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Blighted Ovum to 8 week fetus with no heartbeat

Okay, here's my story thus far...

I was on the patch when I became pregnant, because of this, I didn't write down my LMP as I wasn't TTC at the time.
I estimate it was around 8/8/12, but at the same time, my cycles are not normal.  Instead of 28 days, they tend to run for 35 or 43 days... well I got my positive test on 9/11/12... I was scared because of the circumstances so I went to my ER for an early scan, they were able to locate the gestational sac and it was only measuring 2-3mm but said it was way to early to date.

Based on my first day of my last menstrual cycle, when I went into my appt last Wednesday, 10/11/12, I would have been 9 weeks.
During this appt, my Doctor gave me a transvaginal ultrasound, but to her surprise, was unable to locate the fetus, fetal pole or even a yolk sac.  The only thing that appeared was gestational sac (she did not tell me the measurements at the time of the sac)

She sent me for blood work that weekend, I went on 10/11/12 and 10/13/12 (48 hour period) and my HCG stayed at 43,000 both days.  To her, that was normal, so I was scheduled for a scan 10/17/12... however, I was afraid she wouldn't be able to find the baby again and looked for an alternative... knowing my ER has very good equipment, I went back there on 10/16/12.  I explained my situation and they were more then happy to do a scan for me.. During the scan, they DID find the fetus, measuring 1.2cm AND a yolk sac.  They were both CLEARLY visible inside the sac, however, our next problem was, they couldn't find a heart beat!

My little one wasn't moving at all, and the tech actually thought she saw a heartbeat but it was so hard to get a good look at it.  She even tried to pull in another tech to look but the other tech was too busy so because she wasn't able to hold the heartbeat on the screen for very long, she sent the images she had to radiology... who decided there was no heart beat :(   I have collected the scans from the ER and confronted the doctor with them but she's agreeing with the ER that there's no heartbeat, and that it's not viable... according to my research 1.2cm means I would be 8 weeks at the time of the scan... I have refused a D&C or medicine to help force a miscarriage and decided to put it in god's hands.  My OB has been very pleasant about my decision and agrees, there's no rush as I am not cramping nor bleeding and feel perfectly fine.

However, though I'd like to hang on to a little hope, I'm still worried, and I was hoping to find someone else who's been in my position and has had things turn out okay.. I've read so many stories where they found the heart beat at 9 weeks or 10 weeks... I know it can be found much earlier then that, after all they found my daughter's at 6 weeks and my son's at 7... but this one feels different, after all, this pregnancy is the first since my c-section with my son and the gestational sac is located at the very TOP of my uterus so I know it can be difficult to see sometimes in those situations... so anyone have any advice?
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Hi Jessie718, i too had a few early scans and they didn't tell me anything. I went back at 9 weeks and they found a healthy heart beat. I think you have made the right choice of leaving it up to God. Your body will let you know when it's not right. Take your prenatal vitamin,  eat as healthy as possible and get lots of rest. Don't worry until your body gives you a reason to worry. Rest, relax and be patient. It will work out the way it is suppose too. Good luck!
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I had miscarry in feb and I went to the doctors at 8 weeks ive had a misscarry before at 7 weeks so I thought why havent I bleeded yet so about one week in a half since I found out I miscarried I started bleeding no spotting at all it all just came at once it might just take awhile to come out and im sorry if this is the situation I know how it feel.
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I had 3 scans b4 i ws diagnosed wiv mc... U need another scan after 10 days... If no hb is found n baby is measuring sme unfortunately its a mc... However it cn never be confirmed until u hve another scan..  usually by 8wks tech should be able to find hb... Relax n ask for another u/s... Take cares....
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Usually on u/s they can see a heartbeat at 5weeks and a couple days but I think u should have another scan there is always hope and if the tech thought maybe a heartbeat I would get a scan at 10 weeks by them they should be moving around and u will see the heart. will your doc give u another one how far would u be now
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