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Blood types

Does anyone know anything about blood types?? My doctor told me I have o- and that I might have to get some shot. Has anyone had this issue?
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O is a universal donor I believe. Sometimes when the baby has a different blood type than you your immune system will attack it. So the shot they give you is to prevent that from happening
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I haven't personally but there are a lot of women here who have. Because of your rare blood type your body can actually reject your baby so they give you the shot. Don't worry too much.
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Thanks because I was worried. My doctor told me that If I didn't get it I might not be able to have kids again so I kinda freaked out.
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0- is not rare but it the universal blood type.. It is the only type of blood that can mix into any other type of blood with out any complications...

Although being pregnant and having this blood type the body generally does try to regect the baby.. It is VERY NORMAL to get that shot actually they generally give every pregnant woman that shot just in case so the body doesnt regect the baby..

Dont let it scare you very normal procedure love :)
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I'm o- too. I got the shot at 32 weeks. What it is for is the next child you have. If the baby you are currently carrying has o- and the blood get in you during birth your body will build and immunity to it. So if the next baby you have gets o- blood too your body will reject the baby. That's what my Dr told me when I had to get the shot. My mom had to get the shot with both me and my sister BC she's o- as well. Nothing to worry about as long as you get it.
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Ok thank you :)
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I'm o- also. It is a very rare blood type. Only 15 percent of the population has our blood type. I had the shot at 12 weeks then will receive another one later on in pregnancy. Because our blood is rare and we can only receive blood that is o-, if our baby has a different blood type it can poison our blood and make us ill. The shot is to make you immune to your child's blood type while in utero.
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So your body doesn't regect the baby due to its blood type. Its normal. I had no side effects from the shot at all.
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Yes I have that type &I got a little needle in my butt, it doesnt hurt, but if yu don't get the shot, your body will fight the baby like its an infection. Get the shot.
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Baby's blood won't poison you. O- means you have O type blood (the most common type, however only a small part are negative) however Your rH factor is negative, which means you lack the rH antigen. If baby has a positive blood type and babies blood mixes with yours your body will produce antibodies to the positive antigen which can lead to miscarriage or deformities (rhesus syndrome). Usually with the first baby its not an issue, but they give the Rhogam shot to prevent your body from developing those antibodies. Usually you receive them at about 28 weeks and after you give birth.
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Try to google it it might help..wish u most luck
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If the baby's daddy is positive and you are negative you will have to get some shot. Not a big deal.
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I'm a phlebotomy tech bloods my thing and I'm rh negative which is what you are and your doctor is referring to the rogam shot I believe that's how you spell it ....your are perfectly fine but you need to get that shot if you go into labor and your baby's blood mixes with yours you could end up rejecting any baby you have after that...your blood lacks antigens that any positive blood type carries and because you lack these antigens your body will latch onto any antigen that comes in contact with it and adopt those antigens..then if you end up pregnant again and your baby's blood is different then this one your body will treat it as a virus and try to get rid of it getting the shot stops your body from adopting those antigens ...its really nothing to stress about but something you should def educate yourself in for the future just so you know ..ask your doctor to explain it all to you and you can also Google it WebMD has a article on it...I hope this helped you
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Thank so much that helps so much I'm going to look it up now that I know the name of the shot
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