregnant....not really..but bleeding was the first thing i was worried about caz usually when i get my periods i get really bad crapms on the first day but nthin like that happened this time and that's wut's worrying me...Am i really on my periods or is it smthin else like implantation bleeding?? I also took a home pregnancy test but it came negtive and that might be caz its too early to tell..Only the other different thing that i noticed is feeling like i have smthin in my stomach lil heavy...may be im stressing abt not getting pregnant and dats wut's making me feel like im pregnant. I also started to feel like i have to breath lil harder then usual.. idk what's going on with me or may be im having all these feelings because im stressing about it so much and alwaz worryin... :(  plesase comment back thanx
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hey love, You could’ve thrown off your ovulation last month by stress or even being sick. This can make you period early or even late. If you had a somewhat intercourse on the 7th and you are pregnant it’s not from having sex on the 7th but during you last months ovulation. That is the only time you can get pregnant.
Having sex sometimes when it hurts you may have ripped your lips, walls, or even hit something, but if this is the case I wouldn’t worry. The brown bleeding is just dry blood from bleeding from sex. But if you are in fact bleeding still you need to call a doctor. Sometimes when a woman bleeds after sex and it doesn’t go away could be a disease, but I wouldn’t bank on that. I hope this helps you
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